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What is Drugs and Alcoholics Anonymous?

Drug and alcoholics anonymous can be a crucial step in maintaining sobriety once you have completed rehab.

The suffering felt while battling addiction by both the body and the mind can feel profoundly lonely.

That’s why our faith-based program is designed to provide a community of support to remind you why you decided to choose a healthier life.

Resurgence Behavioral Health integrates this 12-Step program into the outpatient program to provide you ongoing support in this difficult transition.

AA and NA Support

AA and NA are places you can truly open up about your battles with addiction. The choice of freedom from addiction is the sole purpose of AA support. The 12-Step program is available to implement continued support with community and personal accountability. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we are committed to giving you the support you need to commit to lasting growth and improvement.

Understanding Drug and Alcoholics Anonymous

AA and NA are readily available for you if you are suffering from alcohol or narcotics abuse. The AA and NA program is a faith-based program that approaches sobriety with 12 traditions that define the group’s purpose. AA is a worldwide community of people who suffer from alcohol addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous supports mutual creed. Drug and Alcoholics Anonymous welcomes you no matter your mistakes or lifestyle choices. Resurgence Behavioral Health professionals provide numerous community support options, so you never have to handle this burden alone.

Drug and Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Steps

To paraphrase, 12 steps are a set of principles that asks you to admit you are powerless over addiction. By accepting that your life has become unmanageable, you are humbly accepting God’s help with your shortcomings.

You are asked to search your soul and make a fearless inventory of your defects of character. Only then can you begin to right what you have wronged, make amends to people you have hurt through drug and alcohol abuse. Through prayer and spiritual awakening, drug and alcoholic anonymous groups provided through Resurgence encourage you to continue taking personal inventory.

AA Support

When you attend a support group for drugs and alcohol anonymous, you may hear something about “working the 12-steps”.

So what does that mean for you? When deciding to commit to the 12-Step program, it is essential to have an AA or NA support person. By working with a fellow addict or alcoholic, you are more likely to follow the path of sobriety.

It can be painful to share even with your closest friends and family the darkest moments of your addiction. Drugs and alcohol anonymous groups provide a place of sanctuary where there is no judgment. After completing a detox program at Resurgence, we will offer ongoing faith-based community support suited for your needs.

Why Drug and Alcoholics Anonymous?

Denial is almost always blamed for enabling a drug or alcohol addiction to become a changeless part of your life, with over 67,000 drug-related deaths in one year.

Those numbers make one realize the seriousness of the disease and the importance of having an AA or NA support person. One commonality among users is that users will continue to use despite knowing the harmful consequences.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we provide alternative treatments that will explore the roots behind your addiction.

The Hard Truth

If you or a loved one live with addiction, you probably have countless horror stories you could share.

Prolonged abuse of alcohol and drugs not only wears on the body but wears on your relationships as well. Around 20% of domestic violence occurs under the influence, while 2.4 million children live with parents who suffer from addiction. While you may not be guilty of violence, your quality of life is undoubtedly being affected by addiction.

While in a drug and alcoholics anonymous group, you will hear how dependence has negatively impacted others’ lives. One of the benefits of having an AA or NA support person is to help you reinforce your resolve to fix your own life. Resurgence Behavioral Health, with combined support therapies, wants to encourage you to rewrite your story.

Approaching Mental Health at Drug and Alcohol Anonymous

If you find yourself using drugs and alcohol to feel “normal,” you may be suffering from addiction.

A quick fix offers instant gratification and an escape from the reality you don’t want to come to terms with. Unfortunately, your brain adjusts to constant abuse resulting in mental health disorders. Being mindful of the fact that you are indulging in this behavior is part of the 12-Step program.

Self-actualization will lead you to the path of recovery. A drug and alcohol anonymous group holds you accountable when you know you are weak and need self-control. Resurgence Behavioral Health’s professionals approach the behaviors and rationale that motivate the addiction to help you on a cognitive level.

The First Steps of Treatment

Before transitioning to a 12-Step program, our team must get you safely through your drug or alcohol detoxification process.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) ensures that you do not suffer any dangerous withdrawal symptoms associated with abrupt withdrawal. Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are offered in combination with 12-step and community support programs.

Intensive outpatient programs allow you the flexibility to ease back into a routine while receiving care. We will suggest PHP if we feel your most beneficial treatment plan requires further clinical supervision. Resurgence Behavioral Health focuses on the long-term interest of our clients to ensure a lifetime of sobriety.

Drug and Alcoholics Anonymous Treatment Plans

We offer several outpatient programs that will provide you continual inspiration and ambition to stay on the path of reclamation.

Our Alumni Network allows you to stay connected and motivate those you have met at one of our facilities on the same road to recovery. Science-based SMART recovery and faith-based support groups are offered with all of our inpatient and outpatient programs.

We know that it is harder than ever to find support during these difficult times of no contact. Both NA and AA support programs offer remote meetings for your convenience and continued psychological support.

Alternative Treatments for Drug and Alcoholics Anonymous

During intake, we will interview you to determine the most suitable combination of treatments for your needs. We offer treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EDMR) to address the reasons behind unhealthy behaviors and encourage new and healthier habits.

We also offer Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for clients that suffer from a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health disorders. Patients with all manners of addiction enjoy art therapy. Resurgence provides customized treatment plans for alcohol and drug addiction, including drug and alcohol anonymous continual therapy.

At Resurgence, we believe that there is no person beyond hope and that we can heal no matter the severity of your addiction.

Care in a Residential Environment

We understand that undergoing detox and treatment can be a scary step, which is why we have dedicated our efforts to make you as comfortable as possible. All of our locations offer the comforts of home, such as private accommodations, gym access, and cozy bedding.

Amenities such as open floor plans and inviting skylights give inpatient and outpatient clients the solace of home. Resurgence Behavioral Health provides outdoor meditation areas, on-site cooking, or a homemade meal if you prefer. Our private suites come with your own kitchen. During your stay, you can also spend time with one of our therapy dogs.

Free Insurance Verification

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we provide free insurance verification to provide you with the best custom recovery plan! Let our team communicate with your service provider to establish your benefits.

We will determine the best possible treatment plan while ensuring quality. We accept most PPO insurance, private forms of payment, and payment plans for cash payments. Please visit our website to see our full list of providers. Our team will provide the most suitable custom experience for you or your loved one’s needs.

Take the First of the Twelve Steps

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, faith-based healing can be exceptionally comforting when faced with rehabilitation’s daunting task. We believe that with a combination of our recommended treatments and a drug and alcohol anonymous program, you can beat addiction. Our team will be behind you through every step of your journey to recovery.

We have devoted our maximum efforts to provide you with numerous pioneering treatment options. Our goal is to provide you the tools to handle relapse triggers and stay optimistic about the future. Make the phone call to schedule a consultation with one of our health care providers today.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.