MAT Addiction Treatment for Residents of Huntsville, AL

The addiction specialists at Resurgence Behavioral Health offer individualized drug and alcohol addiction rehab for residents of Huntsville, Alabama and its surrounding areas. Our addiction rehab programs are known for their great success in helping Huntsville area residents gain and retain long-lasting sobriety and live healthier lifestyles.

If you or someone close to you suffers from a substance use disorder, sometimes medications are needed to relieve discomfort and cravings associated with the detox process and also during rehab treatment. In fact, some individuals can continue to experience lingering urges to use substances while in recovery, which can lead to a relapse.

Residents of Huntsville can take advantage of MAT addiction treatment offered at Resurgence. Our MAT programs keep you or someone whose well-being you care about on a healthy path towards a long-lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Our expert team of board-certified specialists at Resurgence prescribe medications that are FDA-approved and safe for our patients who require MAT addiction therapy. Residents of Huntsville can take part in one of our various inpatient or outpatient rehab programs, during which our team will be able to assess whether you require MAT during your time in detox or rehab treatment, in addition to a period of time while you’re in recovery or living in a sober living house.

Resurgence’s staff of trained therapists and physicians are here to care for your every need during this challenging time. If you are taking physician-prescribed medications that are related to an addictive disorder, we can continue to administer your medicines while you take part in rehab services with us.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What Is MAT?

The acronym MAT stands for Medically Assisted Treatment. This is a program that was developed to help patients undergoing rehab treatment learn to control their cravings for substances on a long-term basis by taking FDA-approved substitute medications.

When you withdraw from certain substances, especially alcohol and opioids, after having been abusing them for long periods of time, the hunger for these substances will tend to linger in some people. Even after detox has been successfully completed and rehab treatment began, or sometimes while you’re in recovery, these strong cravings can lead you to experience a return to substance use.

MAT uses a combination of substitute medications and cognitive-behavioral therapies to give you greater control over your cravings and the triggers that can lead to a relapse.

Medically assisted treatment utilizes certain drugs to help you recover, depending upon which type of substance you’ve become addicted to. For instance, if opioid addiction brought you to Resurgence for rehab treatment, our professionals may provide you with buprenorphine-based medications, such as Suboxone and Subutex. These medicines alleviate your withdrawal symptoms that can occur during detox if you’ve been abusing painkillers or illegal drugs, like heroin.

Suboxone types of medications work to lessen the discomfort of lingering headaches, muscle aches, stomach upset, and sweating that stem from withdrawal. Our highly experienced staff keeps a close eye on how you respond to these MAT-approved medicines, looking for any negative symptoms and adjusting the dosages as needed.

In addition to providing medicines during MAT, we also incorporate traditional cognitive behavioral rehab therapies to effect a more successful detox and rehab treatment experience. The possible painful side effects of withdrawal during detox may cause some patients to return to opioid use for relief and quit treatment. With the help of MAT, the medications we provide give you a better chance at succeeding in finding long-term sobriety.

If you or your loved one struggles with addiction and a co-existing mental health disorder, Resurgence has MAT programs that will help lessen the symptoms associated with dual diagnosis. The medications provided will help with discomfort and cravings, in addition to reducing symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. When your emotional and physical status is under better control with the help of MAT, therapy becomes much more effective, leading to a more successful recovery.

The anti-anxiety medicines we use during MAT for some clients help to reduce stress and lets you sleep more restfully while treatment is underway. Remember that MAT drugs are used on a short-term basis, so a new addiction has little chance of taking hold of your life. Some drugs that are benzodiazepines for reducing anxiety include Valium Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin.

Some of our clients need to come to Resurgence for MAT in order to continue using their own doctor-prescribed medications for different disorders they may have while coming to us for alcohol or drug rehab treatment.

Our treatment center is a permissive program provider; we are aware that some prescribed medications are needed to keep your health and well-being intact while you take part in rehab treatment. If you’ve been prescribed stimulants to treat a co-occurring mental health issue, such as ADHD or an eating disorder, our team lets you continue to take your prescribed medications during your MAT program.

What To Expect During MAT

You can expect to experience positive results during your time spent in the medically assisted treatment program at Resurgence. You’ll experience physical, psychological, and emotional progress as you progress towards recovery from substance use disorder. The MAT program at Resurgence has been developed to meet each client’s individual needs for a sustained recovery with as little discomfort as possible.

Of course, the clinicians at Resurgence prescribe only FDA-approved medications during your time in our MAT program. The drugs we use help you work by rebalancing the chemicals in your brain that would otherwise distract you from your recovery goals. The prescription medications you’ll receive as part of MAT will depend on the substances you’ve become addicted to. Our preferred medication for opioid addiction during MAT is Suboxone, for example.

But medications are the only ingredients in the MAT program at Resurgence. We also combine various styles of cognitive-behavioral therapy during the program, in addition to counseling sessions, to help you truly learn ways to overcome substance use disorders for the long term.

Our Resurgence addiction specialists understand that MAT needs to coincide with behavioral therapy in order to be most effective. Our professionally trained counselors and behavioral therapists are important pieces of the puzzle that makeup medically assisted treatment at Resurgence.


Why Choose Resurgence for Medically Assisted Treatment for Addiction?

Residents of Huntsville can access our MAT program at Resurgence if you or a loved one is struggling with persistent withdrawal symptoms that continue to remain after detox, during rehab, or even while in recovery. These symptoms can seriously interfere with your goals for enjoying long-lasting sobriety, making MAT programs at Resurgence an excellent choice for current participants in one of our rehab programs or someone just making the realization that they need help with substance addiction.

Our clinicians supervise each client closely during a MAT program to ensure that no adverse side effects to medications occur. Our FDA-approved medicines are meant to keep you safe and comfortable while helping you progress towards recovery that will be long-lasting.

During the cognitive-behavioral therapeutic sessions included with MAT programs, our therapists will help you explore the root causes that may have led you towards substance abuse. We tweak our cognitive-behavioral therapy approach to best suit your current needs to improve your life and keep you on a recovery track. As an added plus, we also help you explore and achieve your career goals, assess and treat any mental health disorders, and provide you with life-long tools to help you avoid relapse.

Call us today at Resurgence Behavioral Health to find out how MAT can help you.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.