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3 Helpful Things to Say to Someone in Rehab

Drug Rehab tanisha porreca | May 14, 2021

Resurgence Behavioral Health - Helpful Things to Say to Someone in Rehab

Words of Encouragement for a Loved One in Rehab

Even if you’ve never participated in alcohol or drug rehab or known anyone personally who has struggled with addiction before, it’s not hard to imagine how tough it can be to start down this path.  Many people don’t know what to expect during treatment which makes words of encouragement from a loved one a very helpful part of supporting their goal of entering and remaining in recovery. 

Like anything worth accomplishing, starting recovery takes hard work and dedication, especially during the initial steps of drug detox and rehab.  Knowing that you have the support of loved ones can make a big difference. 

Everyone who begins drug rehab treatment is sooner or later going to transition back to living in society and having to deal with all of the stress that life brings while trying to maintain their sobriety.  Simple words of encouragement for a loved one in rehab can show them that they will be supported when they finish treatment and are out in the world living in recovery.  

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At Resurgence Behavioral Health we encourage family members, friends, and loved ones to be part of the process by engaging in things like family therapy as well as educating themselves on drug abuse, addiction and treatment.  Words of encouragement are a great starting point. 

Here are some things you can say to a love one in rehab that will help keep them positively motivated and moving in the right direction:

1. “It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done.” – Nelson Mandela

This simple phrase from the South African leader is true about a lot of things we want to accomplish in life.  Drug rehab can seem like a daunting hill to climb, but by taking things one small step at a time, a lot of things can be done in life.  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” is a common saying that originated from a famous Chinese proverb.  This is another way of communicating what Nelson Mandela said. 

2. How Can I Show My Support During Your Recovery?

This very broad and open-ended question can be very powerful.  It shows your loved one who is in rehab that you’re ready to pitch in wherever you are needed.  It communicates that you are flexible and are ready to be there for them as they begin their journey and well into the future.  It’s important for people in drug rehab to establish a support network and this type of question can give them the positive reinforcement they need to continue with the work they are putting in to become clean and sober. 

3. I’m Proud of You

It’s hard to admit you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. It’s even harder to make the decision to get professional help.  Many people feel that once they have realized that alcohol or drugs is negatively affecting their lives, that they’ll be able to control or stop their substance abuse.  This is rarely the case.  So hearing that someone in their life is proud of them for taking this major step can be very encouraging.  There are a lot of milestones to reach throughout a person’s recovery, starting with having just one day of sobriety under their belts, and knowing someone is proud of them makes that next goal even more attainable. 

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