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Ballet Austin Is Fourth Largest Ballet Academy In The Country

Uncategorized Alexa Iocco | December 9, 2021

Ballet Austin Is Fourth Largest Ballet Academy In The Country

Strengthening A Community Through Dance 

Ballet Austin has been a staple in the Austin dance community since 1956. With the rich history and engagement of community members throughout the years, people have been coming to Ballet Austin to take in a dance experience like no other. This nonprofit organization is one of the 15 largest ballet companies within the country and offers stunning performances for audience members as they witness the evolution of ballet while still staying true to the art of dance at its core. 

Training and Developing Future Dancers 

Ballet Austin offers the largest training facility that is associated with a dance studio within the United States. Each year Ballet Austin supports and serves over 900 dancers in reaching their dreams and potential of becoming professional dancers. Ballet Austin recognizes the power that dance can have on a young person’s life and development. Providing young people with the guidance and technique to learn new skills and demonstrate their leadership skills through performance truly helps to shape our young people to be successful adults within Austin later on. 

Classes can begin as early as age 3 or 4 and will help to focus on learning the basics of dance by creating a foundation of techniques and dance etiquette. As young dancers continue to grow, they will move up in advancement levels of classes to perfect and learn new dances, methods, and techniques. 

Ballet Austin offers payment plans that are affordable to most families. However, financial costs should not be a barrier to a young person that wants to engage in the world of dance. If parents are unable to pay the tuition, there are payment bursaries available to those who need it. The dance programs offered with Ballet Austin provide insight and focus on social justice issues, social-emotional learning, dance, and mindfulness criteria for all of the students within the dance programs to broaden the scope and horizons of these up-and-coming dancers. 

World Renowned Choreographers 

Ballet Austin has had the incredible opportunity to work with some of the best choreographers in the business. Well-known, award-winning choreographer Stephen Mills works as the artistic director within Ballet Austin. Mills brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for dance that exudes to the young dancers being trained within Ballet Austin. He is known for his work producing and dancing in his hit performances as Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew, and A Midsummer’s Night Dream. He has been recognized by national publications and within the dance community for his original performances that touch and invoke emotions from audience members. 

Along with the expert work and influence of Stephen Mills, there are 22 professional dancers that work under Stephen to provide dancers with fresh techniques and guidance on making it within the dance community. 

Ballet Austin had such success that a sister company, Ballet Austin II was developed for students as a stepping stone into a professional dancing career and to hone their dancing skills. Almost 80 percent of the professional dancers within Ballet Austin are graduates of Ballet Austin II. 

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