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How Long Does Drug Detoxification Take?


Drug Detox Center in California

How long detox takes depends on the substance you have taken.

During drug detox, the body will naturally start to eliminate drugs from your system.

The amount of time it takes for your body to detox is dependent on your metabolisms.

The safest way to stop using drugs is at a drug detox center near you.

Choosing a treatment program will allow you to comfortably clear your body of drugs.

Managing withdrawal symptoms is an important part of ensuring that your drug detox is a success.

A great drug detox program sets you up for the next step in addiction treatment.

A drug detox completed with medical supervision is the best way to start the road to recovery.

Resurgence Behavioral Health is a leading drug detox center in California.

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How Long Does It Take to Detox?

Detox from drug and alcohol can be a challenging process and can last for several hours or several days, with everyone experiencing it differently. On average, detoxing generally takes about 3 weeks, but the cravings can often persist much longer. Zoloft withdrawal, much like detox from illicit substances, can present its own set of challenges and withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and depression, which are also common in drug detox. During the initial days to a week, the cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and side effects are usually the most acute and intense. Individuals often experience heightened drug cravings, anxiety, depression, hunger, fatigue, or paranoia. Such withdrawal symptoms, including those experienced during Zoloft withdrawal, are strong deterrents and may lead to relapse. However, within a week, most clients can complete detox while concurrently addressing the psychological, social, and behavioral problems associated with addiction and withdrawal, whether it’s from illicit substances or medications like Zoloft.

  • Gender
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Types of drug(s)
  • Length of addiction

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Your Mental Health and Detox Drugs

Substances affect the brain and body differently. Some drugs have longer withdrawal phases. The most important part of detoxing is beginning to heal both the mind and body. Once the drugs are cleared from your system, the true work begins. Addiction is a progressive and chronic illness.

Just because you complete a drug detox, doesn’t mean that you are cured. When you enter addiction treatment, it is a lifelong commitment. In the beginning, it’s the hardest, as you spend more time sober, the more you will find it easier to battle your triggers, control your stress, and resist relapse. Detox drugs can help stabilize you as you slowly withdraw.

Detox Drugs

The acute phase of withdrawal ends within a relatively brief timeframe. However, as a recovering drug addict, you may encounter potent psychological symptoms that persist for an extended period, necessitating ongoing therapy in the initial months or even years after detox. Many individuals undergoing recovery from meth addiction in Illinois find that ongoing outpatient care is vital to fortifying their resolve to remain clean.

Detox, a crucial step to purge your body of drugs, is inevitable when embarking on any addiction recovery program. Resurgence Behavioral Health comprehends the challenging journey of detoxing and is here to assist you in navigating through to the other side. This is why we incorporate holistic care into every treatment plan, ensuring it is tailored to meet your specific needs. Particularly vital in avoiding transfer addiction – a phenomenon where an individual shifts from one addictive behavior to another during recovery – a personalized program ensures that your treatment addresses all aspects of your addiction and mental health, providing a solid foundation for sustainable recovery.

How Detox Drugs Help Recovery

The goal of detox drugs is to safely get addicts through withdrawal in a way that enables them to commit to being drug-free while preparing them for ongoing treatment. Choosing to get clean is the best choice you will ever make dealing with your addiction. The first 48 hours is the hardest. Detox drugs help by reducing the side effects, keeping them at a bearable level.

There is going to be some discomfort, but with help, it is possible to successfully detox with the least amount of discomfort. Resurgence Behavioral Health uses detox drugs to help clients cope with drug withdrawal.

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Types of Detox Drugs

Medication-assisted treatment or MAT are medications used in drug detox. Detox drugs are important because they minimize the distress caused by withdraws, cravings, and address medical complications. Medication-assisted treatment drugs are not intended to get a person high. Several MATT detox drugs are essential to addiction treatment.

The medications available in a drug detox program can vary. Factors depend on medical and drug history. Here are a few of the medications used in the drug detox program. The lasting effects of substance abuse impact a person’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Too many people suffer in the prison of addiction. They try over and over again to detox from drugs without success. Today different detox drugs can help you get through the worst of the withdrawals.


Several different detox drugs can help someone overcome opiate addiction. They can be used for short- or long-term periods.


Methadone is one of the most commonly prescribed detox drugs. It is very effective at reducing withdrawal and cravings. It can be prescribed both long and short-term for opioid addiction.


Buprenorphine is another opiate detox drug. This can also be used for short and long-term treatment for opiate addiction.


Stimulant withdrawal can be difficult to deal with emotionally. There have been cases of people harming themselves due to depression brought on from withdrawal. There a few detox drugs that are very helpful to get people through withdrawal safely.


Depression can be severe in recovering addicts that have untreated depression or a history. Antidepressants are helpful to allow a person to begin the healing process.


Anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations can range from mild to severe. These medications help to reduce these withdrawal symptoms.

Detox Centers Near Me

Getting yourself the right help is key to making a detox program work. The first stage in detox can be a very intense period. It is very hard to commit to detoxing from drugs. Getting medical support when detoxing is important to mitigate these symptoms. Rest assured that most symptoms of withdrawal are not life-threatening.

But detoxing from drugs shouldn’t be a punishment. Getting into the right program can help you achieve your goals for a successful detox. If your body is dependent on substances to function, the best choice is most likely inpatient. Detoxing from drugs after chronic use is safest when done under medical care.

How you choose to detox is a choice you have to make, an inpatient or outpatient program? This decision is made possible by completing an assessment with an addiction specialist. Both choices provide support and care to effectively detox from drugs. When looking for a drug detox near me, ask the following questions.

  • How is detox accomplished?
  • How long is the detox drug program?
  • What is the cost?
  • Is insurance accepted?
  • What are the credentials?
  • Are there amenities?
  • What are the sleeping accommodations?
  • Will there be transitional support after drug detox?

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Getting in a Detox Drug Program

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