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Drug Abuse and Addiction Among High-Earning Professionals

Addiction - A man sit on his couch in his shirt and tie with a bottle of alcohol held up to his forehead and a glass in his left hand. A high earner can have stress that leads to addiction.


High-Earning Professionals and Addiction


Work hard, play hard, right?

That seems to be the motto that plenty of high-earning professionals tend to stick with.

Sometimes addiction is part of that play hard lifestyle.

But the fact is – high-earning professionals do have stressful and sleep-deprived careers to focus on.

With constant intense demands mixed with pure exhaustion, there are bound to be some pitfalls.

You might be shocked to hear about that successful CEO that has a drug addiction, as they are probably last on your radar of who would be addicted.

High-income earners are often rich, highly successful and ambitious, and have a healthy lifestyle.

So, why are so many addicted to illicit substances?

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Your Earnings Don’t Matter in the Eyes of Addiction


Successful and high-earning professionals have it all, right?

They are cool and collected and seem to live happy and healthy lives.

Additionally, when you stereotype an addict, you might be thinking of a thieving homeless person – not the guy in a nice suit driving past you.

The simple truth is that addiction can develop in anyone, no matter what their status is.

This relapsing condition is very unfortunate and can be influenced by so many factors, including home life, genetics, and outside influences.

In a company of roughly 5,000 employees, shockingly enough, an estimated 15 out of 250 executives may suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction.

In other studies, it is suggested that at least 10% of the top executives are alcohol or drug-impaired.

High-earning professionals may have the time, money, and resources to hide their addiction.

But, with the time and progression of addiction, it will become much harder to keep up with the facade.

Addiction does not discriminate based on wealth – anyone can be an addict.

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High-Earning Professionals & Substance Abuse


In the management sector (including other managers as well as business executives), there is a noted higher rate of substance abuse compared to the rest of the employees.

Compared to all other industries in this study, composed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, management, in general, is ranked as the third most at risk for using illicit drugs.

Other statistics found in September of 2019 includes reports of management (12.1%) using illicit drugs, 11.4% of them diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder, and 9.9% reported heavy drinking.

And unfortunately, when a high-earning professional becomes addicted to a substance, many factors prevent them from seeking treatment such as:

  • Addiction denial
  • Belief that they are in high power and business is still running smoothly
  • Belief that they are still in control
  • It’s a social norm – other business associates do it and peer pressure
  • Wealth and time to abuse – money to buy drugs and time to abuse

All of these factors combined are a recipe for disaster if not approached in a smart manner. Luckily, there are treatment options available to anyone, especially high-earning professionals.

Addiction knows no bounds when it comes to economic status.


Positions of High Power: Addiction & Stressful Work


Stress is a huge contributing factor when it comes to addiction in general, and high-earning professionals carry a lot of stress.

Like we mentioned before, addicts don’t always look like a homeless person wandering the streets. Addiction disguises itself very well, even in leaders of workplaces.

In fact, many addicts are medical professionals, executives, attorneys, top salespeople, entrepreneurs, and other high-earners.

Professionals that earn a lot of money face a tremendous amount of pressure in the workplace.

It is not far-fetched to understand why people in these positions turn to alcohol or drugs to enhance their energy and relieve all of that stress.

Besides just relieving stress a few of the qualities that make people strong leaders can be the same qualities that lead people to addiction.


Successful Leaders are Risk Takers


Successful leaders are risk-takers and have novelty-seeking behavior.

Some professionals receive pleasure from the risk-taking, which is very similar to the pleasure received from substance abuse.

Both arrive through the same neurological pathways. It’s a way to make the stress, anxiety, and emotional wear and tear briefly disappear.

Escaping difficult daily decisions by using and abusing drugs and alcohol is a way that many high-earning professionals cope.

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Resurgence Drug Addiction Rehab Centers


Many professionals are scared of being ‘outed’ when it comes to their drug use and addiction.

They fear losing their career, relationships, status, marriage, etc. and they tend to neglect treatment. However, proper addiction treatment is the key to living a sober and healthy life.

It is crucial for healing both physical and mental distress brought on by addiction. Rehab at Resurgence will help you get your life back on track.

Now we will look at what you need to know about drug and alcohol rehab centers and why you should call us if you have a drug or alcohol addiction.

1. Programs are Customized

Not all plans work to treat everyone – we are all different. Our treatment professionals plan your your treatment program designed specifically for you. When you choose Resurgence you will meet your doctor and select the perfect treatment plan.

You will be asked simple questions about your health (both physical and mental), and about your drug use – how long, which drugs, etc. This will all help decide the best treatment plan available. Depending on your situation, you will be given a treatment plan and a schedule.

The schedule may involve detox, group and individual therapy, or even alternative therapies if needed. Your doctor may recommend inpatient treatment if you need 24-hour care; if not, they may suggest therapy or outpatient treatment.

Your schedule may seem daunting at first, but you will quickly see how much care and support you get while in treatment.

2. You will Be Able to Afford It

As a high-earning professional, affording a rehab treatment center should not be very taxing. However, treatment centers are affordable for anyone on any path. The cost does vary based on the level of treatment needed. We also offer payment plans.

Insurance can also be a major aid when trying to receive care – call your insurance company to find out how much of your treatment it will cover. You do not have health insurance? That is okay. We offer a payment plan to help.

Most stabilization programs include 2-6 weeks of inpatient treatment after you go through detox. The price is affordable, and we have the same goal – to get you on a sober path.

3. Rehab Centers Work

To put it simply, they are proven to work. When you step into a rehab treatment center, you are choosing to live a sober and clean life. This is a huge step in your life, and it’s something that you shouldn’t do alone.

If you try to get clean alone and in an area that is toxic to your well-being, your chances of relapse will be way higher. In a rehab center, you will be away from any triggers and substances, and you will be able to start living a clean life in a safe area monitored by medical professionals.

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Addiction Treatment at Resurgence


It is no surprise that high-earning professionals lead incredibly stressful lives full of difficult choices and daily stressors.

This can easily lead to substance abuse or feelings of wanting to indulge more often.

Becoming an addict is not something that happens overnight, and it isn’t something that depends on your wealth or status.

Anyone can be an addict. Now is the perfect time to take the positive step in reclaiming your life by calling Resurgence to find out more about our addiction treatment programs.

You will be happy that you did!

Alexa Iocco

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