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Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Rehab for Residents of Knoxville

Alcohol Rehab , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | November 22, 2021

Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Rehab for Residents of Knoxville

Find The Best Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Rehab for Knoxville Residents

Addiction is a disease that affects millions of Americans each day and does not discriminate for who it overtakes in its path. Addiction has one common theme for each person it affects which is individuals looking for a means of coping through unpleasant and difficult times and emotions. While choosing to enter into a drug or alcohol rehab program will assist you in getting sober and healing from addiction, life will still have challenging times. The difference will be that you will be fully equipped with the life skills, tools for relapse prevention, and the ability to manage your emotions through emotional regulation and mindfulness practices. 

For Knoxville residents that are ready to take the step to heal from their addiction and enter into a drug and alcohol rehab program, you will want to know that you choose a treatment program that honors and sees you for who you are. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we provide our patients with an individualized rehab program that is custom-designed to meet their individual needs and goals for recovery. We see treatment as a unique process that should be different for each patient that enters our program. That is why our therapists are highly trained in various comprehensive therapeutic models that will be sure to speak to your intelligence and emotions while still maintaining your dignity and wellbeing by not forcing you into a treatment method that does not fit into your lifestyle. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Outpatient addiction treatment is an option that Knoxville residents find beneficial when they have the motivation and drive to meet their recovery goals within their home environment. While some patients may find that they need the intensive structure of an inpatient drug rehab program, others may require a treatment option that allows patients an option that gives them the freedom to return home to their family or loved ones at night. 

Outpatient addiction treatment invites patients to attend the treatment center for individual and group therapy sessions. During that time, you will work with our highly trained and compassionate counselors who will help you work through the emotions and behaviors that contribute to your addictive behaviors. Often when you are at the peak of your addiction, you are unaware of triggers or you may be aware but do not have the ability to effectively cope with the uncomfortable emotions and situations due to a lack of knowledge of tools such as emotional awareness and regulation. Through your therapeutic sessions, you will gain perspective on your unhealthy responses to triggering stimuli and retrain your brain about healthy emotional and physical reactions to negative stimuli. 

Commonly, patients who enter into drug or alcohol treatment programs have become isolated from loved ones and their social circles. This is often due to the shame and guilt that patients feel about the actions they have taken at the peak of their addiction that may have affected those around them. Resurgence offers patients an opportunity to rekindle and rebuild the strong relationships they had with their loved ones through family therapy. As a family., you will have the opportunity to discuss, in a safe, private environment, how your addiction has impacted your communication with one another, affected levels of trust between each other, and the loss of connection that was once there. Through family therapy, you will be able to process the emotions and pains from your addiction and learn effective new tools for rebuilding a solid foundation of support and love within your family unit. 

Often, patients who are in active addiction may have a corresponding mental health concern that you have been medicating and treating the symptoms from it through drugs or alcohol. While this can provide patients with a momentary lapse in the severity of symptoms, it often escalates the symptoms further creating more intense and severe symptoms. The best way to treat both conditions is through a dual diagnosis program that focuses on each condition individually while also looking at how your substance use disorder and mental health disorder have affected one another. As you progress through your dual diagnosis program, you will learn methods of holistic interventions for your co-occurring disorder that will have you effectively managing your symptoms through healthy methods that will maintain your general wellbeing and safety. 

How to Know if Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab is Right for You

You know you want to make a change and break free from the chains of your addiction but you aren’t sure if you need the support of an outpatient rehab program. Often if you are thinking about your addiction and if it has become problematic it is usually a first indicator that your drinking or use of drugs has reached the time for an intervention. 

If you are concerned about your substance use or someone you love’s substance use, these are some common warning signs that it is time to reach out for help:

  • Financial insecurity or difficulties – borrowing or stealing money to obtain drugs or alcohol. 
  • Isolation from your family and social circle 
  • Your thought process becomes consumed by fixating on your ability to obtain drugs or alcohol 
  • Increase in risk taking behavior 
  • Needing to consume more of your substance of choice to reach desired levels of intoxication 
  • Reduction in job or school performance 
  • Lack of interest in activities that once were important to you 

If you are beginning to exhibit any of these symptoms but are also concerned about having to take an extended break from your home environment then a good alternative may be to enter into an outpatient drug or alcohol rehab program. 

Outpatient Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment

While patients may know that an outpatient addiction treatment program is the best fit for them, we want to offer our patients various levels of care provided in outpatient care to ensure that you find a program that molds into your lifestyle perfectly. 

Knoxville residents who require more intensive support from an outpatient rehab program that most resembles an inpatient rehab program will choose a partial hospitalization program (or known as a day program) A PHP invites patients to attend the treatment center for 6 hours a day for either 5 or 6 days a week. This will be dependent on your level of need and engagement in your rehab program. Through your time in the center, you will participate in individual and group therapy sessions as well as additional therapeutic support of a dual diagnosis program or trauma therapy. 

Patients that want the flexibility to be able to participate in their treatment programs while still having the ability to maintain their work or school commitments can choose an intensive outpatient program (IOP). This method of treatment will allow you to tend to your family and maintain your work and school commitments. We invite our IOP patients to attend our centers for individual and group therapy sessions in time frames that easily fit into their daily routine and schedule.

After completing your rehab program, you will be offered support through our continuing care program. This method offers patients continued support through aftercare group therapy long with weekly therapeutic sessions. This will give patients extended supportive care from our trustworthy counselors to help them solidify their newfound way of life. 

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient rehab gives patients the opportunity to address their addiction while respecting the fact that you may not have the capacity to put your life on hold while you enter into rehab. Outpatient rehab will allow you the freedom to choose when you attend the center while allowing you to return home at the end of each day.  Outpatient gives patients a flexible and affordable option to participate in the necessary work of treatment while respecting their personal lifestyle and needs. 

Patients who have completed inpatient rehab often benefit from the extended support of outpatient rehab. Through your therapeutic sessions, you gain perspectives on your addiction while learning new tools to avoid relapse behavior. Through outpatient rehab, you will have the continued support of our counselors as you take what you have learned in rehab and apply it to your home life. 

Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Rehab at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Resurgence Behavioral Health offers patients of Knoxville a truly unique approach to treatment that entails comprehensive methods of treatment including holistic practices that will support you in creating a new, healthy way of life that supports and facilitates sobriety. Healing from addiction is more than just removing the use of substances, it involves intensive therapy and relearning how to manage challenges in life that keep you on the path to recovery. We believe all of our patients have the innate right to heal from addiction within their body, mind, and soul. As you go through your rehab program, you will gain the ability to practice self-forgiveness and self-love.  If you want to hear more about the Resurgence difference for addiction treatment, contact one of our friendly, supportive staff today. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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