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Gay-Friendly Drug Rehab California

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | March 22, 2022

Gay Friendly Drug Rehab California Resurgence Behavioral Health

High Rates of Drug Abuse Among Gay Community

Although there have been tremendous strides when it comes to the acceptance of the gay community, this general acceptance is not something that is always felt by specific individuals for a multitude of reasons. For instance, there are countless people who are struggling with their sexuality but feel as though they don’t have the support system in place to come out as gay. As a result of some of these challenges, there are several in the LGBTQ community who turn to drugs or alcohol for mistaken comfort. The sad reality is that a member of the gay community is four times more likely to resort to drugs and alcohol during their lifetime in comparison to straight people. As a result, there are several people in the LGBTQ community that struggle with not only their sexuality but addiction on a daily basis. For those seeking a supportive and understanding environment in Costa Mesa, alcohol rehab treatment in Costa Mesa provides a safe space for addressing both addiction and personal challenges.

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Challenges in Addiction Treatment For LGBTQ

There are several challenges that LGBTQ individuals face that a straight person may not even think of. Here are some examples: 

  • Ridicule from other peers 
  • Violence due to their sexual orientation 
  • Loss of a job or relationships with friends or family members due to their sexuality 
  • Exclusion from different activities 
  • Rejection 

Common Drugs Abused

There are many different types of drugs that could be abused by a person during the time that they are in active addiction. For example, it’s important not to forget the fact that alcohol is a drug. It can alter your mind and your thoughts and manipulate you toward doing things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Also, opioids are a popular drug of choice because there are many opioids that can simply make you not feel anything. 

When you initially reach out to your treatment facility of choice, they will go through a comprehensive list of questions with you which will help them to determine the severity of your addiction. It’s critical that you answer these questions openly and honestly so that your treatment team can help you to develop a recovery plan that will suit the goals that you have for your sobriety. 

Gay-Friendly Drug Rehab Options

There are several options for drug rehab near Los Angeles California that the gay community has when they choose the right substance abuse treatment center. For example, if you feel as though the environment around you only exacerbates your drug addiction or alcohol addiction, you may want to consider making the commitment to an inpatient treatment program. Inpatient treatment provides you with the same sober environment that you need to focus on yourself and tackle your drug addiction or alcohol addiction once and for all. During this type of treatment program, you will have access to addiction treatment resources as well as mental health treatment as needed. You will also have the comfort of knowing that you are surrounded by a team of substance abuse experts who can help you to manage what you may be thinking or feeling at this critical stage of your recovery journey. 

There are many LGBTQ individuals who are unable to commit to this type of addiction treatment program, however, due to work or personal responsibilities. In the past, they may have put off reaching out for addiction or mental health treatment simply because they believed that they would be unable to maintain their life responsibilities as well as work through a substance abuse treatment plan. However, the reality is that by working through an outpatient treatment program, LGBTQ individuals give themselves a unique opportunity to receive the assistance that they need to address their substance abuse issues without jeopardizing these other aspects of their life. 

Any top-rated addiction treatment facility will offer both general outpatient treatment options as well as an intensive outpatient program. The leading difference between these two treatment program choices is that a general outpatient treatment program is less restrictive in comparison to an intensive outpatient program. Keep in mind that you can always transition into one of these programs after your inpatient treatment program or you can simply extend one of the outpatient treatment plan options. 

Gay-Friendly Drug Detox

It’s important to remember that before you can truly commit to an addiction treatment program, the first thing that you may have to do is to complete an alcohol and drug detox program. The reason for this is that within just a few hours from the time that you last take your substance of choice, there is a strong possibility that you will begin to experience certain substance abuse withdrawal symptoms. Although alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on the person, detox is something that you should never attempt to go through yourself because it’s possible that these withdrawal symptoms could easily turn deadly. 

On average, you will need to spend approximately seven days in drug and alcohol detox with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms manifesting within the first 72 hours. Before you begin alcohol and drug detox, it’s imperative that you are upfront and honest regarding the extent of your substance abuse as well as your substance of choice to ensure that your treatment team is ready to be able to help you through this process. A top-rated treatment center will typically offer their patients the opportunity to take advantage of medical detox which incorporates certain forms of medication so that you can better manage the cravings you will likely feel as you taper off drugs and alcohol. This is something that you will discuss in greater detail with your treatment center. 

What To Look For In A Gay-Friendly Drug Rehab

When considering your options for a substance abuse treatment center near Los Angeles California, there are several things that you may want to think about before you make the commitment to go there such as: 


The location of your treatment facility is something that will play a key role in your decision to go there. For instance, there are many people who simply don’t feel comfortable traveling further away from home and prefer something close by. However, there are several others who do not want to be in an area that may encourage their addictive ways and opt to travel to someplace completely new. If you decide to come to Resurgence, you can take comfort in the fact that we have helped clients from all over the country to achieve the goals that they have for themselves and their sobriety. 


Finances are typically an understandable concern when a person is considering options to address their addiction. In some cases, people shy away from committing to a treatment program because they are concerned that they won’t be able to afford it. However, if you have private insurance, there is a strong possibility that your insurance provider may cover all if not most of your cost of care during the time that you’re in treatment. A good rule of thumb is to reach out to the facility that you’re considering to learn whether or not they accept your insurance provider. You should also get in touch with your insurance provider to learn more about the terms of your coverage so that you have a clear understanding of your financial burden. 

Individualized treatment options 

It’s important that you feel comfortable and confident with your decision to commit to a treatment facility. Therefore, it would benefit you to reach out to that treatment facility and learn more about their individualized treatment options. Addiction is something that impacts every person differently. Therefore, it would be impossible for you to expect to benefit from a treatment program that was not individually designed for you. 

Another key aspect of your recovery journey will be therapy. Although therapy may feel uncomfortable at times, it’s important when it comes to identifying the root cause of your addiction. There are many different forms of therapy that you may experience during the course of your recovery program. For example, group therapy will help you to connect with others that are working through their own form of treatment and can provide you with a unique level of support. Family therapy can help you to reconnect with family members that may have written you off as a result of your addiction. Your treatment team will provide you with a thorough overview of the therapy you can expect. 

Gay-Friendly Durg Rehab at Resurgence

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we understand the stress and pressure that people from the gay community experience on a regular basis. We also understand the negative impact that substance abuse can have on your overall health and well-being. When you make the decision to partner with the Resurgence Behavioral Health treatment center, you can rest assured that we will always go the extra mile to ensure that you have the care and support that you need not only while you navigate your addiction treatment but while you come to a better understanding of who you are as a person. If you would like to learn more about our treatment center or about the treatment programs that we offer LGBTQ individuals to address their substance use disorders, please get in touch with us at (855) 458-0050

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Alexa Iocco

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