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How Do I Find the Right Drug Rehab Near Me?


What Is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

It is not just dangerous to get sober on your own, it is also more likely to lead to a relapse in the future. Addiction treatment centers provide a supervised environment where you can get the required medical attention and also the emotional support to overcome an alcohol or drug abuse.

Inpatient drug rehab or residential alcohol and drug rehab centers offer the highest treatment care levels, with medically supervised detoxification and 24-hour care and support. Patients receive highly individualized care and support from a multidisciplinary team of experts and specialists. Patients will also live at the facility, participating in treatment-related activities, like individual counseling sessions and group meetings.

There are many options for inpatient addiction treatment. There are several options for inpatient addiction treatment. Inpatient drug rehabs differ by location, staff experience, therapies offered, amenities, etc. It is vital to find a drug rehab facility near me that best suits your specific needs.

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What are Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs?

Inpatient drug rehab is a residential treatment center where patients live for varying durations depending on their program. The average stay is 30 days, however, several addiction treatment centers offer more prolonged programs – 60 days, 90 days, or even longer. The duration of treatment depends on numerous factors, including the addiction severity, the existence of any co-occurring emotional or mental health issues, and whether the individual has been through rehab before.

Several inpatient drug rehab centers offer family programs too. The patients’ family members participate in family activities and counseling. This provides an opportunity to mend broken trust and identify dynamism or dysfunctional relationships that may trigger a relapse. Families can offer support by encouraging their loved ones and being actively involved throughout the recovery process.
Each inpatient residential treatment center provides its own unique accommodations. While some are basic, with shared rooms, cafeteria-style meals, and recreational activities like ping-pong and pool; others may provide private luxury suites with gourmet meals and a plethora of amenities, including a pool, gym, and spa.

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Choosing Inpatient Drug Rehab Facilities

Are you looking for drug rehab facilities near me? Inpatient drug rehab centers are facilities where users live while receiving treatment for substance abuse. As every individual who requires addiction treatment is different, there are also several differences among treatment programs. It is crucial to ask the appropriate questions to identify the treatment program that best fits you. Below are some crucial points you should consider when choosing an inpatient drug rehab:

What Addictions Does The Program Treat?

It is imperative to find drug rehab facilities near me that have experience treating your specific addiction and other co-occurring disorders if any. Each substance has its unique physical and psychological effects, so ensure you enquire about the rehab center’s familiarity with your specific treatment needs.

What Types Of Therapy Are Offered?

Most inpatient drug rehabs offer both individual and group counseling. Furthermore, there are several other types of traditional and non-traditional therapies. Maybe you are interested in family therapy, or holistic therapies like art, yoga, equine, or music therapy. Study all the options and find a drug rehab

What Types Of Sober Living Options And Aftercare Do They Offer?

Several drug rehab centers offer guidance and provide planning for after you leave the inpatient facility. A supervised after-care program is important to maintaining sobriety. Find out whether your chosen inpatient drug rehab has an aftercare program or can connect you with one.

What Are The Credentials And Licensing Possessed By The Facility And Staff?

You will want access to qualified professionals. Find out the accreditation of both the facility and its clinical staff. This is vital as sub-standard facilities would not only fail to offer the required help but also do so at an exorbitant financial cost.

What Are My Payment Options?

Are you insured? Find out if your preferred inpatient drug rehab accepts your insurance. This is a crucial first step to designing a plan to pay for your treatment. If uninsured, enquire whether the rehab facility offers scholarships or in-house financing options.

There are numerous ways to pay for your rehab if you do not have any insurance, ranging from grants for rehab treatments to applying for Medicaid or Medicare. Credit cards, savings, or loans are another way to finance your recovery. However, be careful with your decisions on the means to pay for your care.

Getting these answers will help streamline your options and make the process of obtaining treatment less stressful. Inpatient drug rehab centers are located across the country, with several people seeking inpatient treatment. Are you considering addiction treatment at a rehab center? Our compassionate specialists at Emerald Isle are on the ground to help you get the care, treatment, and guidance you need. Get in touch with us today!

Types of Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

30-Day Rehab Programs

30-day inpatient drug rehab programs offer you sufficient time to complete the detox process, learn more about your addiction and also participate in counseling. These short-term inpatient drug rehab programs are always cheaper compared to the longer programs because of their brief nature, and they are more likely to be covered by insurance.

60-Day Rehab Programs

60-day inpatient drug rehab programs offer you increased time to work through your drug addiction and establish a support network and sober lifestyle. Much of the first 30 days may be spent in treatment dealing with withdrawal and detox.

90-Day Rehab Programs

90-day inpatient drug rehab programs are suggested for more severe cases of addictions and the recovery success rate here is higher.

Luxury Programs

Executive and luxury programs cater to corporate executives, professionals, celebrities, or business owners and tend to cost more because of features similar to those you would find at a 5-star hotel.

Immediate Placement in Rehab

Hospitalization Programs

Hospitalization programs provide comprehensive medical care during detox. Once you are stable, you transfer to a less restrictive treatment setting, like a residential rehab program or an intensive outpatient program. Hospitalization through an inpatient rehab program is usually only considered for individual dealing with:

  • Severe withdrawal symptoms, especially those that are complicated by multiple drugs use or if the individual has a history of delirium tremens
  • Severe overdose and coma or significant respiratory depression.
  • Chronic or acute medical condition(s) that can complicate the patient’s withdrawal from substances.
  • Acute substance dependence with a major history of no responsiveness to trials of less intensive treatment or rehab programs.
  • A marked comorbid psychiatric condition that places the user at high risk of hurting self or someone else.

Advantages of Inpatient Drug Rehab

For people struggling with severe addiction or substance use disorder, inpatient drug rehab has the highest long-term success rates. Inpatient rehab programs provide an environment with round-the-clock care and thorough planning for the best approaches to avoid futuristic relapse.

Inpatient drug rehab facilities with flexible and extendable program durations are preferable for some people because they afford them the opportunity to work at their own pace towards recovery. You might complete a 30-day rehab program and realize that you still require more time to work against relapse or develop sober-living skills. Benefits of choosing a drug rehab center include:

Round-the-Clock Supervised Care

Patients admitted into inpatient drug rehab facilities receive constant medical care and guidance from a multidisciplinary team of professionals. This is so crucial if you have significant and established histories of abuse and addiction. You will generally need more intensive medical care during the detox process, which includes medical management of co-occurring acute medical or psychological conditions.

No Distractions

Inpatient and residential rehab facilities provide a distraction-free environment, so you can solely focus on your recovery path. This can be a significant factor in the successful treatment of substance abuse, as it allows you to be isolated from any triggers to return to substances while you learn how to function without them.

Focus on Recovery

Given that inpatient drug rehab programs provide round-the-clock care, they are ideal for helping addicts with more severe and long-standing addiction. Having 24-hour support, including medical support and therapy can help you focus on recovery and help you through the treatment’s initial stage.

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It is important to understand that you are never alone in your fight towards sobriety. Choosing to undergo treatment at an inpatient drug rehab center is the first step toward taking back control of your life and living a drug-free life. If you or a loved one is ready to check into a rehab facility, please contact us at Resurgence Behavioral. We will work with you towards a treatment best suited for you.

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