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How to Enjoy the Super Bowl Without Risking Your Sobriety

How to Enjoy The Super Bowl Without Risking Your Sobriety Resurgence Behavioral Health

Can You Enjoy the Super Bowl Without Drinking?

One of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday is Super Bowl parties. During the time that you were in active addiction to drugs and alcohol, there may have been years where you may not have remembered the outcome of the game. However, once you remove the influence of drugs and alcohol from your life by taking advantage of a treatment program, you put yourself in a wonderful position of being more active and truly enjoying the Super Bowl sober. Yes! You can still enjoy watching the Sober Bowl sober. Better yet, you can also enjoy a sober Super Bowl party. By taking certain steps to ensure that you are out of harm’s way when it comes to any possible temptations, you are taking a step toward cementing your dedication toward recovery. 

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Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re considering going to a Super Bowl party, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself ahead of time to make sure that you’re in the best place both physically and psychologically to be able to deal with the possible temptation that comes along with going to a Super Bowl party where people are potentially drinking. Here are some examples of questions that you can ask yourself to ensure that you’re ready to face these potential challenges: 

Do I really need to go to this party? 

Although it’s understandable that watching a Super Bowl with a group of friends is fun, it’s important to ask yourself whether going to this party is something that you really need to do at this time. If you feel as though this is a party that could or would jeopardize the hard work that you have put in, then your best bet is to skip the party for now. Keep in mind that you may come to a place in your sobriety where you feel more comfortable in this type of environment. However, if you’re new to the world of sobriety, you may want to take a pass on the party, at least for this year. 

Do I have the support that I need? 

If you’ve decided to go to a Super Bowl party, it’s imperative that you put a support system in place that you can lean on just in case you do experience some type of temptation. A good rule of thumb is to take the time to scope out the area and see if you can attend a meeting either before or immediately following the party. This will help to put you and keep you in a good frame of mind during the time that you’re at the party. Also, it may be helpful to text or keep in touch with a sober friend throughout the course of the time of the party. Better yet, if you’re able to bring a guest, you may want to bring a sober companion with you who can help to keep you focused on the goals that you have when it comes to maintaining your sobriety. 

Are there any other alternatives? 

Although it may feel as though you have to go to one specific party, it’s important that you give yourself a reality check. You have the freedom and the flexibility to decide which party you want to go to if you decide to go at all. There are always other alternatives when it comes to the Super Bowl. It may be in your best interests simply to do something else like spend some time outside or spend time with your family who isn’t watching the game. There are always other alternatives that will not put you at risk of jeopardizing your sobriety. 

Tips for Watching the Super Bowl Without Putting Your Sobriety at Risk

There are several steps that you can take to ensure that you can watch the Super Bowl without putting yourself at risk of falling back into addiction. If you recently completed a substance abuse treatment program, then you may want to consider enrolling in an aftercare program. One of the leading benefits of an aftercare program is that this assisted treatment will help you to stay in touch with your treatment team and interact with other people who have recently completed their own treatment program. You may decide that you want to enjoy the Super Bowl with other people that you have met through your aftercare program which can help you to feel more comfortable during a sober Super Bowl. 

If you truly find yourself struggling to watch the Super Bowl while sober, you may want to consider going to a Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. These are examples of meetings that you should be attending regardless, however, if you find that you are having problems as you watch the game, you should immediately reach out and look for help. When you partner with a trusted recovery center, you can take comfort in the fact that you can always reach out to that facility for assistance when you’re struggling. If you decide to pair with Resurgence, for example, you can rest assured that our experienced team of addiction experts will always be available to help you address any temptations or adverse feelings that you may be feeling, even if it’s while you’re celebrating the Super Bowl. 

Another helpful recommendation when you’re ready to watch the game is to take advantage of spending some time with a sober friend. There are certain people in your life that will know your struggles before, during, and after your time at a recovery center. Finding a sober friend that you can turn to for support is critical when it comes to watching the Super Bowl while sober. He or she can help you to feel not so alone if you are the only one that is not drinking and get help to remind you of the important steps that you’re taking when it comes to your overall health and well-being. 

What to Do If You Feel You’re in Danger of Relapsing

Regardless of whether or not you decide to go to a Super Bowl party, there is always the possibility that you could fall back into the trap of addiction. Relapse is something that many people experience but it doesn’t mean that the goals and hopes that you have for maintaining a sober life need to be thrown to the wayside. If you feel like you’re in danger of relapsing or you have actually relapsed, one of the first things that you need to do is to reach out to your treatment team. Although this is something that may make you feel awkward or uncomfortable, it’s a necessary step when you need to refocus yourself. Any top-notch treatment facility will never make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. Instead, they will walk you through the guidance that you need to reestablish your sobriety or to help you refocus. Remember, an intake team at any of the top-rated facilities will be available around the clock so you can always reach out at any time. If you decide to get in touch with Resurgence Behavioral Health, you can take comfort in the fact that our team will always be available to answer or address any of the concerns that you have when it comes to the steps that you need to take to either maintain or reestablish your sobriety. 

Recovery Support and Addiction Treatment at Resurgence

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our focus is on providing you with access to the resources that you need when you’re ready to begin substance abuse treatment. We pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach to every client situation. As such, we offer many different types of treatment plans and addiction therapies that you will participate in during the course of your recovery. For example, it’s possible that you may need to begin a drug or alcohol detox program before you can jump full force into addiction treatment. If that is the case, then you will spend approximately seven days in a detox program before you transition into your overall treatment program. Detox is a stage of your recovery that can be particularly dangerous considering the unpredictability of your withdrawal symptoms so it’s always a good idea to never go through this process unless you are under the care of trained medical professionals. 

Once you complete detox, you will be in a better place to be able to focus on the steps that you need to take to tackle the root causes of your addiction. Your treatment team will speak with you in greater detail regarding choosing between an inpatient or an outpatient program and from there you will start to explore the different events that may have happened in your life that may have contributed to your addiction. If you’re ready to tackle your addiction once and for all or if you’re interested to learn more about ways that you can enjoy the Super Bowl while sober, please get in touch with us at (855) 458-0050

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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