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Inpatient vs Outpatient Addiction Treatment: Benefits of Each

Resurgence Behavioral Health - Inpatient vs Outpatient Addiction Treatment Benefits of Each

The Value of Inpatient and Outpatient Addiction Treatment: Effective Treatment Meets You Where You Are

One thing we’re especially proud of at Resurgence Behavioral Health is the fact that we offer our clients a wide range of addiction treatment options to suit their individual needs. When you work with the caring team of professionals at Resurgence, you can transition from an initial consultation to different stages of rehabilitation treatment to aftercare services for our alumni. At Resurgence, we see the value of both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, and when you speak to a counselor they will go over the benefits of each with you. Call us today to find out more about all of the options we have available for your alcohol rehab near Costa Mesa or drug rehab treatment needs.

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What is Inpatient Residential Addiction Treatment?

Inpatient drug rehab addiction treatment in California is care for people struggling with drugs or alcohol that takes place 100% at a facility specifically dedicated to that purpose.  During inpatient residential addiction treatment, clients stay on site 24 hours a day, in a comfortable living environment. Inpatient drug or alcohol rehab treatment is not a vacation, however it does provide an environment away from the everyday stresses of life.  Inpatient addiction treatment is often the first step of a person’s journey into recovery, and can be easily combined with outpatient addiction treatment as part of a client’s overall care plan. 

What is Outpatient Addiction Rehab?

Outpatient addiction rehab is counseling or therapy that can occur at many locations, depending on what works best for the patient.  Residential treatment facilities often offer outpatient services, too, which can be convenient for people transitioning from inpatient care to outpatient treatment. Outpatient addiction rehab can include individual and group sessions, depending on the exact situation of the client. Outpatient addiction rehab is flexible and the exact therapy a person receives can vary as they progress through the initial stage of their recovery. Many experts agree that a combination of treatments can help a person be successful in their recovery over the long term and at Resurgence we provide all of the tools to assist in making this happen. 

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab 

There are several benefits specific to inpatient rehab, which can be an important part of a person’s path to recovery.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • Detox and Rehab: Many clients may need to go through detox treatment before they begin rehab therapy, which is easy to coordinate in a residential care environment.
  • Around the Clock Care: Patients are monitored by medical staff 24 hours a day, and any issue the client has can be addressed immediately.
  • Alcohol and Drug-Free Environment: Inpatient rehab almost 100% eliminates the possibility of a relapse as clients have no access to drugs or alcohol during residential care.

Benefits of Outpatient Rehab 

Outpatient rehab is not the lesser of two types of treatment, it is often an integral part of a person’s overall care and recovery.  There are many benefits associated with outpatient rehab, including the following:

  • Life Responsibilities: People often balk at any type of rehab treatment because it will impact their work or schooling or responsibilities at home.  Outpatient rehab is flexible and can be coordinated to fit almost any schedule. 
  • Privacy: Individual outpatient rehab can be accomplished in an office environment where there is no interaction with anyone except a counselor or therapist. 
  • Open-ended Care: Unlike inpatient programs that last 30, 60 or 90 days, outpatient rehab can go on as long as the patient needs in order to feel comfortable in society.

The Full Continuum of Care at Resurgence

At Resurgence, we offer the full continuum of care.  Although there are benefits to both inpatient addiction treatment and outpatient therapy, many of our clients transition from one to the other, which reinforces the skills they are learning and honing in order to remain sober.  At Resurgence, we offer tailored, comprehensive solutions for people struggling with drugs or alcohol.  If you or your loved one is battling substance abuse or addiction, call us today to hear more about all of the options we offer at Resurgence Behavioral Health. 

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.