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Synthetic Marijuana Legal and Lethal

Synthetic Marijuana Legal and Lethal Resurgence - A woman smokes a joint. Is synthetic weed legal? It is, but it is still harmful and addictive.

Synthetic Marijuana is a Man-Made Mind-Altering Substance

Synthetic marijuana is a human-made mind-altering substance that imitates marijuana’s effects with a higher level of potency. Most people who use synthetic marijuana enjoy the effects of marijuana but crave more potent doses.

Synthetic marijuana is specially created to ensure the potency of the strain is extremely high. But, is synthetic weed legal?

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100 Times More Potent Than Natural Marijuana

Synthetic strains of marijuana can be 100 times more potent than natural marijuana. The primary component, altered in synthetic marijuana is THC. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana. In synthetic marijuana, the THC is not real and can have major effects on users’ minds.

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Cannabinoids are Chemicals Made in the Lab

Synthetic marijuana, or cannabinoids, are essentially designer drugs that work by binding cannabinoid receptors in the brain to produce similar feelings as those in THC. Cannabinoids are chemicals made in the lab, which are very similar to those found in naturally derived marijuana plants. What is most often marketed as synthetic marijuana is, in fact, not marijuana at all.

However, the similarity between the chemical components of these substances is what allows them to be marketed as legal. So, then, is synthetic weed legal? Yes. In most cases, cannabinoids are substances known as synthetic marijuana. In some cases, synthetic marijuana is dire and, in most cases, very potent.

How Does Synthetic Marijuana Work?

The cannabinoids in synthetic marijuana bind strongly to the brain receptors, oftentimes with much stronger effects than naturally derived marijuana plants. Its creators determine the nature of synthetic marijuana.

Since synthetic cannabinoids are made in the lab, they work in a number of different ways. What makes synthetic cannabinoids distinct is their binding affinity. The strength of the bond of synthetic cannabinoids is what differentiates it from natural marijuana.

Effect and Abuse of Synthetic Marijuana

The chemical build-up of synthetic marijuana makes it a very potent substance. Naturally, the effects of long- and short-term use of this drug are very obvious. Some of the more apparent effects of synthetic marijuana use include feelings of euphoria, mild psychosis, altered perception, and relaxation. One of the most distinct effects of the use of synthetic marijuana is psychosis.

Psychosis is a loss of touch with reality. People who experience this may see or hear things that appear real but are not. Psychosis is not a mental illness but is, in most cases, a symptom of mental illness. Synthetic marijuana is known to prompt psychosis in users as an effect.

The psychosis caused by synthetic marijuana has side effects like confusion, extreme paranoia, and hallucinations. These symptoms can, in many cases, lead to actual physical harm. In some cases, hallucinations may make a person attempt something that may cause physical harm or violent behavior, which is ultimately harmful to the user.

Synthetic marijuana has also been known to be responsible for increased heart rates in most users. Other physical symptoms: include terrible headaches, constant thirst, and possibly seizures. In general, the physical effects of synthetic marijuana use are, in most cases, harmful to the body.

Synthetic Marijuana and Mental Health

Synthetic marijuana is, in some cases, directly responsible for the delay in the development of certain mental health issues. Long-term use of cannabinoids may lead to situations where a user experiences psychosis even without being under the influence. Synthetic marijuana has been proven to be a cause of severe agitation and seizures.

Synthetic marijuana has also been proven to affect the cognitive ability of users greatly. In some instances, synthetic marijuana may cause permanent cognitive impairment. Some users may experience lapses in memory, verbal reasoning, or even a reduced capacity to learn.

The effect of synthetic marijuana on the mental health of users cannot be predicted. There are a number of variables that may complicate the effects of synthetic marijuana. In addition, underlying mental health issues may be exacerbated by the use of synthetic marijuana.

Treatment of Synthetic Marijuana Addiction

Like any other addiction, synthetic marijuana addiction is an illness. Fortunately, a lot of progress has been made in the treatment of addiction. Synthetic marijuana addiction is usually treated in the same ways as most other addictions. The user of synthetic marijuana needs to decide that they want to kick the habit.

It is equally important for such people to find the right people to treat their issues with addiction. Fortunately, we have the best place for such people. Resurgence offers all people dealing with synthetic marijuana addiction the best possible treatment. Our team of licensed and experienced professionals is available to guide patients on their journey to recovery. In most cases, a peculiar challenge faced in treating synthetic marijuana addiction is the variety of chemicals involved.

Our team at Resurgence has sufficient experience dealing with such complications. Treatment of synthetic marijuana can be approached in three major ways. Inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy are the most popular treatment methods.

Inpatient Treatment

At Resurgence, we offer our clients the best inpatient treatment available anywhere. Inpatient therapy usually spans a period ranging from one to three months. Our professionals prefer this treatment method. Inpatient treatment allows our professionals to monitor patients through withdrawal and detoxification.

These are usually the most unpleasant parts of recovery. Being in facilities that are designed especially for comfort makes this process easier. Our experienced professionals are able to administer medication when necessary. Clients also have access to helpers available 24/7 to ensure they are doing well.

Outpatient Treatment

If a client is not able to receive inpatient treatment, there is an alternative. Our outpatient therapy is also available as a treatment method. For some clients, the best place to recover is at home. Sometimes work, family or commitments may not allow inpatient treatment.

At Resurgence, we ensure that our outpatient treatment is just as effective as inpatient treatment. We offer our clients full access to our team of professionals. Our professionals will help you draw a recovery plan and encourage you to follow it. Our diet plans, prescriptions, and other materials will be made available to help you recover thoroughly.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

At Resurgence, we understand that addiction is usually deeply rooted in other underlying issues. To address the underlying issues, our team of professionals offers Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy focuses on the factors that may be responsible for addiction and acts as a long-term solution that can reduce the probability of future relapses. This therapy can be administered in both inpatient and outpatient treatments.

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