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MAT Drug Rehab Knoxville

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | October 15, 2021

MAT Drug Rehab Knoxville Resurgence Behavioral Health

Knoxville MAT Drug Rehab 

Over the years, there have been fantastic developments in the world of addiction recovery. Once upon a time, there was an idea that every person needed to follow the same format when it came to recovery and simply stop taking their drug of choice. There was no consideration for the physical or psychological impact that this could have on a person. It also was never taken into consideration that addiction was, in fact, a disease instead of a choice. As addiction research has developed, there are several new options that a person may have when it comes to conquering their addiction once and for all. One of those options is MAT treatment, also known as medically assisted treatment. In most cases, this is a form of treatment that will be available at any top-rated treatment facility. At Resurgence, we offer MAT drug rehab for Knoxville residents because we have a comprehensive understanding of how beneficial this type of treatment plan can be. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What is MAT Treatment? 

MAT treatment is also referred to as medication-assisted treatment because this approach incorporates different forms of medication which can help to improve the chances of a person overcoming their addiction. MAT treatment gives you the opportunity to better manage the physical and psychological things that you may be feeling during the first few days, weeks, and months of your recovery and can provide you with a wonderful basis for your overall treatment. 

How Does MAT Treatment Work in Addiction Recovery? 

Many factors play into whether or not you are a suitable candidate for MAT treatment. In order to begin the process of learning about whether or not MAT is the right fit for you, it’s important that you’re upfront and honest with your intake team about the extent of your addiction. Although this may feel awkward or uncomfortable, it’s important for your treatment team to know all of these details so that they can help you develop the best treatment plan for you. Once your team has an initial assessment, they can make recommendations in regard to the medications that would benefit you. Keep in mind that any medication that you take would be in a controlled setting which removes the concern that some have about substituting one addiction for another. 

Why is MAT Drug Rehab Important?

MAT treatment is important to any recovery program because it can help a client in many different ways. Here are a few examples of the benefits of taking advantage of a MAT plan: 

Reduce the possibility of relapse 

Relapse is a serious concern among nearly any person that commits to any type of treatment plan. While you may have the best intentions when you begin treatment, it’s highly probable that you will experience cravings or face temptations along the way. A MAT plan can resolve your will to remain sober. 

Increased focus on recovery 

When you aren’t focused on the fact that you’re feeling physically or psychologically drained, it’s much easier for you to focus on the important information that you can learn during your time in treatment. During rehab, you will learn valuable tools that will help you to better understand the disease of addiction as well as the root cause of this disease. This is something that will help you to maintain your recovery long term. 

Gives you a better opportunity to complete your treatment program 

Although a person may be full of excitement and vigor when it comes to your treatment program, as you begin to get into the details of your recovery program you may feel overwhelmed. A MAT treatment plan can help to give you a certain peace of mind that you are making the right decisions in your recovery program. 

What Drugs Need MAT Rehab? 

MAT treatment is specifically designed for a person that may be suffering from an addiction to alcohol or opioids. During MAT treatment, you will take medications that have been approved by the FDA so you can take comfort in the fact that this is a medication that has been proven to work for others and is safe to take. 

What Medications are Used in MAT? 

The medications used in any MAT treatment plan will be strongly dependent on the circumstances of a person’s addiction including their substance of choice. For example, if a person is suffering from an addiction to alcohol, then any of the following medications may be used in their treatment plan: 

  • Naltrexone 
  • Acamprosate 
  • Disulfiram 

A person that is struggling to overcome an opioid dependency may benefit from these types of medications: 

  • Methadone 
  • Naltrexone 
  • Buprenorphine 

When you’re formulating a plan for addiction recovery using MAT, you will speak at length to your treatment team regarding your medication options. Keep in mind that in most cases, this type of medication is something that is only meant to be used on a short-term basis until you are able to develop a better foundation of sobriety. However, the exact length of time that you would need to take this medication is something that won’t be able to be determined until you go to treatment and you develop your plan further. 

MAT Drug Rehab for Knoxville Residents at Resurgence Behavioral Health 

You can never take a one size fits all approach to treatment. Addiction comes in many different shapes and forms. Therefore, it’s critical for your long-term recovery that you receive the personalized care and treatment that you need as you begin your journey toward sobriety. From the moment that you reach out to Resurgence, we will begin to get to know you so that we can help you to do just that. 

When you come to the Resurgence MAT drug rehab for Knoxville residents, you will have the opportunity to decide whether you are going to commit to an inpatient program or an outpatient program. This is an important decision because it is something that will shape the course of the rest of your recovery journey. Keep in mind that you can also participate in both forms of treatment throughout the course of your recovery program. For instance, you can begin your recovery in an inpatient program and then transition into an outpatient program. Before you take this step, however, it’s important that you understand the unique differences between these two options. 

Find the Right Rehab Center for MAT 

There are multiple ways that you can ensure that you find the right MAT drug rehab that suits your individual needs. Here are some examples of steps that you can take to ensure that you receive the best care: 

Understand your insurance coverage 

Money is an understandable concern among many people that are considering working through any time of a treatment plan. The worry of having to pay anything out of pocket is often something that deters a person from receiving the addiction help that they need. However, keep in mind that it’s possible to receive addiction care and treatment through your insurance provider. In some cases, it’s possible that you may be completely covered for your time in treatment or you may only have to pay a fraction of the cost in co-pays. When possible, you may want to reach out to your insurance provider first to confirm the terms of your coverage. If you decide to work with the Resurgence team, this is something that we can help you with. 


Regardless of your drug of choice, many people will need to begin treatment in a detox program because it’s possible that they may experience symptoms of withdrawal depending on the severity of your addiction. For example, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a person to begin to experience symptoms of withdrawal within just a few hours from the time that they last took their drug of choice. Detox will last approximately one week with the worst of your symptoms manifesting within the first three days. However, by the end of your week in detox, you will be able to make solid decisions when it comes to your treatment plan and begin to work with your team more. 

Ask your friends and family for help 

Any reputable treatment facility will always be happy to speak with your friends or family if they reach out on your behalf for addiction information about their treatment center. At Resurgence, we understand that addiction tends to impact more than just the person that is suffering from the disease. When you incorporate your family into your planning process, you give yourself the opportunity to begin the healing process with your family as well through participating in family therapy. 

When you make the choice to take advantage of the treatment options that we offer at Resurgence Behavioral Health, including our MAT drug rehab for Knoxville residents, you will not be disappointed. During this time, you will be surrounded by a group of caring and experienced individuals who can help to point you in the right direction when it comes to the recovery care and assistance that you need. Reach out to us today at(855) 458-0050

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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