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Rehab Centers for Native Americans in Oklahoma

Alcohol Rehab , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | December 16, 2021

Resurgence Behavioral Health Rehab Centers for Native Americans in Oklahoma

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Among Native American Communities

Native Americans make up 1.7% of the United States population; however, this small community faces a rising number of people living with and experiencing addiction. This can be due to many factors, as Native Americans face multiple challenges and barriers each day, including rising violence incidents, increasing mental health concerns, and a higher potential for adverse environmental factors. While many try to move through these barriers each day, it is all too easy to find a way to cope with the many challenges being thrown their way each day without proper drug and alcohol rehab services.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex issue to tackle for anyone. When you face addiction with additional barriers, such as the barriers that Native Americans face each day, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to reach out for help. When life keeps handing you curveballs and challenges, how could you possibly know the next right step to take to get out of an addiction? Resurgence offers Native American patients a drug and alcohol rehab program that is inclusive for all and is based on a trauma-informed lens. 

We understand that additional challenges occur within our Native American patients. To have a genuinely authentic addiction recovery experience, there needs to be an emphasis on cultural inclusion that will be a part of your rehab journey. Our goal is to help patients understand the root causes of their addiction and begin to heal from the traumas and pains of their past and the intergenerational traumas that occurred within their culture. 

Factors That Impact Addiction Among Native Americans

The Native American communities within the United States have been faced with many diverse challenges that have impacted the number of individuals who are now facing addiction concerns. It is vital for any addiction treatment program to have a proper and complete understanding of the factors that impact addiction rates among Native Americans. 

We strive to provide the most culturally appropriate and sensitive programming and therapy that will allow patients to heal from the emotional wounds of the past and gain knowledge of the life skills needed to maintain sobriety within those consistent factors that arise. The following are common concerns that impact Native Americans and their addictive behaviors:

Economic disadvantage

Within the United States, nearly 20% of Native Americans live at or below the poverty line. This is often a result of high percentages of Native Americans having access to employment. Employment rates are sometimes impacted by the lack of efficient schooling provided and the rate of high school and college dropouts. Often, Native Americans lack support to excel in schooling or do not have access to the funds to attend post-secondary education. 

Native Americans across the country do not have sufficient access to health care which can impact someone’s ability to take care of their physical and mental health concerns as they cannot see a doctor regularly. Without proper medical interventions, many are left trying to manage and mitigate their psychological and physical health symptoms on their own, which, more often than not, can lead to substance use. 

Loss of culture and historical trauma 

For many Native Americans, the historical trauma that occurred within their culture when the Europeans overtook their land and colonized the United States created intergenerational trauma that has been passed down through the generations. Many Native Americans often still face scrutiny and racism from others, which impacts their self-worth and identity. Research has shown that the severe impact of colonization and continuing racism has affected many Native Americans’ ability to cope and often leads to drinking or using drugs to manage or escape the reality of discrimination around them. 

Health issues

Native Americans have been proven to have higher rates of medical concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, liver disease, and cancer. As many face these challenging health conditions, it has been shown that there is an increase in individuals turning to drugs or alcohol to cope with declining health concerns.

Rehab Center Considerations for Native Americans

When creating an alcohol or drug rehab program for Native Americans, many considerations need to be made to ensure that treatment is accessible and culturally inclusive. Often Native Americans reside in rural, remote areas far away from populated areas where treatment centers are typically located. Providing support and resources to help them get to a treatment center is critical. When there are individuals who want to access treatment services and can make their way to a treatment center, there are often concerns with affordability because many Native Americans do not have access to insurance, making it challenging for individuals to access addiction support when they are ready. 

When providing addiction services for Native Americans, it is essential to remember that the culture and traditions will differ from Western culture. Service delivery should be mindful of the different spiritual beliefs and practices and work to incorporate those into the drug and alcohol rehab program. Due to the history of colonization and trauma, it may be challenging for some Native Americans to trust staff or others from the westernized culture. Giving patients that time and respect to build relationships and trust on their own time is a way to honor the past experiences that have impacted Native Americans for many years. 

The most successful drug and alcohol rehab programs for Native Americans incorporate traditional teachings within the 12-step models. Some of the most effective 12 step models have incorporated teachings from the medicine wheel into the 12-step programming. It has been found that the more traditional instructions are embedded into the drug and alcohol program, the more patients will have success as they feel comfortable and respected within their culture. 

Native American Rehab Options

Providing a drug or alcohol rehab program that is culturally sensitive and appropriate for Native Americans will increase patients’ success rate in the treatment and throughout their sobriety. Providing teachings and learnings centered around the Native American culture will help provide patients with tools that patients can use even after they complete rehab. 

A successful, culturally inclusive rehab option will include some or all of the following cultural components:

  • Utilizing and incorporating traditional medicine wheel teachings 
  • 12 step groups such as AA or NA 
  • Participation of elders within treatment programming 
  • Practicing traditional methods of healing, including sweat lodges, powwows, drum circles, and sun dances 
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders will allow patients to dive deeper into the emotional connections and pains that have impacted addictive behaviors. 
  • Behavioral therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing which will support patients in identifying triggers and learning coping strategies for their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. 
  • Individual and group counseling sessions 
  • Having family members and spiritual leaders participate in healing sessions helps build a strong foundation of support. 

The Benefits of Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Native Americans

Entering into a drug or alcohol rehab program can profoundly affect Native Americans and their surrounding communities. Having an inclusive, safe environment for Native Americans to come and heal from the years of trauma experienced within their families and ancestors will help rebuild the trust and bridge the gap for collaboration and support to help individuals relieve themselves from the throes of addiction.  

Individually, Native American patients will experience the following benefits:

  • Increasing cultural sensitivity and awareness within the Native American culture and interactions with the westernized culture. Ultimately, working to demonstrate that rehab is a safe space where your culture is honored and respected. 
  • Addiction treatment approaches centered around traditional learnings and practices will help patients gain practical coping tools that can be used even after treatment. 
  • The opportunity to connect and build a support community in recovery with other Native Americans struggling with addiction and similar struggles. 
  • This may reintroduce some patients’ cultural practices and traditions as some may have strayed from their culture during their addiction. Treatment can be an opportunity to reconnect with your culture and identity. 

Addiction Recovery for Native Americans at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Resurgence Behavioral Health consistently sets a culture within our treatment center focused on inclusion and mutual respect. Our goal for patients is to have a safe haven within our rehab facility that breaks down any barriers that patients face in the outside world, such as discrimination or economic differences. Each patient that enters our program is valued for the unique individual you are, and our staff wants to honor and respect the road you traveled to get to our facility. Through evidence-based treatment methods and utilizing trauma-informed practices, our team will walk alongside you and support you to work through your emotions and thought patterns that impact your addiction at a pace and approach that is comfortable for you. Our compassionate counselors are ready and waiting to hear from you to help create individualized alcohol or drug rehab in Oklahoma program that will have a healthy balance of culture and addiction recovery. You can reach us at (855) 458-0050 today.

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