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Santa Ana Alcohol Detox Center: Who Should Get Help With Withdrawal?

Santa Ana Alcohol Detox Center

Santa Ana Alcohol Detox Center: When Alcohol Abuse Becomes Alcoholism

Alcohol consumption has become a regular fixture within American culture whether it be having a drink with dinner, socializing over alcoholic drinks, or having alcohol over holidays and celebrations. Some people can consume alcohol in moderation but others have their use of alcohol creep from moderate alcohol abuse into an alcoholism problem. If your use of alcohol has transitioned into a regular occurrence or into binge drinking episodes, there are often telltale signs that are associated with the alcohol abuse that will lead you to recognize your alcohol consumption has become an addiction to alcohol. Commonly, people with an active addiction to alcohol will experience a strong physical dependence on alcohol, leading to a high tolerance for alcohol where you need larger quantities of alcohol to reach the same desired effect. Once you have entered into alcohol addiction, it can be challenging to overcome without the support of an addiction treatment program. With that said, with the right support from a Santa Ana alcohol detox center offering leading evidence-based therapy methods, you have what it takes to overcome your alcohol addiction.

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Inpatient Alcohol Detox Center vs. At-Home Detox: What Are the Differences?

The first step in your recovery journey is to relieve your body and mind from the physical dependence that has been created on alcohol through an alcohol detox process. There are two types of alcohol detox programs that you can engage in either an inpatient alcohol detox or detoxing from alcohol within your own home. Choosing to detox from home will require you to stop your consumption of alcohol without the support of medical professionals and addiction therapists. During an at-home detox, you will experience the withdrawal symptoms and side effects of alcohol detox but will need to find home remedies to manage the severity of your withdrawal symptoms which has the potential to be dangerous depending on the severity of your specific withdrawal symptoms. Whereas participating at a Santa Ana alcohol detox center will allow you the option to reside within the treatment facility where you can move through your detox process with ongoing supervision and monitoring from onsite nurses and physicians. As you experience any withdrawal symptoms, you will be assessed by the detox team who will offer you specific medical treatments and detox practices including medication-assisted treatment and holistic treatments that will help to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms to keep you feeling relaxed, comfortable, and safe throughout your detox process. An inpatient alcohol detox is the recommended option for detoxing as it will give you the medical supervision you need to safely and successfully overcome your withdrawal symptoms without threatening your overall health and wellness.

Santa Ana Alcohol Detox Center: 10 Signs You Need Alcohol Detox

The need for an alcohol detox program is often required when a person becomes strongly dependent on alcohol to function throughout each day. As a person engages in heavy or binge drinking behaviors, it impacts the central nervous system by acting as a depressant. Once your central nervous system has been impacted by alcohol, you will experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to quit drinking alcohol. The onset of withdrawal symptoms when you are not engaging in alcohol consumption is a strong indicator that you may need the help of an alcohol detox program. Other signs that can indicate your need for alcohol detox include:

  • Experiencing difficulties in performance at work or school due to your alcohol abuse
  • Having physical health problems as a result of your drinking but continue drinking even after knowing the negative consequences that can occur
  • Expressing a desire to quit drinking but experiencing failed attempts at doing so
  • Having strong urges or cravings for alcohol when you are not engaging in alcohol consumption
  • Developing a tolerance for alcohol where you need to consume larger amounts of alcohol to reach the same desired effects
  • Experiencing multiple or regular blackouts from drinking alcohol
  • Engaging in high-risk behaviors while drinking or harming yourself while under the influence of alcohol
  • Lying about or hiding your use of alcohol from others and loved ones
  • When you are not drinking alcohol, you experience withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to severe depending on your specific history of alcohol abuse.
  • Having legal troubles due to your alcohol abuse

Is Alcohol Detox Always Necessary Before Alcohol Rehab?

Healing from alcohol addiction requires a comprehensive treatment process that will support you in healing from the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts of addiction. To be able to explore the underlying causes of your addictive behaviors safely, it is important that you can clear your mind and body of the harmful influences of alcohol. Attending an alcohol detox center near Santa Ana is typically the first step in the alcohol addiction recovery process that will allow you to restore your body and physical functioning to a stable, healthy level for you to be able to begin the process of healing from the emotions of traumas that have contributed to your addictive behaviors.

Santa Ana Alcohol Detox Center

How Effective Is Alcohol Detox?

For many preparing to begin their alcohol addiction recovery process, the thought of going through alcohol withdrawal symptoms can bring hesitation and concern. The thought of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms can create a barrier to a person’s success in addiction recovery if you are attempting to detox on your own. However, an alcohol detox program offers patients a supportive environment that is staffed by licensed medical professionals and addiction therapists who are committed to your success in addiction recovery and alcohol detox. As you experience withdrawal symptoms, you will be assessed by the onsite medical team who will offer you specific medical treatments such as medication-assisted treatment and holistic therapy methods that will work to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and minimize the presence of alcohol cravings and urges. With these leading detox practices, alcohol detox is an effective method for addiction recovery that will safely move you through the initial phase of your recovery process enabling you to begin the necessary work and healing within alcohol rehab.

Santa Ana Alcohol Detox Center: Call Resurgence Today to Learn More About a Top Alcohol Detox Program

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves in providing Santa Ana residents with a comprehensive treatment program that is centered around your unique needs for healing while working towards your overarching goals for alcohol addiction recovery. Every patient that enters our recovery center will be offered an individualized treatment plan that includes a treatment plan through our whole-person integrated approach to healing. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in leading evidence-based therapy methods, naturopathic and holistic treatments, and medically supervised detox programs that will enable you to heal from alcohol addiction within your body, mind, and spirit. Call Resurgence Behavioral Health at (855) 458-0050 to speak with our admission team and begin your recovery process today.

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