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Is Substance Abuse Affecting Your Work?

Is Substance Abuse Affecting Your Work Resurgence – If substance abuse is affecting your work or your sneaking alcohol while working, it may be time to find a treatment center.

Is Substance Abuse Affecting Your Work?

Workplace substance abuse could be affecting you and your colleagues in more ways than you realize. Substance abuse affects your productivity, your intrapersonal relationships, and your reputation. If yours has become unmanageable, it may be time to get help for the sake of your job and well-being. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our nationally accredited staff offers treatment options that inspire change and a healthier way of life.

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You May Think No One Notices, But They Do

While you think you may be effectively hiding your addiction, substance abuse has a way of manifesting itself in noticeable ways. From missed deadlines to unprofessional behavior, it is not hard to spot workplace substance abuse. Not only are you creating an occupational hazard, but you are destroying your body and your career.

Consider finding help immediately before ot permanently damages your reputation and your job. Resurgence Behavioral Health can have you in an effective treatment plan in as little as 24 hours.

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Understanding Substance Abuse

Drugs in the workplace are not a part of one particular industry or career field. Whether you hold an administrative position or are in wholesale, no one is immune to workplace substance abuse influences and repercussions. According to Quest Diagnostics, the drug positivity rate has increased by over five percent in the past few years alone.

It can be challenging to come to terms with your substance abuse problem, especially when it could put your career in jeopardy. However, if you ignore the addiction, it has a way of surfacing, and your fear will ultimately become a reality. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we are here to create a treatment plan that decreases the chance of losing your career.

Effects of Drugs in the Workplace

Workplace addiction struggles are, unfortunately, a problem that affects a large percentage of the population. Drugs in the workplace cause lost productivity, employee absenteeism, low morale, injuries, and increased illnesses. Studies show that the rate of substance abuse varies by occupation and industry though the outcome is always the same.

Workplace drug or alcohol abuse is not only a danger to you but your clients and colleagues as well. If you cannot trust yourself anymore and see it changing who you are, it is time to seek treatment. We offer many effective treatment programs that fit the needs of a working professional. Rediscover health and a renewed identity at your workplace by committing to self-improvement and sobriety!

Workplace Substance Abuse

While many companies implement drug testing, this strategy is not always practical. Aside from terminating employment, many employers do not have a helpful way to address drugs in the workplace. While many organizations seek the help of Employee Assistance Programs, most employees do not have access to these resources.

Once an employer identifies an existing drug or alcohol problem, it can be hard to recover your reputation and your career. If you are in an executive position, using drugs in the workplace can change how employees perceive you as their superior. Substance abuse has many devastating consequences, so Resurgence Behavioral Health professionals address each client’s situation individually for an optimal recovery experience.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

If workplace substance abuse is not a priority for employers, they probably do not address and often overlook mental health. Studies show that nearly half of those who develop a substance abuse disorder also have a mental health disorder. Comorbidities that could be affecting you in the workplace include anxiety disorders, panic disorders, depression, and bipolar disorder.

When it comes to your mental health and well-being, there is no place for drugs in the workplace or your life. At Resurgence California, we offer innovative dual diagnosis care if you suffer from comorbidity of substance abuse and undiagnosed mental health problems. When you invest in your sobriety, our specialists will assess your mental health needs when determining the best treatment course.

Improving Your Workplace Experience With Substance Abuse Treatment

When substance abuse takes over your life, and drugs in the workplace become the norm, it is time for a change. With comprehensive drug treatment, we will address your substance abuse disorder using the full continuum of care. Your mental, physical, and emotional well-being are of the utmost importance when successfully treating substance abuse.

No matter your dependency level, Resurgence Behavioral Health offers a treatment type that is right for you. Our professionals may recommend Medication-Assisted Treatment at our inpatient facility if you are suffering from severe physical dependency. We offer 24-hour care with mental and physical support to get you through the worst of your detox symptoms. Once you are safely through detox, we have options for both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

Options for Substance Abuse Treatment

Due to the delicate nature of substance abuse, it can be difficult for professionals to invest in rehabilitation because of workplace demands. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer executive treatment options that allow you to continue being productive while receiving the care you need. Private facilities, computer access, and continual support provide the best environment for recovery and productivity.

If you cannot devote your time to our residential treatment centers, we offer intensive outpatient options and partial hospitalization programs. Your customized drug treatment program will include a variety of treatment methods, depending on your needs. Holistic therapies can identify the underlying reasons for substance abuse while giving you the tools you need to avoid relapse triggers. We offer many forms of groundbreaking treatments, including CBT and one-on-one therapy sessions.

Continual Therapy to Maintain Sobriety

Substance abuse treatment does not end with physical therapy at Resurgence Behavioral Health. We are committed to your long-term recovery, which is why we encourage and provide continual therapy programs. We are pleased to contribute to our Alumni program that offers on-going support from peers, counselors, and alumni.

Faith-based programs such as Narcotics anonymous provide a refuge for you to talk with others who are on the path of sobriety. SMART Recovery is also a valuable self-help group that takes a scientific approach to long term health and sobriety. Resurgence also offers group therapy and continued support with our expert counseling staff.

Free Insurance Verification

When suffering from substance abuse, you may lack the motivation to find the right treatment center. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we make the process that much easier by providing free insurance verification. Our intake specialists will discuss the treatment options available to you so we can get you on the road to recovery.

We accept many forms of insurance, such as Assurant Health, Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Horizon Blue Cross. You may contact us at any time to verify your insurance. We accept multiple payment options, including private forms of payment.

Free Insurance Verification for Rehab

Letting Go of Substance Abuse at Resurgence Behavioral Health

If drugs in the workplace affect your health and career, you have an opportunity to examine your essentials and prioritize long-term goals. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer a spa-like experience with amenities such as yoga and beach access to appreciate a drug-free lifestyle. Regain the health and confidence you need to excel at work and life with our drug treatment options.

Find the therapeutic help that you need at one of our many beautiful California locations. There is no need to face the challenges of substance abuse alone. Employ the many resources of our nationally accredited treatment facilities by giving our intake specialists a call today.

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