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Substance Abuse Treatment Huntington Beach: Find the Best Facility

Huntington Beach Substance Abuse Treatment

What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is a term that refers to the abuse of illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or alcohol. When engaging in substance abuse, a person will often take these substances regularly, in large doses, or through binge use. As a person’s substance abuse becomes a pattern of heavy or consistent use, they are likely to fall into addiction and find substance abuse treatment Huntington Beach residents can rely on can be challenging.

Addiction is characterized by a person being unable to control their use of substances and often results in negative consequences within their personal, social, family, and professional life. As addiction progresses, your body becomes physically dependent on drugs or alcohol to function daily and changes the chemistry within your brain and body to become reliant on these substances for daily bodily functioning.

Addiction is a progressive disease that is also characterized as a relapsing illness. This means that there is no cure for this illness. However, treatments are available to help you overcome physical dependency and learn to manage triggers to remain sober. With the right treatments and addiction therapies, you will be able to understand and heal from the root causes of your addiction while developing the life skills and tools for relapse prevention to ensure you have long-term success in addiction recovery.

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Huntington Beach Residents: How is Substance Abuse Treated?

Every person that is living with a substance use disorder will have their own unique experiences and causes for addiction that will require a personalized treatment approach that is catered to your individual needs and goals for addiction recovery. To effectively treat a substance use disorder, you must be offered a treatment plan that offers comprehensive therapy methods that will support you in healing from the impacts and influences of addiction within your body, mind, and spirit.

The first initial stage of addiction treatment Huntington Beach residents may counter can be overcoming physical dependence on drugs or alcohol within a detox program. This is a crucial step in your recovery process as it allows you the opportunity to release any reliance or dependency on substances and begin to restore your body and brain from the influences and impacts of substances. After you have cleared your mind and body of the influences of substances, you will be ready to begin addressing and healing from the root causes of your addiction within a rehab program.

Huntington Beach residents will be able to undergo substance abuse treatment within an inpatient rehab program or outpatient treatment program. An inpatient rehab program will invite patients to reside within the recovery center to be presented with a structured daily plan that includes individual and group therapy sessions, holistic treatments, recreational activities, and social events that will help them establish a new foundation for life that is centered around sobriety, health, and wellness. At the same time, an outpatient rehab program in Huntington Beach offers residents a flexible option for addiction treatment that invites them to choose when they attend the recovery center for therapy sessions with the freedom to return home each evening to their loved ones or maintain their work or school commitments.

No matter which rehab option you choose, you will be invited to participate in a treatment plan that incorporates several leading evidence-based therapy approaches that will support you in healing from the underlying emotions and traumas that have contributed to your addictive behaviors while enabling you to develop the life skills and tools for maintaining sobriety. Common forms of evidence-based therapy methods that you will be invited to participate in are:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • 12-step recovery programs
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Life skills development
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Holistic therapy methods

Substance Abuse Treatment Huntington Beach: Does Insurance Cover Treatment?

Before you begin your substance abuse treatment program in Huntington Beach, one of the first things you want to complete is finding options to support the cost of your treatment program. Most major insurance companies will cover some or all of the costs associated with your treatment program. As addiction is classified as a disease, most insurance companies will recognize detox and drug or alcohol rehab programs as an essential treatments for your health. If you are unclear if your insurance company will cover the costs of your addiction treatment program, the team at Resurgence Behavioral Health will support you in verifying your insurance coverage to support you in obtaining optimal payment coverage for your healing process.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Huntington Beach Substance Abuse Treatment Center: Things to Look for

When you are preparing to enter a substance abuse treatment center, you want to know that the treatment facility you choose offers the therapy methods and services you need to fully heal from your addiction and gain the knowledge and tools to maintain long-term recovery. Before entering into treatment, the following are some common things that you should look for within your recovery center to ensure you are receiving the appropriate levels of care and treatment:

The levels of care offered within the treatment center. Addiction recovery is a fluid process that requires long-term treatment and services. Finding a treatment center that offers detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and aftercare programs will ensure you are supported throughout your healing process.

Qualified staff- Healing from addiction requires the expert guidance and advice of medical professionals, addiction therapists, specialized therapists, and onsite support staff that will support you in all facets of your healing process and through each phase of your recovery journey.

Therapy methods offered- Healing from addiction cannot be done in a one size fits all approach. It requires varying forms of therapy that will support healing from the impacts of addiction within your body, mind, and spirit.

Individualized treatment programs. You must have a treatment program centered around your specific needs and goals for addiction recovery. It is a meaningful, impactful healing journey that enables you to have long-term success in sobriety.

Special services, amenities, and therapies are offered. Each treatment center offers unique services and amenities that are unique to that location. Establish the types of services you wish to receive and if the treatment center can accommodate your needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment Huntington Beach

Can Huntington Beach Residents Travel for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Attending substance abuse treatment in Huntington Beach can be done within your local area of Huntington Beach or traveling outside of the Huntington Beach area to undergo addiction treatment. The option that you choose will depend on your personal preference for healing and addiction treatment. Both options offer different pros and cons for each person and you must consider what you hope to receive from a treatment program. Some residents may want to stay close to home to remain close to loved ones and responsibilities whereas others may be searching for a recovery center outside of their home area to have privacy from other residents that they may know and have an opportunity for a fresh start.

Substance Abuse Treatment Huntington Beach: Resurgence Is a Top Option

Resurgence Behavioral Health is the leading option for Huntington Beach residents who are searching for a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. Our whole-person integrated approach to healing offers patients an opportunity to participate in holistic, evidence-based, and alternative therapy methods that will enable them to heal from the root causes of addiction and empower them to embark on a new life path that fosters long-term addiction recovery. Our diverse team of medical professionals and addiction therapists will support you in every phase of your recovery process to assist you in achieving your overarching goals of long-term sobriety. Call our admission team at (855) 458-0050 today to hear more about our individualized substance abuse treatment programs and begin your road to recovery now.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.