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The Life-Changing Benefits of Going to Drug Rehab 

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | April 7, 2022

The Life Changing Benefits of Going to Drug Rehab Resurgence Behavioral Health

Deciding To Go To Drug Rehab

Are you struggling with a drug addiction that is causing you to experience certain difficulties in your life? Oftentimes, when drug addiction takes over, a person feels as though every aspect of their life is falling apart. They may start to lose the important relationships that they have in their life, or they could even lose or put their job in jeopardy. Ultimately, drug addiction is something that could cost a person their life entirely which is why making the decision to go to drug rehab is one of the most important decisions that you will make. 

The reality is that you have several options when it comes to finding a drug rehab that will help you to address your substance abuse. Many people don’t realize that a top-rated addiction treatment facility should always offer their clients personalized treatment plans which will help them to meet their goals. When you’re considering your options for drug rehab, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is to take the time to call these different addiction treatment facilities and ask questions about treatment. When you ask questions about rehab and treatment, you will be able to develop a better understanding of what that treatment facility has to offer and whether or not that drug rehab is right for you. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Benefits of Drug Rehab

There are countless benefits associated with committing to a drug rehab program. First and foremost, you’re making the decision to surround yourself with people who can provide you with a unique level of care and support. This support will not only come from your addiction treatment team but will also come from the other people who are working through their own addiction recovery programs. Also, during the course of your treatment, you will have a safe and sober environment where you can exclusively focus on yourself as well the steps that you need to take to overcome your addiction. Another benefit of rehab is the fact that you will have access to an abundance of addiction resources which will help you as you begin to come to a better realization of who you are now that you’re a sober individual.  

Understanding Your Addiction

There are many people who are under the common misconception that drug addiction is simply a choice that someone makes. However, would any person that is in their right frame of mind knowingly choose to have an alcohol or drug addiction? The answer to that question is no, which is why drug or alcohol addiction is something that is categorized as a disease and not simply a choice. During the time that you’re in addiction treatment, you will learn more about this concept. Your family will also have access to certain addiction resources which will help them in their own understanding of this serious condition. 

Addressing Root Causes of Drug Addiction

Regardless of the drug addiction treatment program that you select, therapy and treatments will be a key part of your overall treatment plan. It’s imperative that you’re able to identify the root cause of your substance abuse so that you’re able to address it once and for all. This is one of the reasons why you can expect to participate in different forms of addiction treatment throughout the course of the time that you’re in treatment. Individual therapy, group treatment, behavioral therapy, and even family therapy will all play key roles in helping you to address your drug addiction treatment program. 

Breaking The Cycle of Drug Addiction

The main way that you will break the cycle of drug abuse is by making the decision to commit to one of the addiction treatment programs available through one of the rehab centers in the area. One of the decisions that you will need to make early on is whether or not you should first commit to a drug detox program. Drug detox gives you the opportunity to experience withdrawal symptoms that you are sure to have shortly after you no longer consume your drug of choice in a safe and sober environment. You will begin to experience the worst of your withdrawal symptoms within the first 72 hours of your sobriety which makes it all the more important for you to reach out for help to address your substance abuse as soon as possible. On average, you will need to spend approximately seven days in drug detox, however, it’s possible that this timeframe may need to be readjusted depending on your drug of choice as well as the severity of your drug addiction. 

Once you have completed your drug detox program, you will be in a better place both physically and psychologically to commit to an addiction treatment program. The decision of the type of addiction treatment program you commit to is an important one. In many cases, if you need to work through a detox program, you may feel more comfortable in an inpatient or residential treatment program. During residential treatment, you will have around-the-clock care and access to your addiction recovery team at your treatment facility. This access plus the safe and sober environment that residential treatment provides is something that is invaluable. As a result, you may come to find that you actually thrive in this type of treatment which is something that can provide you with an excellent basis for your addiction recovery as a whole. 

There are many people who are unable to commit to an inpatient treatment program for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you have personal or professional responsibilities, you may find it all but impossible to commit to inpatient rehab. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to complete a treatment program overall. Instead of inpatient treatment, you can work through an outpatient treatment program. During outpatient treatment, you will have much more flexibility to be able to see to these important responsibilities in your life. Most treatment facilities will offer an intensive outpatient program or a general outpatient program with the main difference between the two is the number of hours that you will need to commit to addiction treatment each week. Keep in mind that these treatment plans are always flexible so you will be able to make adjustments to your recovery program at any time simply by speaking to your treatment team. 

Creating A Personalized Relapse Prevention Plan

A key part of your overall addiction treatment program will be relapse prevention. It’s important to remember that simply because you commit to an addiction treatment program, doesn’t mean that you’re free from your addiction for the rest of your life. The reality is that you can fall back into the world of addiction at any point during your life. However, working with a treatment team to set up a relapse prevention plan can help you to avoid falling back into that trap. One of the things that your addiction treatment team will likely encourage you to do is to plan to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Doing so will help you to connect with other people who are committed to overcoming their addiction and maintaining their sobriety. 

Recovery Looks Different For Everyone

The team at any top-of-the-line treatment facility understands in order for a person to truly take advantage of addiction recovery, it’s imperative that they have their own recovery program. During the course of your drug or alcohol rehab, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of different tools so that you can conquer your alcohol and drug addiction in your own way. Keep in mind that you will also be able to adjust your addiction treatment program. While you may have begun your treatment in inpatient rehab, you will have the chance to transition into outpatient treatment which may suit you better as you begin to grow your treatment. If you opt to work with Resurgence Behavioral Health, you can take comfort in the fact that our addiction treatment team will consistently check in with you when it comes to how you’re progressing in your addiction recovery to ensure that you continue to stay on the right path. 

Overcoming Drug Addiction at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Do you have more questions about treatment options? Are you ready to recover from addiction? If the answer is yes, then the team at Resurgence Behavioral Health is here to help you. We have years of experience helping clients recover from addiction. Regardless of whether you’re suffering from cocaine addiction or you are a candidate for a dual diagnosis program, you can rest assured that you will receive the comprehensive level of care that you need to tackle your addiction once and for all. Give us a call today at (855) 458-0050 so that we can answer any of your questions about rehab. The team at our treatment facility is always here to provide you with the care that you need to help you to tackle your substance abuse once and for all. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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