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The Outlook of Coronavirus Unemployment and Alcoholism

Alcohol Rehab , Alcoholism Alexa Iocco | December 7, 2020

Alcoholism - A man sits at a table with his are folded on the table as he looks down with sadness. Since he has been laid off due to the Coronavirus lockdown his drinking has gotten out of control and he needs treatment for alcoholism.



Though so many areas have begun reopening in the past few weeks, the number of people applying for unemployment is still very shocking.

In a total of two months, the unemployment number has risen to 36 million.

With people either furloughed or completely laid off – this leads to darker times if you have a history of alcohol abuse.

According to research, unemployment absolutely affects people to the point of higher alcohol consumption, binge drinking, and episodes of alcohol dependence/abuse.

More than likely, if you are reading this, your lockdown drinking is not normal, and you should be looking at alcohol rehab treatment centers if you are worried that you’re headed down a destructive path.

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Unemployment and Alcoholism


We recently mentioned that unemployment could lead to alcoholism in many.

Why is this? It’s simple – being unemployed can lead to many factors, including restlessness, depression, and you, as well as many others might be tempted to pick up the bottle. You are not alone.

With what is going on right now all over the world unemployment topped with quarantine, you may feel more inclined to drink, even if you are already in recovery.

When people become unemployed, they are faced with many challenges.

For one, income falls, and alcohol or drugs become hard to afford.

On the other hand, there is much more idle time to participate in these recreational activities.

Now is such a great time to reach out for help – especially if you are unemployed and have this free time to attend an alcohol rehab center!

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COVID-19 and Unemployment


The coronavirus has had a major impact on job losses around the country.

In fact, in only two months, the tally totaled to 36 million, and it continues to rise.

New unemployment claims have dropped in the past few weeks, but professionals do not see any more positives, and the outlook is still very grim.

Residual weakness is still prominent in the economy, and only a few states have reopened – leaving the vast majority of unemployed people still jobless.

Are you one of the 36 million who have been furloughed or laid off? You might be noticing cravings either come back or grow stronger.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to ease the stress and hardships with an alcohol rehab center.


What Alcohol Rehab Centers can do for Your Well-Being


Your time off work can be a time for recovery. Alcohol rehab centers are a place of peace and learning, as well as a pivotal point to begin living a sober life.

Whether you or your loved one is suffering from alcoholism, getting treatment for it is a great place to start.

Let us take a look at the top five benefits of joining a safe rehab center during unemployment due to the coronavirus.

1. They are Safe Environments to Heal: The safety of these controlled environments is one of the most basic yet essential benefits to admitting yourself into an alcohol rehab center during the COVID-19 crisis.

You will be without the distractions and stressors of your daily life. You will also be able to maintain your focus on your treatment. Alcohol rehab centers are a very safe place to detox and ground yourself, with the constant help of medical staff and trained professionals.

2. Detox Services and Medical Assistance: If you are a heavy alcohol user, chances are, you will be going through a difficult detox period. Withdrawal is hard, but it’s completely worth it in the long run! You shouldn’t detox on your own, as many withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous.

This will be one of your first steps at your alcohol rehab center – a medically supervised detox process. This will provide you or your loved one with the much-needed medical treatment for alcohol withdrawal. In addition, you will be in a comfortable environment to safely detox.

3. Therapy: Alcoholism is an internal battle that you face every day. Therapy and learning is a crucial part of your recovery process. Alcohol rehab centers personalize their treatment plans and therapy needs based on you.

Therapy and learning about your dependency is key to moving out of residential rehab while continuing to live a sober and healthy life. As you learn, you’ll heal and recover, as well as learn healthy coping mechanisms to maintain sobriety outside of your rehab center.

4. Peer Support: A lot of people are distraught during the coronavirus pandemic. And, you are far from alone when it comes to alcoholism and dependency. With the current coronavirus crisis and people unemployed, many are now finding the time to receive treatment for alcoholism. Again, you are not alone.

When you attend an alcohol rehab center, you will be surrounded by many others that are struggling with the same issues. During this time, you will be a part of support groups and group therapy. Everyone has one common goal – to recover from alcoholism. Sometimes all you need is a positive support system.

5. Permanent Change: This is by far, the biggest benefit of receiving treatment at an alcohol rehab center. This is especially important during COVID-19 – you will have the time to recover before going back to work.

The change that treatment provides will remove you from a destructive path that claims lives daily. Millions of people have recovered from alcohol addiction. You can too!

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Alcoholism Signs & Symptoms

Alcohol dependence, alcohol abuse, or alcoholism all have many uncomfortable symptoms and noticeable signs that you are addicted.

During this coronavirus lockdown, as well as unemployment, many people are drinking more than they normally do. You may have an alcohol use disorder if you:

  • Can’t cut back to matter how hard you try.
  • Drink much more or much longer than you have originally planned to.
  • You have problems with school, work, or family due to your habit – also because you are sick after heavy drinking.
  • You are always thinking about alcohol.
  • You spend a lot of time drinking and a lot of time being hungover.
  • You keep drinking although it might make you anxious or depressed, you’ve blacked out, or it has hurt your health.
  • When the buzz wears off and you have withdrawal symptoms such as a racing heart, nausea, the shakes, restlessness, sweating, seizures, or hallucinations.
  • You cut back on important activities just to drink.
  • You have to drink more than usual to remain buzzed or get drunk.

If you have six or more of the following signs/symptoms in the past year, your alcoholism is known as severe.

It is not too late to get help – reach out to an alcohol rehab center near you and take the positive steps to recovery and sober living.

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How to get Help for Alcoholism


During this tough time, it is okay to reach out for help and support.

We have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic – we have taken extra measures to ensure that if you have symptoms, you remain quarantined from the rest of the group for a period of time.

We have taken extra steps to maintain proper sanitation and cleanliness of facilities and will utilize CDC guidelines such as social distancing to prevent the spread of the illness.

We understand that the coronavirus and unemployment has taken a huge mental toll on everyone who is affected – there has never been a better time to seek recovery and make a change in your life.

Give us a call and take positive steps towards taking back your life!

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