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Ways to Encourage Your Loved One to Find Treatment in Rehab


Support Your Loved One’s Recovery

Addiction is one of the scariest experiences an individual can have.

Addictions control every part of your motivations, behavior, and emotions.

Nobody ever expects a substance to control their life.

At the same time, addiction not only affects the user, but also his or her family, friends, and coworkers.

It damages relationships and causes pain.

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, it may feel like he or she is purposefully hurting you.

Approaching your loved one who is struggling with addiction is important.

Offer them your support and kindness today.

It can help them find strength if they are willing to consider drug rehab and find recovery.

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How To Help A Loved One With Addiction

Understanding The Science of Addiction

Drug addictions are often misunderstood because of stigmas.

Understanding that addiction is a disease can help you gain a better insight into the behavior of your love one who is struggling with addiction.

Addiction heavily influences an individual’s behavior and actions.

Many times, someone begins using drugs to escape from reality or to experiment.

It may appear as though your loved one chooses to continue abusing drugs because that is what he or she genuinely wants.

However, this is not usually true.

Drug addiction begins as abuse.

Drug abuse is defined as the frequent excessive consumption of drugs.

At this point, the individual may or may not use drugs every day because addiction has not fully developed.

The first experiences of the effects of drugs may lead him or her to not care about or fully understand the consequences.

The euphoria is all that matters to him or her at that moment.

After continued use, the abuse becomes an addiction.

Drug addiction is defined as brain impairment that causes extreme compulsions to stimulate the reward system of the brain regardless of negative effects.

Drug addiction alters brain chemistry, compelling an individual to continue using to feel “normal”.

The main difference between drug abuse and drug addiction is the presence of withdrawal.

Individuals with a drug addiction will experience unpleasant withdrawals, usually producing severe dysphoria among other symptoms.

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How is the Brain Altered by Addiction?

Many people do not understand that drug addiction is a mental health condition caused by brain alterations. Drug addiction causes the brain to change in several ways. Neurons in the brain are impaired in their functioning to send, receive, and process information through neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin.
Drugs such as marijuana and heroin interfere in this process. However, because drugs only mimic the natural neurotransmitters, they cannot activate neurons in the exact same way the natural neurotransmitters can. The chemicals from the drugs overload the network, which is how euphoria is produced during use.
This pleasure can lead an individual to pursue this feeling with continued drug use. Eventually, the network grows accustomed to the drug’s activations and becomes dulled to sensitivity. This affects motivation; in effect, the brain has been rewired and does not feel pleasure from anything other than the drugs.
Drugs such as amphetamines cause neurons to either release excessive amounts of natural neurotransmitters or halt production of them. Withdrawal occurs when the extended amygdala, which is responsible for feeling such as anxiety and irritability, becomes altered by repeated drug use. This individual continues to use drugs to avoid the intense displeasure produced by the rewired brain.

What Not to Say to Those with an Addiction

There are some clichés associated with addiction. These statements are not true and are damaging to an individual with an addiction. It is important to be mindful of your loved one’s vulnerability and emotional turmoil when discussing their addiction.

1. Once an Addict, Always an Addict

This is a defeating phrase, and it is not true. People do recover and make healthy changes in their lives. Living with an addiction is difficult but so are treatment and recovery. Phrases such as this one label and limit an individual’s self-esteem. Everyone has a chance to redeem themselves.

2. The Only Way to Sobriety is Going Cold Turkey

There is no one path to recovery. Everyone is different and responds differently to their approach to recovery. Stopping all drug use may seem like the only and best solution to the problem; however, a sudden cessation from certain drugs may not only be extremely difficult but dangerous as well.
Withdrawals from alcohol and benzodiazepines can induce seizures and can be lethal. Withdrawal from methamphetamine can result in delusion and violence. The safest way to recovery is through a medical detoxification supervised by professionals.

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3. You Can Have One Drink

While alcohol is legal, it is one of the most toxic and addictive substances. Replacing drug use with alcohol is not a good way to help an individual recover. Alcohol is a depressant, which reduces inhibition and may make the individual feel guilty and sad after the effects of alcohol subside. Instead, opt for other activities that do not include alcohol, such as dining, going to a movie, or getting coffee.

4. You Just Need to Snap Out of It

If an addicted individual could stop at any time just because they could “snap out of it” and “shape up”, then recovery would be simple. This statement undermines the intense power of the disease that is addiction. Attempting to become sober is profoundly difficult for everyone.
By saying this, you are conveying to the addicted individual that he or she does not possess the willpower or strength it takes to become sober. This can further fragment their confidence. People recover at different paces. Let them know you care and that you will do what you can for them as they recover.

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