Top-Rated Residential Drug Rehab Program for Residents of San Francisco

When there are elements in your life that will make recovery from addiction difficult, such as substance-abusing friends, then it can be hard to remain sober especially during the early stages of recovery. You may also lack adequate support in your home life or you may have relapsed before. If you want the best chance at lasting sobriety, then our top-rated residential drug rehab program for residents of San Francisco is what you need.

Our residential drug rehab program offers you the best possible treatments and therapies combined with a supportive team of healthcare professionals that are there to help you through the process. Our step-by-step treatment process is tailor-made to fit your exact needs and situation, allowing for greater treatment effectiveness.

Whether you are trying to stop abusing drugs for the first time or need the best possible treatment plan to prevent relapse, our inpatient drug rehab program for residents of San Francisco is right for you. Let our relaxing, therapeutic environment and cutting-edge treatments help to transform your life.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab refers to a type of treatment setting where you get a chance to live at the rehab facility during your treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction. It generally offers the highest level of care available for addiction because there are no substances allowed on the premises and you dedicate a great deal of your time to treatment and recovery.

Inpatient rehab – also referred to as residential rehab – is ideal for someone who wants extra help to prevent relapse during early recovery, would like additional support during recovery, or has had a relapse in the past. Our San Francisco rehab for residents of San Francisco is an ideal way to beat even the most severe addictions due to the controlled environment and highly structured treatment plan.

What is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like?

Inpatient drug rehab at Resurgence will come as a welcomed break from the troubles you’ve been facing. It gives you the space to work on your healing and recovery away from outside influences and with ample support from our sober community and staff members.

Our rooms are comfortable and our rehab has all of the amenities you’d expect such as gaming, TV, internet access, and more. Your days will start at a reasonable hour and breakfast will be served before starting with your treatment plan for that day. You’ll find yourself going from one treatment to the next with ample free time throughout the day and at the end of the day to get a chance to socialize and just to take a moment to soak in the day’s lessons.

Part of your treatment will take place in a one-on-one setting while other treatments will take place in a group. Group therapy and one-on-one therapy each have their benefits. The exact treatments that you take part in on a given day will depend on what will best help you according to your personalized treatment plan. Our rehabs are pet-friendly and we offer couples rehab programs, too.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What to Expect During Residential Rehab

In our residential drug rehab programs for residents of San Francisco, you’ll begin by talking with your caseworker to allow us to better understand your addiction. We want to create a personalized treatment plan that takes into account all of your unique recovery needs. Once this treatment plan is made, then your treatment can begin.

Many addictive drugs can create physical addictions. When substance abuse stops, then you’ll be met with usually severe withdrawal symptoms. However, our medical detox program will help to reduce your symptoms so it becomes manageable which makes getting through detox considerably easier. After about 5 to 7 days of detox, your symptoms will have faded and you can then focus on preventing relapse and overcoming the causes of your addiction.

Behavioral therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy will be the core of your treatment program. These therapies help by treating the cause of your addiction and giving you the chance to truly heal from underlying issues so that positive change can be made. Your motivation, coping skills, and relapse prevention techniques will also be improved during treatment.

You can also expect to receive treatment in a holistic manner. Our holistic treatments are designed to help improve your quality of life so that long-term sobriety is further enhanced. Holistic treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, is an important aspect of effective addiction treatment.

Resurgence is a place of healing and tranquility and our residential rehab program is the best way to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. The comprehensive and affordable treatment programs will light your way to long-term sobriety.

How Long Does Inpatient Rehab for Residents of San Francisco Last?

Resurgence offers both short- and long-term options in their inpatient format. You can take advantage of our 30-, 60-, or 90-day residential drug rehab programs for residents of San Francisco. These residential treatment program lengths offer you ample options to choose, along with your caseworker recommendations, which program length will best work for you.

Why Choose Resurgence for Residential Drug Rehab?

Resurgence is home to some of the best-known addiction treatment models as well as a sober community that you can be a part of where you feel truly cared for and where you can be your true self. The Joint Commission has awarded us with the Gold Seal of Approval and along with our LegitScript monitoring, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best possible care for addiction that is also safe.

Reach out to Resurgence today so that we can help you to overcome even the most severe addiction in our residential drug rehab for residents of San Francisco. With our help, guidance, and support, you can achieve a sobriety that is lasting.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.