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Crack and Crack Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA

Crack cocaine is a form of cocaine that is cheap and easy to develop a crack addiction in Costa Mesa CA.

Crack cocaine is usually mixed with baking soda (or ammonia or water) before it is smoked. Smoking the substance allows it to reach the brain faster than it might when using other methods.

Because of its potency and the method of ingestion, the effects of crack are stronger and more dangerous than ordinary cocaine. Crack users quickly become addicted because the particularly intense effects are short-lived, and users can become hooked on trying to recreate the feelings they got when they first started using.

Crack Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA – A New Approach

Researchers and medical health professionals consider this to be cocaine’s most addictive form, and they’ve confirmed that the brain can be rewired after as little as a single hit of the drug. Upon inhalation, this stimulant enters the blood and lungs and, nearly immediately, users notice increased focus and energy along with a sense of euphoria too. The type and intensity of the side effects make it highly addictive, along with the fact that they will be gone almost as quickly as they arrived.

The country, as a whole, has not quite recovered from the devastating crack epidemic of the 1980s, when rampant crack abuse shed light on the significance of the issue. Despite our best attempts, crack addiction has proven difficult to control and crack addiction in Costa Mesa CA is no exception.

What has changed, however, is how we approach this delicate and detrimental topic. Most healthcare providers are better prepared than ever before to help individuals turn their lives around. Shame and blame are no longer a part of the equation.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Understanding Crack Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA

Smoking, snorting, or injecting crack cocaine creates a nearly instant euphoric feeling in the user that most will continuously attempt to replicate, building tolerance and addiction along the way. The euphoric feeling is almost immediate but typically lasts for only a few short minutes and rarely for more than ten minutes. This creates the potential for building a tolerance at an alarmingly fast rate. The result is damage to the physical and mental health (potentially long-term) of the user while they chase a fleeting high.

Crack rocks are off-white in color and can be smoked in a small pipe or tube. They earned their name from the distinctive cracking or popping sound that they make when they are boiled. The overproduction of dopamine that occurs when crack is ingested sets off pleasure and reward bells in the body and brain, and creates an instant hook for many users.

One of the greatest dangers of smoking crack is it is often laced or cut with additional illicit substances without the crack users’ knowledge. These additional substances contribute to the addictiveness of the drug and lead to further health issues, whether mental or physical. Many of the common substances that crack can be cut with are incredibly dangerous.

Crack Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA – Common Symptoms

If you or a loved one have a crack addiction, there are numerous visual and behavioral signs to look out for.

Many crack users will exhibit a kind of restlessness, dilated pupils, burned or otherwise damaged lips, teeth, and mouth from smoking out of a pipe, nosebleeds, and twitches in the muscles. The twitches in the muscles aren’t tiny, imperceptible twitches, but are described as frantic jittering or incessant trembling. The psychological symptoms can sometimes be harder to recognize compared to the physical ones, as many of them can be hidden from others or stifled for a time with further substance abuse or other methods.

As a side note, coupling one addiction with another can make both of them more dangerous. As for the psychological symptoms, users may feel an obsessive desire or intense craving for crack, insomnia, anxiety, increased aggressiveness or other mood swings, and the sensation that something is crawling on or underneath your skin. It is also common to experience paranoia, restlessness, a decrease in appetite, and an increase in your breathing rate.

The longer you use crack, the more likely it is for your symptoms to increase and intensify, potentially to the point of becoming fatal.

Crack Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA – Crack Withdrawal

Crack withdrawal is not an easy thing to go through, but the symptoms are much easier to deal with if you are a short-term user than the symptoms of long-term crack abuse.

Often, the most common withdrawal symptoms that patients experience are cravings, feelings of anxiety, bouts of depression, muscle pains, and diarrhea, although it is possible for there to be others present, as well. Fever is another common withdrawal symptom.

Every addiction is different, and each withdrawal will be as well. Despite being an uncomfortable, stressful, or painful process, it’s much better than the alternative.

If the addiction is severe enough, the withdrawal process should be monitored in a controlled environment. The medically-assisted drug detox we offer at Resurgence Behavioral Health in Costa Mesa, California allows us to track your progress and ease your pain and discomfort.

A change in scenery and a healthy dose of physical and moral support is often enough to get patients off on the right foot. However, for more severe cases, our doctors may carefully prescribe medications that soothe the more intense mental or physical symptoms of crack withdrawal while continually monitoring your well-being.

When left untreated, crack addiction can cause the following, and more:

  • Overwhelming depression and anxiety
  • Confusion and other psychotic issues
  • Increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, and kidney and liver damage
  • Convulsions
  • Changes in behavior, including a higher likelihood of participating in potentially dangerous activities
  • Changes in mood, including edginess, anger or flat-out hostility, a sense of paranoia, and other mood swings
  • Uncontrollable fatigue

Crack Addiction Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA

An addiction to crack can, and often has been, deadly.

Treatment programs at Resurgence are designed to remove you from the environment in which the substance is readily available until you have the strength and tools to say no on your own. It’s difficult to move past a crack addiction, especially if it has been developing over a long period of time, but we can help you recreate your life.

With enough support, a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment, understanding shoulders to lean on, and a collection of therapeutic tools to take with you, we’re confident that you can permanently sever the ties with your old life and old addictions.

The first step in the process is calling us to provide your information, learn about your treatment options, and let us verify your insurance (or discuss other payment options) for you.

From there, we can guide you the rest of the way.

Your journey to recovery won’t be a lonely one at Resurgence. There will be plenty of friendly faces around to lend an ear, swap a story, or offer advice. Whether they’re part of the team or they’re going through the same process that you are, human connection is an important piece of the recovery puzzle.

You just have to be open to it, and make that first life-changing step.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.