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Dealing With Addiction

Addiction is one of the most challenging and scary experiences an individual can have.

Addiction controls every part of your motivations, behavior, and emotions.

Nobody expects a substance will control their life.

Furthermore, addiction not only affects the individual user, but also his or her family and friends.

It damages relationships with everyone.

It is important to approach your loved one who is struggling with addiction with empathy and kindness.

Let them know you will support them as they seek rehab and find recovery.

Treatment Options for Loved Ones Struggling with Addiction

Seeing a loved one struggle with substance abuse and addiction, medically referred to as substance use disorder, can be difficult.

It may feel as though there is nothing you or anyone can do to help your loved one get back on the right path to recovery.

There is an option that you and your family can attempt so that your loved one can receive the help he or she needs.

An intervention is sometimes necessary to help an individual who is struggling with addiction find his or her way to recovery.

Interventions are often performed with a trained professional and family and friends who agree to provide nothing but love, positivity, empathy, and support for the individual.

Interventions require thorough planning and consideration to maximize effectiveness.

What is an Intervention?

A drug abuse intervention is a detailed process of planning a gathering with family and friends to address a loved one’s addiction. It is organized in an orderly fashion so that everyone stays on the same page—getting help for the individual.
An intervention should avoid negativity and remain focused on the positive aspects of the individual. This allows him or her to consciously face how his or her addiction affects the people around him or her.
This is not a time to point fingers or to assign blame to anyone. Instead, the addiction itself should be addressed, focusing on how it has caused changes in the individual’s life. An intervention can go awry if negativity enters the meeting. This is why it is important to focus on positivity and respect for everyone in the room.
The goal of an intervention is always to get the individual the help he or she needs, which may be a medical detoxification and rehabilitation program. It is especially useful to consult a professional interventionist to facilitate drug abuse intervention.

Where Can I Find Treatment for My Loved One?

Private Practice

One option to consider is having your loved one receive treatment at a private practice. All therapy sessions including individual, group, and family therapy are provided in a professional setting under the care of licensed healthcare professionals such as a psychologist or counselor.
Private practice can include a primary care physician or nurse. Although primary care physicians in private practices typically focus on general physical healthcare, they can also prescribe psychotropic medication to treat an individual’s reported mental health symptoms.
However, it is still recommended that you obtain a referral to a psychiatrist as the first choice of treatment options. A psychiatrist or psychologist can accurately provide a psychiatric assessment and diagnosis so that the most effective treatment methods can be explored. Psychiatrists can also practice in a private setting.
Many mental health treatment centers and rehabs are considered private practices. Not all insurance carriers will cover the costs of some private practices. If you choose a private practice for your loved one to receive treatment, it is important to find rehab centers treatment centers near you that are within your network.

Community Mental Health Centers

If a referral to a private practice is not possible, community mental health centers provide public mental health and addiction treatment services. Typically, community mental health centers are funded and operated by local governments. They provide necessary mental health and addiction treatment services that an individual might not otherwise be able to access.
Community mental health centers provide treatment services such as outpatient counseling and therapy, case management, and medication management. Case management services can include referring individuals for employment, residential treatment services, day program services, and other supportive residential services.
Medication management services consist of a licensed medical professional such as a psychiatrist prescribing psychotropic medications and monitoring the health and progress of the individual taking the medications.
Many individuals receive Social Security disability benefits and Medicaid to pay for the cost of services.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Treatment for substance abuse and addiction is commonly undertaken at substance abuse treatment centers or rehab. Here, individuals can be treated for a variety of mental health disorders in addition to substance abuse and addiction.
Most substance abuse treatment centers provide outpatient and inpatient services. If you are receiving outpatient services, you are not required to remain at the center at all times. Instead, you will attend treatment services at the substance abuse center a determined number of times per week.
If you are receiving inpatient services, you are required to remain at the center for the duration of treatment.
Common services provided by substance abuse treatment centers typically include medical detoxification, individual and group therapy, specific psychotherapies and other life skills and coping training, and medication management.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.