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Demerol Addiction is Possible

Demerol is a prescription opiate drug, typically used to treat pain, but people may abuse it to get high. When you abuse Demerol over the long-term, you may develop a Demerol addiction. Demerol symptoms associated with addiction can interfere with daily life, so if you are living with a Demerol addiction, it is important to seek treatment so you can recover and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Demerol Comes with Side Effects

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescription opiates like Demerol have side effects. Some symptoms that suggest a person may be under the influence of or abusing Demerol include feeling drowsy, appearing confused, having slow breathing, seeming especially happy, and suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea or constipation.

Demerol Addiction Symptoms

Beyond the symptoms that someone has used or abused Demerol, there are some key symptoms to watch for that might suggest someone is struggling with Demerol addiction. More specifically, when someone has a Demerol addiction, it is classified as a substance use disorder, which is the clinical term for drug addiction. As the National Institute on Drug Abuse explains,

Demerol symptoms associated with addiction include using larger amounts of Demerol than intended, spending a significant amount of time using Demerol, being unable to reduce or stop Demerol use, and continuing to use Demerol in spite of serious consequences, like physical danger or health problems.

Someone with a Demerol addiction may also continue using Demerol even when it causes problems at work or in key relationships, and they may have severe Demerol cravings. If you or a loved one is showing any of these Demerol symptoms, it may be time to seek help.

Withdrawal is Also a Demerol Symptom

Aside from the above Demerol symptoms, someone who is living with a Demerol addiction may suffer from withdrawal complications when they stop using Demerol or cut back on their use of the drug. This is because the body can become dependent upon Demerol and will not function properly without it.

Some Demerol symptoms associated with withdrawal include intense cravings, vomiting, diarrhea, involuntary leg movements, goosebumps, cold sweats, pain, and sleep disturbances, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. These Demerol symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and make it difficult to stop using Demerol without proper medical treatment.

Demerol Symptoms Can Include Overdose

Among the other Demerol symptoms that can occur with abuse, there is a risk of overdose associated with this drug. The National Institute on Drug Abuse cautions that prescription opiates like Demerol can slow breathing, and when someone uses a large enough dose of Demerol, breathing can stop completely.

This cuts off the supply of oxygen to the brain and can cause coma, brain damage, and even death. If someone shows labored breathing and appears to be suffering from a Demerol overdose, emergency medical treatment is necessary to prevent a fatal overdose.

Demerol and Your Mental Illness

If you are struggling with Demerol addiction, it is possible that you may also have a mental health condition. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about half of people who have an addiction also have a mental health disorder. This means that if you seek treatment, you will need to choose a program that treats both mental health issues and addiction so that you can receive support for both conditions.

Seeking Treatment for Demerol Addiction

If you have been living with Demerol addiction and/or a co-occurring mental illness, treatment can help you to recover and develop the skills to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Given the fact that Demerol symptoms can include withdrawal when you stop using the drug, your treatment process will likely begin with a detox program, where medical staff provides around-the-clock care and support to make you as safe and as comfortable as possible while your body rids itself of drugs.

If you receive services at a medical detox program, you may be given a medication like buprenorphine or methadone, which can reduce drug cravings and alleviate Demerol symptoms associated with withdrawal. After you complete a detox program for Demerol addiction, it is important that you transition to an ongoing rehab program that provides behavioral services like counseling, so you can address the underlying issues that led to addiction.

Specific Behavioral Treatments for Demerol Addiction

After you transition out of a detox program to treat Demerol’s symptoms of withdrawal, you will be able to continue your addiction treatment on your own. This may involve an inpatient program, where you live at a treatment center, or an outpatient program, which allows you to stay at home while attending treatment in a clinic or office setting.

While in a treatment program for Demerol addiction, you may participate in a specific type of counseling called cognitive-behavioral therapy, which can help you to develop better methods of coping with stress and adjust your ways of thinking about drugs. Other forms of therapy that may be used in Demerol addiction treatment, especially if you have a co-occurring mental illness, may include dialectical behavioral therapy, which is useful for reducing drug use, suicidal behavior, and self-harm, or contingency management, which provides incentives for attending treatment and staying sober.

Seeking Treatment at Resurgence

If you are experiencing Demerol symptoms, and you are ready to seek treatment, Resurgence is here to help. We use evidence-based treatment approaches, and we create individualized treatment plans to meet each person’s unique needs. Located in Orange County, California, we are happy to offer our services to those on the West Coast. Our rehab centers offer home-like settings as well as access to amenities like pools, waterfalls, beaches, piers, and parks.

Paying for Treatment for Demerol Addiction

If you are ready to get help for Demerol addiction, chances are that you are worried about how you will pay for treatment. At Resurgence, we offer a free, confidential insurance verification program to eliminate the stress of financing treatment. Simply call us or fill out a form on our webpage to determine what services your insurance plan covers.

We are happy to accept most PPO insurance providers, as well as private payment. We will also work with your insurance provider to ensure that services are covered and that you are able to receive treatment at the most affordable cost possible.

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After you complete detox, you can transition to inpatient or outpatient services. We are proud to provide a customized treatment plan to meet each person’s individual needs, and we offer numerous counseling options, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma-informed approaches.

We are also qualified to treat those who are dually diagnosed with both Demerol addiction and mental illness. Call us today to start on your journey toward recovery.