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Drug Rehab with Equine Therapy

Equine is the term used to describe horses, so therefore, drug rehab with equine therapy is treatment with horses. Horses might seem like an odd idea for some people, but anyone who has interacted with horses before will know that it is beneficial. Drug rehab with equine therapy has become a popular form of new-age treatment.

Whether you are suffering from drug addiction or other ailments, this form of treatment can help you find some mental relief. Other animals are often used in therapy as well, but horses have remained the most popular. Drug rehab with equine therapy has shown quick feedback due to them being animals that you do not see every day, forcing you to gain trust from the horse and trust the animal not to hurt you.

Why Should I Choose Drug Rehab With Equine Therapy?

Drug rehab with equine therapy can be extremely beneficial when done correctly. Not only is it helpful to build stable relationship skills, but it also helps to build daily skills for interaction, including:

  • balanced feelings and emotions
  • improving both confidence and assertiveness
  • understanding boundaries
  • becoming more resilient
  • staying focused
  • learning how to utilize or understand non-verbal communication skills
  • feeling connected
  • feeling needed
  • getting rid of negative emotions
  • positive emotional growth
  • relaxing
  • being present in the moment

Although recovery is incredible, unfortunately, it does not guarantee long-term sobriety. Relapse is a common issue if you suffer from addiction, even after addiction treatment. The reason for this is you have not gotten past the physical, mental, or emotional part of your addiction.

Sometimes, this is not developing the necessary skills needed to foster healthy relationships, which can lead to isolation and eventually relapse.

Is Drug Rehab With Equine Therapy Beneficial?

It might seem a bit off the wall, but most people can benefit from drug rehab with equine therapy. Even if you are afraid of horses or other animals, this is a great opportunity. If you are grasping at a method of finding yourself and trying to recover from an addiction, drug rehab with equine therapy can help you find it. Rather than continue to fall into a hole of sorrows, this form of treatment can build you up again.

Learn how to interact with others healthily and how to open up again. Working with horses teaches you how to control your impulses. Whether you have a disability or have issues with social situations, drug rehab with equine therapy might be perfect for you.

Is Equine Therapy More Than Horseback Riding?

Equine therapy is much more than horseback riding. The actual drug rehab with equine therapy is work. You will be required to care for, feed, and groom the horses. These animals pick up on emotions and having a relationship with a horse requires trust. Creating a sense of responsibility is often what we are missing from our lives when using drugs.

Behavioral Effects of Drug Abuse

Despite the physical effects of drug abuse, there are also behavioral effects. Common behavioral effects of drug abuse include:

  • paranoia
  • aggressiveness
  • hallucinations
  • loss of self-control
  • lack of impulse control
  • domestic violence issues

Mental Illness and Equine Therapy

Drug rehab with equine therapy is not only a form of treatment for addiction, it can also be used for mental health. Typically known as equine-assisted therapy or EAT, it is an excellent and popular method of treating mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. Rather than solely taking drugs and going to personalized therapy, equine therapy can help you find relief and empower yourself.

Working with horses is incredible for mental health because the horse can feel your pain. They are brilliant and sensitive animals. Rather than work with a therapist that needs to gain your trust, you can work with an animal that makes you gain their trust. Horses have incredibly high expectations, which creates a sense of responsibility.

Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders

When you suffer from a dual diagnosis, you are suffering from both a mental health condition and an addiction disorder. Equine therapy is known to help with co-occurring disorders, such as:

  • depression
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • behavioral issues, including aggressive behavior
  • eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia
  • relationship problems
  • communication issues

What Happens in Drug Rehab With Equine Therapy Treatment?

Drug rehab with equine therapy focuses on teaching people how to interact with horses. Horses are pack animals, which means they can respond to our feelings. They can detect when you feel angry, happy, scared, or sad, even nervous.

Immediate Feedback

Horses can sense your feelings, which means that they provide immediate feedback. Although you may not realize how you are acting, or even how you are feeling, horses can be a mirror to show you this.

Opportunities for Learning

When you work with horses, you can modify how you interact by learning how they respond to you. It is a great way to learn about yourself and your addiction, as well as about any psychological issues you might have.

Opportunities for Trust-Building

If you feel uncomfortable talking in a traditional therapy setting, it may be because you have trust issues, which is common with people that struggle with addiction. If this is something you struggle with, drug rehab with equine therapy is an excellent option because it provides a safe environment where you can develop trust.

Healthy Relationships

Not only do horses offer a different type of therapy, but they provide a non-judging relationship, which means if you struggle with this already, you can build those skills without fear of criticism.

Payment Information

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.