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What is Fentanyl Addiction?

Fentanyl is a synthetic pharmaceutical drug that is used as an opioid pain reliever.

Fentanyl addiction in Costa Mesa CA has become more common as the use has increased.

Fentanyl’s effects are significantly stronger than those of morphine (up to 100 times more potent), and it is given mostly to treat severe pain in patients.

Doctors and other medical professionals commonly use fentanyl to eliminate or decrease pain in individuals who are going through complicated and physically painful procedures, like intense surgeries and cancer treatments.

Different Forms of Fentanyl: Patches to Sprays, Among Others

Fentanyl comes in several different forms, with different uses in treating a variety of patient needs. The pain levels that they treat range from moderate to debilitating.

The most common forms of the drug are Actiq (lozenge), Duragesic (patch), Sublimaze (injection), Subsys (spray), Abstral (tablet), and Lazanda (nasal spray).

This particular drug blocks the pain receptors that are present in the human brain. It also increases the production of dopamine, the chemical that is responsible for making us feel happy. Unfortunately, the benefits of nonprescription or abused prescription fentanyl are short-lived, and the burden is much greater.

The fact that fentanyl has real medical uses and is seemingly better than illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine tricks users into letting their guard down, making fentanyl addiction in Costa Mesa CA more common while being an incredibly dangerous substance.

Synthetic opioids are responsible for more drug overdose deaths in the United States than any other drugs. In 2017, among the 47,600 opioid-involved overdose deaths, 59.8% involved synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl.

Further, because fentanyl produces such a quick and easy high, many drug dealers are now mixing it into other drugs, such as crystal meth, heroin, and cocaine. This trick helps drug dealers cut costs, but it can potentially severely injure or even kill their users. Many individuals do not know that there are additional drugs in their substances.

This cheap but dangerous additive can increase the likelihood of an overdose, change the way their body reacts, or increase the addictive qualities because the substance is now stronger than ever before.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Understanding Fentanyl Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA

Fentanyl blocks pain and boosts happiness, creating an immediate risk of abuse and addiction when any form of the substance is used.

When individuals use unprescribed fentanyl or abuse a prescription, they may experience a markedly intense sense of euphoria, along with a level of relaxation that is comparable to the high users feel after ingesting heroin.

These factors, among others, make it a very addictive substance.

After a while, the brain begins to adapt to the effects of the drug, which decreases the body’s sensitivity to it and makes it difficult for users to get the same reactions without increasing their dosages or through any other methods.

Understanding the dangers of taking fentanyl starts with understanding its capacity for addiction and abuse, and its high risk of overdose if tolerance is built. Because of the intensity of the side effects, how easy it is to consume, and its widespread presence and availability, fentanyl is a very dangerous substance.

Fentanyl abuse and addiction can cause respiratory failure, especially if combined with other illicit drugs, and this can lead to a fatal overdose. Many individuals will start using fentanyl as part of a legitimate medical treatment plan, but they will begin to increase their use or otherwise abuse the substance because they don’t believe it has the same addictive qualities as illicit drugs like heroin.

This dangerous assumption is incorrect and increases the likelihood that they’ll suffer an accidental overdose. It seems that fentanyl overdoses in Costa Mesa CA are a very real and unfortunate possibility, as more than half of all opioid-related overdoses in this county are due to prescription opioids.

Further, investigated overdose deaths in the same county were found to be mostly accidental, accounting for 78.6% of the total, with 51.8% involving some kind of prescription drug, and an alarming 66.8% having a connection to opioid use.

Fentanyl Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA – Symptoms

The symptoms of fentanyl addiction cover a wide range of signs, from slowed breathing to seizures, with most falling somewhere in the middle including the below symptoms:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Short-lived bouts of extreme happiness
  • Blurry vision
  • Confusion
  • Itchiness
  • Temporary feelings of euphoria
  • Constipation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Mellowness and/or drowsiness

After long-term abuse, it can lead to more serious and life-threatening effects like difficulty breathing and unpredictable unconsciousness.

When breathing is stopped or slowed to a dangerous level, it can lead to a condition called hypoxia, which means that there isn’t enough oxygen getting to the brain. This condition may put the user in a coma, cause irreparable brain damage, and may even kill them.

Fentanyl Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA – The Withdrawal Stage

Unlike some other illicit drugs, withdrawing from fentanyl isn’t likely to be life-threatening. Quitting on your own can still be miserable, uncomfortable, and even painful, so you may want to enlist the help of a medical drug detox at a reputable rehab center.

Professional medical supervision and assistance help ease withdrawal pain and discomfort, offer support, and decrease the chance of relapsing. Fentanyl withdrawal symptoms range from mild (think minor chills and sweating) to intense (ceaseless restlessness and overwhelming irritability).

Whatever symptoms you feel during the withdrawal process, you’ll be safe and cared for in our 24-hour medical detox program.

Fentanyl Addiction in Costa Mesa, CA – Treatment Options

At Resurgence, we don’t want to see you struggle or attempt to battle your addiction on your own.

Everyone needs help now and then, and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that and getting the assistance that you need for a full and healthy recovery.

We’ve helped thousands of individuals and families overcome drug and alcohol addictions, and we can help you, too.

Each of our patients benefits from a completely customized and data-driven treatment plan based on their level of addiction.

No two treatment plans will look the same — just like no two of our patients will look the same.

Individualized care and attention are what sets us apart from other rehabilitation and treatment centers.

You can call our facility, or visit our website to get more information.

From drug detox, inpatient care, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to holistic treatments, 12-Step programs, and relapse prevention plans, we have several treatment options for you to consider.

We also offer life skills training, support groups, and family therapy sessions to get everyone back on the same page, mend damaged relationships, and set you up for success in the future.

When you call, our coordinators will perform the necessary steps to gather the information we need about your addiction.

This will help us determine what addiction treatment plan will work best for you, depending on your type(s) of addiction(s), the amount of time you’ve been addicted, and your general physical and mental health history.

We want to create the best possible plan to fit your needs and solve your unique problems, we just need some information from you before we can do that.

While you’re on the phone, our coordinators provide more information regarding your treatment options, costs, available locations, treatment alternatives, and payment options.

If you have insurance, we can do a free addiction treatment insurance verification for you to determine your coverage.

For patients without insurance, we have customized payment plans based on their needs.

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Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.