What is the Benefit of Leaving Home to go to Rehab


When choosing a facility for alcohol or drug treatment, you can pick an instate or out-of-state program.

Both types of programs can offer you effective care for substance use disorders. And since instate programs are often closer, it may seem like they make more sense than leaving home to go to rehab.

However, that’s not always the case. Depending on your situation, an out-of-state addiction center make actually prove the better choice.

To decide which option works best for you, it helps to learn more about the potential advantages of leaving home to go to rehab. It also helps to learn what to do to enroll in this type of program.

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Leaving Home to Go to Rehab to Get Away From Negative Influences


One of the reasons to go out-of-state for rehab is to get away from negative influences on your behavior. Research shows that exposure to certain types of social relationships can increase your risks for alcohol or drug abuse.

That can include friends who drink or use drugs. It can also include family members or other loved ones involved in substance abuse.

Your environment can also make substance abuse more likely. For some people, these environments include places like bars and clubs. You may also live in an area where substance use is common. By attending rehab out of state, you can escape these negative influences.

Instead of dealing with temptation every day, you can focus on your recovery. This extra focus may be exactly what you need to make progress and get sober.


Leaving Home for Rehab Reduces the Risk for a Relapse

Relapses are relatively common in people recovering from substance problems. The possible effects of a relapse range all the way from minor to life-threatening. In a best-case scenario, you’ll get prompt help and return to sobriety as soon as possible. Still, if you can, it’s best to maintain substance abstinence and avoid relapsing in the first place.

By going to another state for substance treatment, you may help lower your relapse risks. This benefit is linked to the ability to escape negative influences. When you avoid these influences, you increase your ability to steer clear of drugs and alcohol. In turn, you also make a relapse of any kind less likely to happen.

Leaving Home for Rehab Reduces Relapse Risk.


Overcome a Lack of Local Resources

Big cities and suburbs tend to provide local residents with tons of options for alcohol and drug rehab. In this kind of environment, you can find treatment facilities to fit any and all needs. But what if you live in a more rural or remote community?

You simply might not have access to very many treatment centers. In fact, you may not have any local rehab resources at all. If you’re in this kind of situation, out-of-state rehabilitation centers can be lifesavers. Instead of going without help, you can find a treatment program that provides timely, effective care.


​Protect Your Privacy by Leaving Home to go to Rehab



Any reputable rehab program will take steps to protect your privacy while onsite for addiction treatment. However, your program can’t stop someone from recognizing you when you’re on your way to your program. You also can’t stop someone else in your program from recognizing you.

In some cases, this kind of situation may only result in some personal embarrassment. However, in other cases, it can lead to big problems and major reputation damage. If you have concerns about protecting your privacy, traveling to out-of-state rehab may be an excellent solution.

By going to another state, you’ll reduce the chances that anyone will recognize you on your way to treatment. You’ll also reduce the chances that someone you know will be enrolled in treatment with you.

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Leaving Home to go to Rehab to Get a Fresh Start


Even if you don’t have any major privacy concerns, you might not want to get addiction treatment in your local area or state. There are different possible reasons for this. For example, people in your area may only view you as a “drug addict.” This kind of labeling can hurt your chances to find work or build relationships. It can also cause serious damage to your own belief in the ability to change. Some people just want to start over in a new environment.

The ability to get a fresh start is also one of the benefits of out-of-state rehab. By going to a place where no one knows you, you can escape preconceptions about who and what you are. You can also get a fresh perspective. That alone can help improve your chances of doing well in drug or alcohol treatment.


Find More Options for Addiction Treatment


No matter where you live, it helps to have options for substance rehab. When you consider out-of-state facilities, you expand your list of choices and options for addiction treatment. That’s especially important when it comes to finding treatment that meets your unique needs.

If you only look at in-state programs, you could miss the perfect match for your situation available in another state. In turn, you could miss your best possible opportunity to make progress toward sobriety.


Find Care for Dual Diagnosis by Leaving Home to go to Rehab


Dual diagnosis is a way of describing the combined presence of substance problems and mental illness. Another term, co-occurring disorders, also describes the same situation. Overlapping substance abuse and mental health problems pose a serious challenge for effective treatment.

If you have a dual diagnosis, it’s not enough to just treat your addiction. You must also receive help for your mental illness. If you treat one but not the other, you have little chance of maintaining your long-term sobriety. Depending on your circumstances, you may find it easy to get in-state care for your substance abuse and mental health issues.

That’s especially true if you live near a big city. However, you may also find it very difficult to get effective treatment. If that’s the case, out-of-state drug rehab or alcohol rehab may be a must. In some cases, a rehab center in another state may offer treatment for substance abuse and mental health problems at a single facility.

In other cases, nearby facilities may work together to coordinate your care. In either scenario, you can gain crucial help for your recovery from dual diagnosis.


Maximize Your Convenience by Leaving Home to Go to Rehab


In some situations, it just may be more convenient to get addiction treatment in another state. Say, for example, you live in a community near the border of your state. Just a few miles across that border, you can find plentiful options for substance treatment. However, in your own state, you may have fewer appropriate resources.

In addition, those in-state resources may be much farther away. By choosing an out-of-state-option, you might make it much easier to fit substance treatment into your life. For example, you could cut down on your required travel time. You could also limit any disruption to important daily routines or responsibilities.


How to Get Into an Out-of-State Rehab


If you’re interested in attending a program in another state, you may wonder how you can make it all happen. That brings up an important question.

Does insurance cover out-of-state rehab? The answer to that question varies from case to case. Under current law, most insurance coverage offered in America includes in-state addiction treatment services. However, there is no law requiring insurance companies to offer you coverage for other states.

This means that your provider may only cover services provided in your state of residence. On the other hand, some providers do cover stays in out-of-state programs.

To learn which rule applies in your situation, call or fill out an insurance verification page and we will help. Our expert staff can conduct a fast and free insurance verification. With our help, you’ll know where you stand in a matter of minutes.

If you have coverage, you can easily fit out-of-state addiction care into your budget. If not, you may need to find programs that allow you to arrange some kind of payment plan. Many programs offer plans to fit a range of income levels.

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Find Out More About Out-of-State Treatment Options


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