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Health Net/MHN Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment 

When you know that you (or a loved one) needs treatment for a substance use disorder such as alcoholism or drug addiction, you may be looking for a recovery facility that can help you get on the right path to sobriety. Treatment can be intensive depending on your needs, and you may be in rehab for months. This can be expensive, but fortunately many insurance carriers are required to cover mental health issues such as addiction. 


HealthNet/MHN specializes in organizational wellness, especially in the area of behavioral health which includes many areas of mental health including substance abuse. 


What Is Health Net/MHN Insurance & How Does It Work?

MHN, which is a subsidiary of HealthNet, focuses on wellness and productivity for the workplace. The company partners with more than 63,000 licensed and credentialed practitioners as well as 1,500 care facilities, including hospitals. It covers medically necessary mental health care, such as treatment for substance use disorders.


One of the benefits of using this company for your mental health and addiction coverage is that you don’t have to file any claims. You don’t need pre authorization for outpatient visits, but you should let the company know once you’ve scheduled a visit.


What are Health Net/MHN’s Types of Plans?

The company partners with numerous companies to provide EAP (employee assistance program) services to its members. This is often the first place that people with substance abuse issues go when they’re trying to find a way to recover and start their healing journey. It also partners with Medi-Cal, but provides only mental health care and not addiction treatment (your county provides that for you instead of Healthnet/MHN.) The company is part of Medicare Advantage as well.


Healthnet/MHN is a managed care provider, so you will pay less for providers that are in-network as opposed to those that are out-of-network. Depending on where you’re located, you might have a PPO (preferred provider organization), HMO (health maintenance organization) or POS (point of service) plan.


Rehab Facilities That May Accept Health Net/MHN 

Located in Orange County or Los Angeles? Resurgence Behavioral Health is an in-network facility with Healthnet/MHN so you won’t pay the additional costs as you would with an out-of-network rehab. You can either go to the website for Resurgence or give them a call at (855) 458-0050 to see if they’re the right solution for you. There are other rehabs available that may take Health Net/MHN as well.


Does Health Net/MHN Insurance Cover Rehab Treatment?

Yes, Healthnet/MHN covers inpatient or residential facility care as well as outpatient services. It covers counseling and therapy as you’re recovering from addiction, but doesn’t include prescription drugs in any of its plans. Your appointments with psychiatrists, therapists, or psychologists can be paid for through this insurance. It also covers follow ups and aftercare.


How to Check Your Health Net/MHN Insurance Coverage

The easiest way to check your HealthNet/MHN coverage is to go to their website where you can find providers who participate in their network. You might also prefer to call them and you can do that as well.


What Does Health Net/MHN Insurance Cover?

If substance use disorder treatment is medically necessary for you, you will find that the company covers your needs. Any sessions with therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists are covered, as well as treatment facilities both inpatient and outpatient and aftercare too. 


It’s important that once you get treatment for your substance use disorder that you follow the aftercare plan you designed in collaboration with the addiction professionals. That way you have a much lower chance of relapse, so you can begin building your joyous life of sobriety even when you’ve transitioned out of treatment.


Does Health Net/MHN Insurance Cover Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes, Health Net/MHN pays for both mental health and substance abuse treatment, unless you’re accessing care through Medi-Cal. In that case, the county where you live is responsible for treating your substance use disorder.


Does Health Net/MHN Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is a highly structured program where you live at the residential facility while you’re in treatment. Typically you will be in therapy in the mornings and afternoons. You’ll eat meals with the rest of the residents at specific times of the day. After dinner, you usually have the time to play games or engage in hobbies and fun activities. Not everyone who needs addiction treatment requires inpatient care, but if it’s considered medically necessary for you, Health Net/MHN will pay for it.


Does Health Net/MHN Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Rehab?

When you’re in an intensive outpatient program (IOP), you will not be living at rehab, but instead go home or to sober living at night. This type of outpatient treatment can be done while you’re at work or school, since you usually attend for nine to ten hours a week on evenings and weekends. If it’s deemed medically necessary for you, then the insurance will cover it.


Does Health Net/MHN Insurance Cover Partial Hospitalization?

This is also outpatient care, but partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are more intensive than IOPs. You can expect to spend most of the days during the week at rehab in therapy and taking life skills classes. These generally run for 25-30 hours a week, so you may not be able to attend work or school while you’re in a PHP. Health Net/MHN covers it if it’s medically necessary for you.


How Long Will Health Net/MHN Insurance Cover Rehab?

Rehab programs vary in length and whether you need to attend all levels of care from inpatient to outpatient, or whether you can start with outpatient treatment. Whatever the clinicians assess as being medically necessary, you’ll be covered for that length of time. Typically inpatient rehab programs run for one, two, or three months. Outpatient care depends on the treatment, and sometimes you may need to spend months in this kind of rehab.


Health Net/MHN Insurance May Offer Treatment Coverage for the Following Addictions: 

While the popular image of someone with a drug or alcohol addiction is a man sleeping in an alley, in reality in the modern world many people get hooked on drugs that have been prescribed for them for some other issue. Drugs aren’t always illegal, and it’s easy to develop an addiction to the powerful medicines that get synthesized in a lab. Therefore, it’s important that your provider be able to help you with a variety of substances whether they’re illicit or not.

  • Depressants
    • Benzodiazepines (“benzos”) such as Valium, Xanax, Halcyon
    • Sleep aids like Lunesta, Ambien, and Sonata
    • Barbiturates such as Nembutal, Mebaral, Luminal Sodium
  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
    • Oxycodone
    • Morphine
    • Hydrocodone (brand name Vicodin or Lortab/Lorcet)
    • Lomotil

    • Demerol
    • Codeine
    • Fentanyl
    • Dilaudid
    • Darvon
    • Methadone
  • Stimulants
    • Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, and similar drugs


What are the Options if Health Net/MHN Insurance Does Not Cover the Cost of Rehab?

Depending on your plan and whether Health Net/MHN is in or out of network, you may not have the whole cost of rehab covered by your insurance. You do have several options in that case. If you have a substance use disorder, it’s critical to get help, so don’t let financial issues get in the way.

  • Loans

In addition to banks and similar financial institutions, there are a number of other loan providers that can help you. Some like CareCredit focus on lending to people who need the money for healthcare purposes, but you might also try peer-to-peer sites too.


  • Scholarships or grants

Depending on where you live and some other factors, you might qualify for a scholarship or grant to get sober and change your life.


  • Payment plans

Many rehab facilities offer payment plans so that you can pay a reasonable amount over time instead of having to pay the whole amount upfront.


Verify Your Insurance with Us 

If you’re considering Resurgence Behavioral Health to help you recover from your substance use disorder, we’ve made it easy for you to check your insurance coverage with us. You can easily fill out the form on our website or give us a call at (855) 458-0050. We’re dedicated to recovery and we can work with you to make sure you can afford to attend rehab with us.


Next Steps with Insurance Coverage for Rehab Treatment with Resurgence Behavioral Health 

Now that you’re ready to go to rehab and you’ve verified your insurance, it’s time to prep for your admission to our facility. Our caring staff is on your side to help you recover mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the first step on your journey to sobriety.

  • Let your friends and family know where you’re going
  • Tie up any loose ends in terms of financial or legal obligations, as well as anything at work or school
  • Pack according to what you’ll need – no need to overpack
  • Consider writing a letter or shooting a video to your future sober self
  • Know that you can do it and the life you want and deserve is waiting for you to heal and recover

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.