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Magellan Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment

If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction (or your loved one is), be assured that you’re not alone. Magellan wants to help you avoid being one of the 64,000 Americans who die each year due to overdose. Substance use disorders are common chronic conditions, and they can also be treated effectively with evidence-based approaches. Many rehabs offer Magellan as a healthcare provider.


What Is Magellan Insurance & How Does It Work?

Magellan Health helps Americans live happy and healthy lives and is a specialty healthcare provider. They offer mental and behavioral health services including treatment for substance use disorders as well as care for aging populations and those with serious mental illness. 


Magellan plans also work with some employee assistance programs. If you have one of these, your first step is to contact one of their counselors so you can get a referral for substance abuse services. For other plans, you may need to see your primary care physician for a referral. Typically it’s better to have Magellan pre-authorize the substance abuse services so that your work in treatment won’t be affected with worries about your healthcare.


What are Magellan’s Types of Plans?

Unlike some other healthcare providers that you might be familiar with, Magellan itself is not the insurance provider. It partners with other medical plans such as PPOs (preferred provider organizations), HMOs (health maintenance organizations), Medicare, and others.


Magellan helps coordinate care among various providers. Their mission is to improve the health outcomes of the people who use their services and to do that in a cost-effective way so treatment is affordable.


Rehab Facilities That May Accept Magellan 

If you’re located in Los Angeles, Resurgence Behavioral Health is an in-network facility. That means you don’t have to pay extra charges as you would for an out-of-network provider. If you’re ready to go to rehab, give Resurgence a call at (855) 458-0050 so you can get started. You can verify your insurance and make sure that Magellan covers what you need at our rehab.


Does Magellan Insurance Cover Rehab Treatment?

If you have a substance use disorder, Magellan will help you treat it. Not everyone needs rehab as some people who use drugs and alcohol can get clean and sober with the aid of recovery meetings. But if you’ve developed a tolerance to your drug of choice and have difficulty functioning without it, you probably have substance use disorder which is treated at rehab.


You may need the full continuum of care, which includes a supervised detox so that you’re safe and comfortable during the withdrawal process. Detoxification is just the first step on your journey to recovery. After detox you’ll likely need to attend a residential facility where you’ll receive therapy most of the day and stay overnight at the facility for the duration of your program.


After inpatient care comes outpatient, where you go home at night. This is designed to help you transition out of treatment and back to the “real world”. Your medical professionals may also recommend staying in sober living for a little while after treatment for some extra support so you don’t relapse.


Not everyone with a substance use disorder needs to go through all the levels of care. You may not need a supervised detox and instead go directly to rehab. Some people are able to go to outpatient care right away, but others may need inpatient treatment to better address their addiction.


How to Check Your Magellan Insurance Coverage

Magellan has made it very easy for you to find providers that accept Magellan health coverage. Just go to the member website and search. If you live in California, you don’t even have to register as a Magellan member – all you have to do is click the “Find a Provider” button on the website.


What Does Magellan Insurance Cover?

In addition to their behavioral and mental health services, Magellan covers other specialties such as acupuncture, occupational and physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage. In terms of behavioral health, the company aims to address all your wellness concerns (mental, physical, and emotional) and helps you take control of your care with personalized digital tools and care management.


Does Magellan Insurance Cover Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment?

Yes, Magellan specializes in this type of healthcare. They maintain centers of excellence for treating autism, substance use and eating disorders, as well as serious mental illness. They have over 118,000 trained and credentialed professionals offering mental health care which includes substance use disorders.


Does Magellan Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehab?

The type of rehab and specific services that Magellan covers depends on the state. You may be able to use Magellan to cover most or all of the costs of inpatient rehab. If you’re in-network with Magellan, the company will cover the cost of your stay for the approved length of time. 


These facilities are typically more expensive than outpatient rehab because you live onsite for the duration of the program and eat your meals there in addition to receiving treatment and therapy.


Does Magellan Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Rehab?

This type of outpatient rehab typically occurs on nights and weekends, so that you’re able to go to work or school while you’re in treatment. Usually you can expect to spend nine to ten hours a week in an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Depending on the state, Magellan covers most (or all) of the costs of your IOP.


Does Magellan Insurance Cover Partial Hospitalization?

More intense than an IOP, partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are similar to inpatient rehab in that your days are highly structured. You’ll usually spend most of the day in treatment during the weekdays in a PHP, but at night you go home or to a sober living facility instead of staying at the recovery center. Magellan will cover most or all of the costs if your medical professional recommends it.


How Long Will Magellan Insurance Cover Rehab?

Rehab programs vary in length, usually from about a month to three months. Outpatient programs may last longer, and this timeframe doesn’t include the week or ten days that you may need to be in supervised detox. Magellan will approve a length of stay based on the recommendations from medical staff, so you should have the time you need to not only understand why you got hooked on the substance in the first place, but also learn key skills like stress management and effective communication so you never have to pick up again.


Magellan Insurance May Offer Treatment Coverage for the Following Addictions: 

We treat a variety of substances, some of which may be illegal and others that are perfectly legal or even prescribed for you.

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
    • Oxycodone
    • Morphine
    • Hydrocodone (brand name Vicodin or Lortab/Lorcet)
    • Lomotil
    • Demerol
    • Codeine
    • Fentanyl
    • Dilaudid
    • Darvon
    • Methadone
  • Depressants
    • Benzodiazepines (“benzos”) such as Valium, Xanax, Halcyon
    • Sleep aids like Lunesta, Ambien, and Sonata
    • Barbiturates such as Nembutal, Mebaral, Luminal Sodium
  • Stimulants
    • Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, and similar drugs


What are the Options if Magellan Insurance Does Not Cover the Cost of Rehab?

Depending on your state, your plan, and whether Magellan is in or out of network, you may not have the entire cost of your stay covered by the company. If that’s the case, you’ll need to discuss it with the admissions staff at the rehab you choose. You may be able to select a payment plan or qualify for a grant or scholarship to cover the remainder, or take out a loan.


If you need help to get sober, it’s important to let the admissions team help you figure out how to pay for it. Don’t avoid treatment just because it’s not completely covered by your insurance, because you probably do have some options so that you can still get care.


Verify Your Insurance With Us 

At Resurgence, we make it easy for you to make sure that you can afford to attend our facilities and get the help that you need and deserve. You can either go to our insurance page and fill out the form, or just give us a call at (858) 458-0050. It’s time to get help, and we’re standing by ready to help you.


Next Steps with Insurance Coverage for Rehab Treatment with Resurgence Behavioral Health 

Once you’ve verified your insurance coverage with us, you can get ready for admission. We recommend that you address any work or school obligations before you enter rehab, and also try to tie up any legal or financial loose ends. 


Let your friends and family know that you’re getting help for your substance use disorder, and if you like, let them help you pack. You don’t need much to come to rehab, so just bring the essentials with you (our admissions team can go over this with you.) You may want to bring a journal or sketchbook with you. Many of our patients find it helpful to videotape or write a letter to their future sober selves about their hopes and dreams for a better life.


If you haven’t already arranged for admission, call us at (858) 458-0050. You have no reason to delay and stay stuck in your addiction, but every reason to get started on your journey to recovery.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.