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Intensive Outpatient Program in Costa Mesa, CA: Best Level of Treatment

An intensive outpatient program in Costa Mesa CA is the best level of treatment for some people with addiction.

They may have addiction symptoms that are too severe for enrollment in a standard program.

At the same time, they don’t meet the criteria for an inpatient program which is why an IOP is best.

If you’re in this situation, you can seek help in a program that offers intensive outpatient care.

Intensive Outpatient Programs: The Right Amount of Freedom

An Intensive Outpatient Program in Costa Mesa CA area is very beneficial. IOP provides appropriate care for people who might otherwise receive too much or too little oversight. In doing so, it makes effective substance recovery possible for a significant part of the population.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Costa Mesa, CA: Defining the Program

So, what is intensive outpatient care in Costa Mesa, CA? It’s a level of addiction treatment that falls between standard outpatient care and inpatient care.

If you enroll in an intensive outpatient program, you will still live at home. However, you will need to visit our facility several times a week. Compared to people enrolled in our standard outpatient programs, your visits will be more frequent. The amount of time you spend each week at the program varies. At a minimum, you will spend at least nine hours weekly in onsite treatment. Depending on your level of addiction, you may spend 19 hours or more.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Costa Mesa, CA: Core Principles

An intensive outpatient program in Costa Mesa CA includes 14 core principles of care. These principles were established by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

They are as follows:

  • Making treatment accessible to as many people as possible
  • Making the process of entering an IOP as simple as possible
  • Taking steps to build on your own personal desire to recover from addiction
  • Finding ways to help you establish strong ties with the addiction specialists providing your treatment
  • Finding ways to help as many people as possible complete their treatment
  • Making sure that the treatment you receive matches your personal needs and situation
  • Doing whatever possible to ensure that you continue with some form of treatment after you complete your IOP
  • Acknowledging and emphasizing your ability to maintain substance abstinence
  • Helping you take advantage of the benefits provided by 12-step, mutual self-help groups
  • Using medications when needed to assist your recovery
  • Providing you with education on the nature of substance problems, the recovery process, and your risks for a relapse
  • Getting your family members and friends involved in the treatment process
  • Using recommended, evidence-based treatments as part of your care
  • Making sure that the IOP functions as smoothly as possible

You can read more about the principles in the NCBI article.

What Happens During IOP?

Group Therapy:

Group therapy forms the heart of IOP services in Costa Mesa, CA. That’s true because this form of therapy provides certain key advantages for people who live at home while receiving treatment.

These advantages include:

  • Increasing the amount of structure you have in your daily life
  • Helping you work on your socialization and communication skills
  • Demonstrating healthy norms for communicating and interacting with other people
  • Creating an environment where you can get needed help from your peers in treatment
  • Making it easier for your IOP to share techniques, skills, and behaviors that support your recovery process
  • Getting the benefit of insight from your peers who are further along in treatment

Most people participate in more than one type of group during their time in intensive outpatient care. The different groups will help you work on different aspects of addiction recovery. For example, you may take part in a group dedicated to educating you about addiction and relapse. You may also take part in groups dedicated to things such as skills development or family matters.

Treatment also includes participation in some form of behavioral therapy. There is a range of options available for IOP therapy in Costa Mesa, CA.

The most commonly used techniques are:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • The Matrix Model
  • 12-Step facilitation therapy
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Community reinforcement

Each of these therapy options helps you recover from substance problems in its own way. However, not all therapies are used to treat all forms of addiction. Specialists at your IOP will help determine which option(s) make the best fit for your situation.

Individual Therapy:

Individual therapy or counseling also plays an important role in intensive outpatient programs. This kind of session gives your therapist the chance to check your progress more closely. It also gives you the chance to discuss your own thoughts, observations, and concerns. Some people in IOPs also need one-on-one therapy to deal with other problems. One of the most common additional issues is the presence of mental illness.

If you’re affected by such an illness, your counseling will depend on the nature of your condition.

Medication-Based Treatment:

Depending on the source of your addiction, your IOP treatment may also include the use of medication. Medications are widely used to treat two types of substance problems: alcohol addiction and opioid addiction.

If you’re affected by mental illness, you may also receive medication suited to your needs as part of dual diagnosis treatment.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Costa Mesa, CA – Who Needs IOPs

So, who should enroll in an IOP program in Costa Mesa, CA? To qualify for this level of care, you must have relatively serious addiction symptoms.

However, those symptoms must not be severe enough for you to need medically managed drug or alcohol detox. In addition, you must not require 24 hour monitoring from trained personnel.

Some people are placed in intensive outpatient care when they first begin substance treatment. On the other hand, you may also move into an IOP from a higher or lower level of care. For example, if you complete residential rehab, you may receive a recommendation to follow up in an IOP.

How Long Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment Take?

You may wonder how long it takes to complete IOP in Costa Mesa, CA. Your length of stay will vary according to your circumstances. Some people stay in their programs for just a few weeks.

However, others stay enrolled for as long a six months to a full year. Generally speaking, the minimum recommended program length is at least 90 days. The same facts apply to completing IOP for drugs in Costa Mesa, CA.

Where Does Intensive Outpatient Treatment Occur?

You will participate in IOP at a safe and comfortable rehab center.

Unlike at a public hospital, this is one of the most ideal places to receive help with a focus on intensive outpatient care.

Other possible locations for treatment include:

  • Residential programs that also provide outpatient services
  • Our dedicated IOP treatment center

We have safe and comfortable treatment centers for our outpatient programs.

Does Intensive Outpatient Care Work?

What are the benefits of an IOP program in Costa Mesa, CA? Do these programs work? The answer to these questions is yes. Current research rates the value of attending an IOP as high.

For most people, they provide effective care for moderate cases of addiction. In fact, IOPs rank only slightly behind inpatient programs when it comes to delivering the best possible care.

The Cost of Intensive Outpatient Programs in Costa Mesa, CA

How much do IOP programs cost in Costa Mesa, CA? There is no set price that covers all facilities in the area.

However, generally speaking, costs fall somewhere between those of inpatient care and standard outpatient care. Does insurance cover IOP treatment in Costa Mesa, CA?

At Resurgence because of our accreditations and relationships with insurance companies, the answer to this question is yes. Insurance does cover some or all of their program expenses. Unfortunately, not all people have the right insurance coverage.

To find out if you have the right insurance coverage call or fill out our insurance verification form. We will call your insurance company with your permission, and do all of the work for you.

In addition, some people aren’t covered at all. If you don’t have coverage, we have a payment plan option available. We work with you to find the best option for the treatment you need.

Intensive Outpatient Programs in Costa Mesa, CA: Find The Right IOP for You

What is an IOP program in Costa Mesa, CA? It’s a level of addiction care that sits between standard outpatient services and inpatient services.

You may qualify for our IOP if you have serious substance problems, but you don’t meet the criteria for residential treatment. Our intensive outpatient program allows you live at home.

However, it requires a greater time commitment than standard outpatient programs.

Our IOP relys heavily on group therapy. At the same time, we also provide access to individual counseling.

In addition, some people receive medication-based treatment while in intensive outpatient care. Our IOP is an important resource for addiction care.

It helps widen access to treatment services. It also has proven benefits for people who qualify for placement. IOP program costs in Costa Mesa, CA vary.

However, most people can afford treatment through insurance or payment plans.

Want more information on intensive outpatient programs? Contact us now at 855-458-0050. Our trained personnel can answer any questions you may have.

We can also direct you toward vital resources that help connect you with any needed services. We’re dedicated to the recovery of people from all walks of life.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.