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Looking for a Men’s Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA?

Throughout America, men participate in addiction programs quite often, and facilities like a men’s rehab in Costa Mesa CA can be the life-saver you need.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to find effective treatment for men. What is the reason for this challenge?

Men with substance problems frequently have different treatment needs than women with the same substance abuse problems.

Failure to meet these needs can make lasting sobriety harder to achieve.

Looking for men’s alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa CA? Your best bet may be an addiction program that accepts male participants only.

The same fact applies if you’re looking for drug rehab. Treatment targeted to your gender provides some key advantages over more generalized programs.

In turn, these advantages help you create an achievable plan for your long-term recovery.

Why Are There Men’s-Only Rehab Programs?

There are essential reasons for choosing a men’s rehab in Costa Mesa, CA. To begin with, men generally have specific problems during treatment that differ from those that women face. In addition, men’s personalities often differ from women’s personalities. Together, these differences can have a significant impact on your options for effective treatment care.

In programs that accept both women and men, issues common to men can get overlooked. However, a male-only program can focus exclusively on these issues. Throughout every phase of treatment, you can receive targeted care. In turn, this targeted approach can increase your chances of having positive results.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Treatment Starts With Questions from the Admissions Specialists

So, what happens when you first enter a men’s recovery center in Costa Mesa? To start with, you’ll receive a admissions questionnaire from your doctors and therapists. This step is like an examination. They look at every aspect of your physical and mental well-being.

Once you finish this process, your doctor will have a good overview of your general health. This overview helps reveal the extent of addiction and/or substance abuse (also known as substance use disorders). It also provides a blueprint for designing your personalized care.

Issues Common to Assessments for Men and Women

Certain issues uncovered in your assessment can have a critical effect on the course of your addiction treatment. Some of these issues tend to affect both men and women, including:

  • A background that includes a major mental illness
  • Being a victim of physical or sexual abuse
  • A background that includes any other extremely traumatic event

These are just a few issues that both men and women face — there are many others that are not mentioned but have major effects on individuals in various ways.

Issues That Commonly Affect Men

In addition to these shared concerns, men also have some issues that are commonly gender-specific. For example, men from all backgrounds have been impacted by social definitions of manhood. In some cases, these definitions can make you more likely to drink or use drugs. They can also affect how you react to the environment of your treatment center.

During your assessment, your doctor may also look for any deep-seated tendencies to feel ashamed. Compared to women, men often have specific responses to shame-based feelings. Possible responses to male-shame include hiding any problems with mental or physical well-being. Other responses include being untruthful about the severity of substance abuse problems.

Common Problems That Are Typically Specific to Men

When your assessment is done, you’ll begin a treatment plan designed for you unique circumstances. The seriousness of your addiction and addiction symptoms play an important role in treatment overall. If you have severe symptoms, your doctor will probably recommend a residential treatment program. If you have moderate or mild symptoms, an outpatient rehab center may be a better fit.

No matter which options suit your situation, recovery programs for men must address common male issues that are not typically addressed. For example, in addition to shame, these problems include a general shutdown of emotions. They can also include angry or violent behavior.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.


Shame is a common human experience. In most cases, it doesn’t interfere with your ability to live and function. However, high amounts of shame can make it harder to carry out daily routines. Extreme shame in men can also interfere with successful substance abuse treatment. For example, it can stop you from taking an active role in the treatment process. In addition, extreme shame can motivate you to hide your symptoms from your doctors or counselors. It can also motivate you to declare certain subjects off-limits during treatment.

Emotional Shutdown:

Like a lot of men, you may have been taught to hide your emotions from early childhood and onward. This problem tends to get worse if you develop a drug or alcohol addiction.

While staying at a rehab facility for men, emotional shutdown can have consequences, such as:

  • Avoiding emotionally revealing situations
  • Making fun of yourself or others for emotional responses
  • Making another person a target for feelings you can’t express yourself
  • When it comes to recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, all of these issues can
    make your journey more difficult.

Angry or Violent Behavior:

Men often grow up believing that anger is an acceptable response to a variety of situations. This helps explain why men display anger so frequently. Unfortunately, the effects of drug abuse or alcohol abuse can increase angry feelings. If you already have a tendency toward anger, this increase can lead to a tremendous number of day-to-day problems.

High levels of anger also interfere with your efforts in addiction treatment. For example, unaddressed anger can make you less willing to accept guidance from your doctor and other staff members. It can also make your interactions with other program participants less stable.

What’s more, high levels of anger can make you more likely to restart your pattern of substance abuse. Extreme anger is clearly linked to acts of violence. If you act violently during treatment, you can do great harm to the chances of a successful recovery. You may even find yourself kicked out of your recovery center.

Men’s Rehab Can Help With Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues

Specialized addiction treatment for men in treatment can help you deal with shame, emotional shutdown, anger, and violence. It does so by providing a genuinely supportive environment. It also helps by providing assistance for all common male issues.

For example, to help you deal with extreme shame, your program may:

  • Use therapy options designed to ease your sense of shame
  • Teach you how to form connections with your peers in treatment
  • Help you gain more peer support in a mutual self-help group (like Alcoholics Anonymous, AA)
  • Provide you with greater access to private therapy

If you have problems accessing your emotions, your program may:

  • Help gradually increase the ability to share feelings
  • Provide therapy that helps identify emotional states
  • Help understand how emotions change in certain situations

Male-focused treatment programs also help get your temper under control. The most common option used for this purpose is anger management. The techniques you learn in anger management help reduce stress levels. In addition, they help you find other, healthier ways to express yourself. By addressing your anger, you are also addressing your risks for violent behavior.

Addiction Treatment for Men Aged 18-24

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 24, you belong to the age group with the highest risks for substance problems in the U.S. And for men in this age range, risks for serious addiction problems increase even more. Alcohol and drug rehab for young men can be quite different from the addiction treatment used for older men.

However, not all young men experience the same kinds of issues. This makes it hard to generalize about your treatment needs. In some cases, you may benefit the most from men’s programs that only accept younger patients. On the other hand, you may also do well in a program that includes men of all ages. As long as your facility treats you as an individual, you can find effective care.

Covering the Cost of Addiction Treatment for Men’s Rehab

There is no single price for the cost of men’s drug or alcohol rehab in Costa Mesa CA. Still, regardless of your situation, you almost certainly have options.

In today’s world, many insurance companies will pay to get you the help you need. In addition, many addiction programs allow for financial arrangements if you don’t have insurance.

To start, simply give us a call, or fill out our addiction treatment insurance verification request, and we will take it from there.

Get More Information on Men’s Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA

Like mixed-gender programs, men’s rehab programs are designed to help clients recover from mild, moderate, or severe substance abuse problems.

However, they go even further by offering gender-specific care.

Treatment begins with an admissions questionnaire designed to uncover important issues.

It then continues with a plan tailored to your specific recovery requirements.

If you have issues with emotional expression, individualized care will help overcome them.

The same kind of targeted, personal care helps overcome problems with extreme shame, anger, or violence.

In all cases, the end goal is maximizing your chances for recovering from drug and alcohol problems and reaching long-term sobriety.

To learn more about available programs in Costa Mesa and surrounding communities, contact us today at 855-458-0050.

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We’re committed to helping you turn your recovery goals into reality.