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Drug addiction is a serious matter. It can lead to compounding problems in your life and with the risk of drug overdose death, it can be a fatal situation. With such high stakes, it’s important to not only seek professional help since addiction is a mental health disorder but also to find the best possible help to help turn your life around.

We offer the best drug detox treatment center in Oklahoma to help start your recovery the right way – safely and professionally. Drug detox is one of the hardest first things to get through in recovery from drug addiction, but it can be made far easier and safer in our drug detox program for residents of Oklahoma.

Resurgence will provide you with medication to help you through your withdrawal symptoms and we can also monitor your health to help prevent any serious medical problems that may occur from drugs such as Xanax withdrawal symptoms. Resurgence Behavioral Health is the best way to overcome your chemical dependence and since our addiction treatment center offers comprehensive treatments, we can help you to use the momentum from a successful detox to achieve lasting recovery through our drug rehab programs.

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

The #1 Drug Detox Treatment Center in Oklahoma

What is it that makes resurgence the number one drug detox treatment center in Oklahoma? Our drug detox program is accredited by The Joint Commission which means that we adhere to all of the strict standards of quality treatment for addiction. Not only are we accredited, but we are LegitScript monitored because we use medications to treat the symptoms of withdrawal and the monitoring helps to ensure that all use of medication is properly controlled and above all, safe.

As the number one drug detox treatment center in Oklahoma, you can expect the people you meet in rehab to be truly caring and dedicated to what they do. Our expert team of healthcare professionals has spent their careers helping people in similar situations and understand the things that you’ve been going through, and the bravery it takes to seek professional help for drug detox. It’s an important first step in your recovery process.

We have a specialized drug detox program in Oklahoma for drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, prescription medication, and other harmful drugs. These drugs each produce different withdrawal symptoms and we are equipped to help you through whatever withdrawal symptoms you experience. If symptoms are expected to be particularly bad due to current health or the type of drug that was abused, then we can provide you with round-the-clock monitoring to help ensure your safety through the process of recovery.

Why Choose Resurgence?

Resurgence Behavioral Health adheres to the many strict requirements for effective addiction treatment and drug detox. Since we are an accredited rehab center, you can be certain that you are getting the best possible help for your drug detox. Our healthcare experts have helped thousands of people through their detox safely and comfortably and are ready to help you to break the physical hold that substances have on you.

The causes of addiction are often related to deep-seated issues. You may be suffering from untreated trauma or other mental health issues that our team is sensitive to. Your detox program for residents of Oklahoma will surround you with people who understand your situation and do not judge where you are in your life because addiction is a mental health disorder and not because of poor choices you made in your life.

Resurgence’s family is welcoming. Every person who enters our treatment program will be met with smiling faces and we respect your desire for privacy in your treatment. Whether you’ve relapsed before and are seeking further treatment or are looking for professional help for the first time, our drug detox center in Oklahoma can help you to break the cycle of substance abuse so that the path to long-term recovery can open up before you.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What Can I Expect During Detox?

Drug detox is generally a difficult process to go through alone. Each physically addictive drug has moderate to severe symptoms to contend with and intense cravings that can make you feel overwhelmed and potentially relapse if you aren’t helped professionally in a detox program. Withdrawal symptoms and the intense cravings that come with it are major reasons why people aren’t able to quit drugs. Sustaining recovery has more to do with treating and healing from the underlying addiction causes but the physical dependence that forms requires drug detox programs to make the experience easier.

You can expect to start with your drug detox program for residents of Oklahoma as soon as your intake is complete. Your symptoms will start within hours of your last drug use and therefore, having the medications to help you as they start is important, especially if you are in an outpatient setting because it can help you to prevent relapse.

You can expect to receive medication based on the type of drug withdrawal being treated. For example, an addiction to opioids such as heroin or prescription pain relievers is treated through the use of medications such as methadone, naltrexone, buprenorphine, and lofexidine. These medications serve different purposes but in general, they reduce your cravings and treat your withdrawal symptoms so that you don’t feel the constant need to take more opioids just to make it through the day.

If you are detoxing from drugs such as Xanax, then you may do so in an inpatient program. This will help to ensure that your health isn’t adversely affected because severe withdrawal symptoms can be fatal in some situations. In our inpatient drug detox program, our medical team will monitor your health and provide you with treatment should your symptoms start to affect your health in a significant way such as an IV drip.

How Long Does Detox Last?

For most people, drug detox is a relatively short experience, especially when your symptoms are properly treated so that an hour doesn’t feel like a lifetime of discomfort. Generally speaking, you can expect your drug detox program to last between 5 and 7 days. The start of your symptoms usually occurs within 6 to 12 hours from the last time you used drugs. It may take 24 hours for your symptoms to become apparent.

Most withdrawal symptoms intensify and peak at roughly the third day of detox. Symptoms can peak earlier but once this peak is reached, your symptoms will start to rapidly disappear in the following days. By the fifth day, you should start to feel much better and by the seventh day, most people are ready to complete their detox program and move on to further treatment.

In some cases, there may be persistent withdrawal symptoms that are primarily felt as mental symptoms such as depression. These symptoms are known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome and may point to chemical imbalances in the brain and the need for long-term medically-assisted treatment (MAT) programs, which Resurgence offers.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

Drug detox is not a treatment for addiction but rather for chemical dependence. It treats the physical reliance that your body has on drugs but the causes of your addiction still need to be addressed. By just going through a drug detox program, there is a significant risk of relapse once the causes of your original addiction start to lead you down the same path.

For example, you may have an untreated mental health disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). When your symptoms of PTSD flare up, then you may seek relief through drugs again because you have no way to deal with your symptoms in a sustainable way.

The causes of addiction revolve around your biology, development, and environment. After completing your drug detox program in Oklahoma, it’s important that you take advantage of the momentum to further your recovery and treat the causes of your addiction through programs such as behavioral therapy and our holistic treatment programs. 

The goal is to no longer need drugs to cope with the stressors in your life because you have better coping skills and you’ve healed from the causes of your addiction such as by receiving treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. Resurgence can give you access to a comprehensive drug addiction treatment program that will make it possible to overcome drug abuse for good and sustain your recovery after rehab.

Get in touch with Resurgence Behavioral Health today to get more information on our drug detox programs or to start with your drug detox. With our help, you can overcome physical drug dependence and receive treatment to overcome addiction so that you can embrace a drug-free life.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.