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Learn About Step By Step Recovery

Step by step recovery is based upon the 12-Step program from Alcoholics Anonymous, which was designed to help people stop drinking.

According to the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous, by applying these 12 steps to their life and sharing experiences with others who are also going through step by step recovery, people who struggle with addiction can achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle.

According to experts, the 12-Steps program typically involves choosing a sponsor to turn to for social support or for advice during times of a crisis.

While step-by-step recovery began as a support group program for alcoholism, its philosophies have spread to programming for people addicted to drugs, leading to the development of Narcotics Anonymous.

People who are in addiction rehab may benefit from participating in a step-by-step recovery program.

The First Step of Step By Step Recovery

These programs begin with a person admitting they are powerless over drugs or alcohol.

This identifies with the definition of addiction, which experts have described as being a chronic, relapsing brain disease that causes people to compulsively seek drugs.

Coming to terms with this first step is important because it allows a person to admit that they need help to stop using. This step can be seen as an initiation into the recovery process.

The Second Step

The next step in the process involves accepting there is a higher power that provides healing.

The third step is closely related to step number two, as it states a person will turn their lives over to God “as they understand him.”

Other steps in step-by-step recovery involve God. For instance, the 12-Step Program includes admitting wrongdoings to God, asking him to remove them, and praying to God to ensure you are living according to His will.

This is a potentially controversial area of step-by-step recovery because some people may be hesitant to accept the spirituality focus of the 12-Step program, especially if they adopt a secular mindset. While this can be difficult for some, these programs do not necessarily require a person to show acceptance of the Christian religion or a belief in God.

In some cases, clients may simply rely on a Higher Power to help them recover, which can take on various forms.

Other Steps in the Step By Step Recovery Process

There are other steps in this process in addition to accepting powerlessness over drugs and alcohol and accepting a Higher Power. Some of these other steps include making a list of people you have harmed throughout the course of your addiction and making amends to them if possible.

Learning these and the other steps in the process and applying them to your personal life is thought to be critical for recovering from addiction.

While it may be common to move through these steps one at a time in a linear fashion, some people may find that they return to earlier steps from time to time.

Does Step By Step Recovery Work?

Step-by-step recovery is popular, but it is also essential to assess whether this type of treatment works.

According to experts, people of all ages have found that these programs are suitable for helping them to recover from addiction.

Additional research suggests that the spirituality component of 12-Step programs is especially beneficial for those in addiction rehab, as people who have a religious or spiritual focus heal faster and have access to social support and a sense of belonging. Studies also show that spiritual awakenings can help people to stay abstinent from drugs.

12-Step programs are particularly effective because you learn specific beliefs and behaviors expected of people who are in treatment for addiction.

Given the fact that research from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that 73% of addiction treatment programs have some sort of step-by-step recovery option, it is safe to conclude that this form of treatment is effective.

Signs You May Benefit From Step By Step Recovery

If you are struggling with an addiction, you likely need treatment to get clean.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the clinical term for an addiction is a substance use disorder.

Some signs of a substance use disorder include strong drug cravings, using larger amounts of drugs than intended, and being unsuccessful at cutting back on drug use.

Other signs of a substance use disorder include giving up other activities in favor of drug use, being unable to fulfill duties at work or home because of substance abuse, continuing to use drugs even when it causes or worsens a health problem, or using drugs even when it causes relationship problems.

If you have any of these signs of a substance use disorder, it will be challenging to give up drugs without help, and 12-Step programs may be able to assist.

12-Step Recovery Programs at Resurgence

For those looking for group support programs, Resurgence is your go-to resource.

We offer detox services, outpatient and inpatient drug rehab. We also offer 12-Step programs for all different needs and requirements.

We recognize that professional treatment is necessary, but people also benefit from support groups

If you choose Resurgence as your addiction rehab provider, we will introduce you to the 12-Step program and give you an opportunity to participate in other self-help groups.

We allow you the option to move through the 12 Steps with a sponsor, or with your counselor during individual therapy sessions.

Beyond offering group support meetings, Resurgence is happy to provide you with an individualized treatment plan, customized to meet your unique needs. We also offer alternatives to 12-Step programs if this is not your preferred method of support. If you choose us as your inpatient drug rehab, you will receive your treatment in a comfortable, home-like setting with easy access to California’s beautiful beaches, piers, waterfalls, pools, and outdoor shopping centers.

Paying for Addiction Treatment

Once you make the decision to seek rehab and participate in a step-by-step recovery program, you have to determine how you will pay for treatment.

At Resurgence, we make this process easier by offering a free, confidential insurance verification program.

Give us a call or fill out a brief form on our website.

We accept most PPO insurance plans, and we communicate with your insurance provider on your behalf.

We believe that everyone should have access to the treatment they need to recover from addiction and develop the skills for coping with triggers for drug use to avoid a relapse.

Give us a call today to learn more about our step-by-step recovery programs and to discuss your options for treatment.