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Gerri Dominguez, M.A., LPC, CART, BIPP

Gerri Dominguez, M.A., LPC, CART, BIPP


At times life can be difficult to handle and it can take you in directions you have never been before. Life can certainly become overwhelming and confusing. Changes can be positive or negative and still cause a tremendous amount of challenges. Discovering your new purpose can have its own adversities.

Gerri Dominguez will assist you in exploring and developing healthier ways to look at life, overcome challenges and discover emotional health. Mrs. Dominguez would like to work together with you by discovering tools needed to overcome adversities and obstacles that might take place. Trying to find that inner peace, positive change, healing, and your strengths.

Gerri Dominguez has a background that includes a Bachelor of Psychology and Master of Counseling. She has worked with individuals trying to get back on track with life after being in trouble legally. She has many years of experience in working with people who struggle with addiction and alcoholism, relationship problems, anger issues, and family struggles. The knowledge of blended families, teen pregnancy, and adoption also comes from first-hand knowledge for her. She is willing to go down any road of pain with her client because that is the roadblock to happiness.

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