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Top Rated Drug Detox Program for Residents of El Paso

Detox is the process by which a person is carefully weaned from the drug that they are addicted to. It addresses an individual’s physical dependence on the substance in question. A person may become physically dependent on a drug after a mere few uses or over a long period of time. Dependence forms as a person begins to build a tolerance to a drug. In order to achieve its former effects, the individual must increase the dose. By establishing a pattern of dose tolerance and dose increase, dependence occurs and, in the case of full-blown addiction, is accompanied by psychological and behavioral dependence too.

Although detox only addresses the physical aspect of drug addiction, it is a crucial first step in the recovery process. Until detox is completed, the individual will be unlikely to focus on other treatments needed to help them manage their addiction. Detox does not cure addiction, but it can propel the beginning of recovery.

Resurgence offers medical detox treatment to clients who enter our drug rehab less than 48 hours from their last use of drugs. We feature a safe environment where clients can undergo this process under the care of our clinicians. It’s never safe to attempt to stop using drugs or alcohol cold turkey at home. Although withdrawal symptoms may start out mild, they can rapidly escalate in severity. Some symptoms may prove so severe that they trigger a health emergency such as thoughts of suicide, seizures, or heart irregularities.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we provide medications and other treatments designed to reduce or even eliminate withdrawal symptoms, helping clients undergo this necessary process in safety. Withdrawal is never pleasant, but treatments have come a long way and medications can help clients to get the rest they need to promote genuine healing as their bodies are weaned from the addictive drug.

If you live in El Paso and are addicted or dependent on any type of drug, including illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine or prescription drugs like opioid painkillers or stimulants such as Adderall, we can help you to achieve lasting recovery. Our detox program is the first step to transforming your life and health for the better.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What Is Detox Like?

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our detox process is supervised by our clinicians who specialize in addiction medicine. First, we meet with clients to provide them with a consultation. We want them to understand what our process is like so that they can go into it with greater peace of mind. Many individuals addicted to drugs are apprehensive about detox at a rehab because they may fear that they won’t be able to leave or that the process will prove too painful.

During our consultation, we’re able to discuss how we treat withdrawal symptoms so that they can go through the process as comfortably as possible. We provide clients with a tour of our facility so that they begin treatment fully informed and with our assurance to care for them with compassion as well as medical expertise.

Withdrawal symptoms are an inevitable part of the process, but medications can typically reduce their severity or even eliminate them. We want clients to feel as comfortable as possible so that they can rest and allow their bodies to start to heal as the toxins are released and their dependence fades away. After withdrawal symptoms peak, the individual can expect to feel better with each passing day until they’ve completed the process and are ready to continue their treatment plan with other therapies.

How Long Does Detox Take?

The detox process is somewhat different for each client. For one, the time frame can differ. On average, most individuals will complete detox in about a week, but this varies. A person might complete the process in a couple of days, while others do in a couple of weeks. The time frame depends on the drug that a person is addicted to, the length of time they’ve been dependent on it, and their own unique chemistry. Regardless of the time it takes, we provide the caring support each client needs to complete their process.

What we can say is that withdrawal symptoms tend to peak anywhere from 24-48 hours from a person’s last drug use. However, withdrawal symptoms may begin just a couple of hours from the individual’s last use. Different drugs produce different withdrawal effects. For instance, a person who is withdrawing from heroin will often experience symptoms that mimic the flu, including vomiting and body aches. Other common withdrawal symptoms are headache, insomnia, depression, anxiety, tremors, sweating, and irritability.

As the process completes, the person experiences fewer and less intense withdrawal symptoms. Once they’re stable and the symptoms become minimal, they can begin subsequent treatments to address the other major factors of their addiction.

Why Choose Resurgence for Drug Detox?

Resurgence Behavioral Health has helped thousands of El Paso residents manage their drug addiction successfully. We know that people abuse drugs and become addicted to them for many different reasons. That’s why we individualize our treatment plans so that we can properly address each person’s needs. We know how crucial detox is to recovery from addiction. That’s why we’ve designed a complete detox program that’s overseen by certified and experienced clinicians.

Clients choose Resurgence because we have a reputation for empathetic care and high-quality treatments. Detox is the first step in a person’s recovery plan. Once drug toxins are safely removed from the individual’s body, they will no longer be physically dependent on the drug. At that point, they’re finally able to focus on the therapies needed to address their mental and behavioral dependencies on the drug in question.

If you live in El Paso and are searching for a high-quality rehab where you can safely undergo medical detox, contact Resurgence. We can provide you with an evaluation of your condition and recommend the ideal treatment plan for you. Don’t wait to get the help you need to put your addiction behind you.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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