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The Marijuana DUI Test

In the U.S., once you begin driving, you likely will learn about drunk driving.

Whether it’s a field sobriety test or a breathalyzer, law enforcement has tried and true methods for testing alcohol levels while you are on the road.

But with marijuana usage on the rise both recreationally and medicinally, how can law enforcement test if we are driving while marijuana impaired?

Read on to learn how marijuana affects our driving, how law enforcement is testing impairment, and how we can help treat marijuana abuse at Resurgence. Learn about the New Breathalyzer for Marijuana.

The Effects of Marijuana on Driving

According to research compiled by the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, “After alcohol, marijuana is the drug most often linked to drugged driving.”

Not only that, but the amount of people driving while using marijuana also continues to increase significantly.

And just as alcohol consumption impairs driving, so does the THC in marijuana.

Specifically, marijuana can hinder driving ability by:

  • Impairing your coordination
  • Clouding your judgment
  • Distorting your memory
  • Disrupting your balance
  • Slowing your reaction time
  • Distorting your perception
  • Reducing your ability to problem solve

Marijuana and Car Crashes

Because of all of these negative side effects, some research indicates that marijuana usage is linked to a larger likelihood of car crashes.

This risk increases even further if you are both high and drunk.

These facts are why there have been significant developments in an effective weed DUI test.

But how does a marijuana breathalyzer work, and what should you expect from this form of marijuana DUI test?

Understanding the Marijuana DUI Test

In the past, there were some tools on the market that served as a marijuana DUI test (including blood tests, urine tests, and saliva tests). But since none of these were breathalyzers, the test results could take days to process.

They also lacked some accuracy in proving if the marijuana was used before driving. However, according to an article in NPR, one company has created a breathalyzer that can “accurately detect whether a person has smoked pot in the last two hours, a window many consider the peak impairment time frame.”

This marijuana DUI test can even “accurately measure THC in breath molecules in parts per trillion.” And this is not the only company that has developed such a tool. However, it is yet to become mandatory to use such a tool, and there is still no agreement on how much THC causes impairment.

Plus, some of you do use it for medicinal purposes; which may impact how this breathalyzer is potentially used.

The Legal Effects of Driving Under Marijuana Impairment

Until there are defined rules on driving while using marijuana and until a breathalyzer is approved for nationwide use, the laws are nuanced, according to, “To prove a per se marijuana DUI, a prosecutor would typically need to produce blood test results showing the driver was over the legal limit.”

However, the goal of the breathalyzer marijuana DUI test would be to detect the level of THC in the driver on-the-spot. This would also more accurately prove if the marijuana was used prior to driving and not days before.

Remember, however, the legal ramifications of driving while using marijuana also vary by state as each state has different marijuana-related laws. So if you have been pulled over for a marijuana DUI, we suggest you contact your lawyer.

And if you have received a marijuana-related DUI and think you would like to seek help for marijuana abuse, we have plenty of treatment options available.

Resurgence Payment and Insurance

We firmly believe that every patient should receive the best care possible when it comes to beating your marijuana addiction. And this means not having to worry about the cost, especially after receiving a marijuana-related DUI.

At Resurgence, we will build your treatment plan at an affordable cost while still providing the best care possible. For our services, we accept most PPO insurance as well as private forms of payment for treatment.

We will also communicate with your insurance provider, on your behalf, to ensure that you or your loved one is provided with a custom recovery program for your individual situation without the high cost.

Marijuana Abuse Treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health

At Resurgence Behavioral Health in California, we understand the difficulty in dealing with marijuana abuse. Luckily, our team of experts has experience in monitoring and assisting in all kinds of substance abuse.

And post-withdrawal, we also offer drug rehab to treat your substance abuse. We are here to ensure you will beat any addictions you come in with. That is why we offer a whole range of treatment: detox programs, rehabilitation programs, and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) post-recovery.

We also have a variety of counseling options to treat any mental illness alongside your marijuana addiction, including our dual diagnosis program.

Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

We understand that everyone’s marijuana usage and dependence are different. Our outpatient drug treatment is an alternative option for those who cannot attend our residential program.

It is ideal for employed people who cannot leave their jobs or those who cannot leave their family. It is also a more affordable option. Each inpatient facility provides close supervision by highly trained staff, 24-hour medical care, individual and group therapy sessions, healthy meal options, and a relaxing environment.

Our Approach to Rehabilitation

We take a customized, patient-centric approach to rehabilitation. We understand marijuana addiction needs special attention. If you come to us trying to recover from marijuana abuse problems after a DUI, we will begin by completing an assessment to devise a plan for your full recovery.

Our treatment programs address all the underlying conditions for addiction to allow you to take ownership of your recovery. Our customized approach, coupled with our staff of highly motivated and well-trained professionals, ensure that you or your loved one will receive excellent care during and after treatment.

Some of the rehabilitation treatments we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Stress Management
  • Group Therapy
  • Medication to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings

Intensive Outpatient Program

If you complete recovery with us in an inpatient or outpatient setting or try to avoid driving impaired again, please check out our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Breaking a marijuana abuse habit can be especially difficult for anyone. In IOP, you will have the flexibility to maintain much of your normal daily routine while working on maintaining sobriety.

IOP is a good treatment option if you do not have the means to leave your job or if you have to stay home for any other reason. You will receive support from therapy groups and gain the ability to apply the skills you learned during treatment, all while maintaining your normal lifestyle.

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