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5 Health Benefits of a Drug Detox

Addiction Treatment Alexa Iocco | August 24, 2019

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Are you curious about what a drug detox can do for you or another individual struggling with an addiction?

Millions of people in the U.S. wrestle with a substance addiction of some kind. In many cases, those who are addicted to substances die from overdosing.

For example, many would argue that there is an opioid crisis in America at the moment given the high daily number of opiate overdose deaths.

There are solutions to addiction, and one of them is a detox.

Drug detoxes enable individuals to safely withdraw from a drug and take closer steps to an addiction-free life.

Read on to learn more about the top five benefits of drug detoxes.

1. Experience Safe Withdrawal Under Medical Supervision

A drug detox involves safely withdrawing from a drug under the supervision of medical professionals.

Addiction occurs when your body builds a physical dependence on a certain drug, like alcohol or heroin. Dependence develops as the body builds a tolerance to higher dosages of the drug itself.

Most drugs will suppress the central nervous system.

When the drug isn’t present in the user’s body, the nervous system is likely to slowly come back to life, leading to painful withdrawal symptoms.

In many cases, withdrawal involves powerful cravings for more of the drug in question. This is in addition to other debilitating symptoms, such as headaches, agitation, tremors, nausea, and/or vomiting.

It can be dangerous attempting to withdraw from a drug on your own. This is especially the case if you have a severe addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms for severe addictions can prove fatal.

For example, alcoholics withdrawing from alcohol may experience potentially fatal tremors as early as a few hours after their last drink.

When an individual undergoes a detox, he/she is able to safely withdraw from a drug in a medical setting. In many cases, drug detoxes occur in a rehab center’s inpatient clinic.

Medical professionals will monitor an addict and often administer medications to help them comfortably detox from a drug’s influence.

2. Earn A Higher Chance of Survival

Addiction can kill people, and it does so every day. Deaths can occur through overdosing, severe withdrawal symptoms, and ineffective treatment.

A drug detox can give you a higher chance of survival if you are battling an addiction. This is because medical professionals have access to medications and treatments that can alleviate withdrawal symptoms and prevent fatality.

This is the case even for people who are struggling with the most severe cases of addiction.

What’s more, trying to quit a drug addiction on your own puts you at a higher risk of fatality.

If you are fearing for the survival of a loved one struggling with addiction, a drug detox may be the answer.

3. Prevent Damage to Your Nervous System

Most drugs, when ingested or smoked, immediately set to work on the body’s nervous system.

Many will act as suppressants, triggering the release of dopamine, the body’s pleasure chemical. A user may feel more relaxed and numb as a result of other sensations.

Over time, this suppression of the body’s central nervous system can be deadly. This is because the system becomes so used to being in a slumber of sorts.

In the absence of the drug itself, your system could rebound in a potentially damaging way.

Damage to your nervous system can be fatal or, at the very least, life-altering. It can lead to immense health complications down the road.

It can also mean more painful withdrawal episodes in the future. It can make it more difficult to ease off of an addiction.

A drug detox ensures that your nervous system remains intact. Clinically proven medications can help ease the nervous system back into reality.

As a result, a drug detox can prevent damaging rebounding and ensure that all systems maintain optimum health.

4. Pave the Way for Recovery

A drug detox is not the sole answer to addiction. But it can open the doors to a more robust treatment plan.

This is why many drug rehab centers require their patients to undergo a detox before beginning treatment. Even if you undergo a detox at an outpatient facility, you can still use this as a bridge to receiving more robust treatment.

In this sense, a drug detox can be the first step you or a loved one takes in breaking free of substance addiction.

5. Experience What it Feels Like to Be Drug-Free

As we stated above, a drug detox does not cure an individual of an addiction. It can be effective in curbing cravings, easing withdrawal symptoms, and helping the drug pass through your body safely.

More treatment is recommended to permanently stop cravings and ease back into a healthy social routine. Many individuals simply don’t know what it’s like, however, to not be under the influence of the drug they’re addicted to.

A detox can help them to experience what it feels like to be drug-free. This can have a variety of in-the-moment health benefits.

For example, it can improve cognitive function, giving individuals the clarity of mind they need to self-reflect. It can also restore appetite, encouraging individuals to make healthy eating choices.

Medical supervisors can ensure that individuals undergoing detox stay hydrated and have the nutrients they need to withdraw safely.

All of these benefits can give individuals a perspective of what it’s like to lead a life that’s in their control. This is a great perspective to have before committing to recovery.

The Benefits of a Drug Detox

Addiction continues to cripple families around the U.S. It’s possible to stop the cycle of addiction by undergoing a detox.

Drug detoxes enable individuals to safely withdraw from the influence of a drug under medical supervision. They can prevent damage to an individual’s central nervous system and even open the doors to further recovery.

It’s possible to safely detox from a drug at an outpatient or inpatient care service in your community.

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