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At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we emphasize the highest standards of care delivered by an expert team with decades of experience in addiction recovery – making us one of the top California addiction treatment centers. At each of our locations, we create a truly personalized treatment for every client that comes in our door. Resurgence Behavioral Health can guide you or your loved one through every step of the addiction recovery journey. From intensive out-patient (IOP) programs at Resurgence Center to residential treatment at Resurgence Lodge to transitioning back to regular life in our single gender sober living facilities, Resurgence Behavioral is equipped to help each unique individual regain a healthy and happy life.

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Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA | Resurgence Behavioral Health

The attentive staff made sure all my needs were met I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people. Intense one on one therapy sessions and small intimate groups helped me to better understand myself. Housing felt like a home an the staff and residents quickly became a family. Numerous outings helped to break up any monotony. If you need help on your journey, Resurgence will lay out an amazing road map to recovery.

Ian R.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA | Resurgence Behavioral Health

I highly recommend this program if you are serious about maintaining your sobriety. They teach you real life skills that you will use to get your life back on track. I now know how to build my credit and have proper money management skills. I couldn’t ask for a better staff! The program director Kevin is awesome. He is actually attentive with the clients and genuinely cares for each and every one of us. I usually can’t wait to leave treatment centers, but this is one place I will honestly miss. A huge thank you for all you have done for me Resurgence!

Nick A.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA | Resurgence Behavioral Health

Treatment centers are only as good as the staff and the programming; everything else is fluff. Resurgence behavioral health has a staff that truly cares and has real life experience in recovery. I also found the programming to be stimulating, thoughtful, and therapeutic. No treatment center will ever be able to fully cure one's issues but thanks to Resurgence I have a real shot at long term sobriety and would recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction.

Christopher M.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Costa Mesa, CA | Resurgence Behavioral Health

This is by far the best treatment center I’ve ever been to. I’ve never been surrounded by a more genuine and caring group of people in my life. The staff members truly go above and beyond their actual job title and I will never be able to describe my gratitude for every single one of them! I’m so blessed to be where I am, they have given me a real chance at life. If it where not for Resergence I wouldn’t have made it back from the depths of hell I had put myself in. Thank you all. I feel so blessed that you all came into my life!

Alex C.

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