Rehab at Resurgence

Customized Recovery Plans

Resurgence Behavioral health offers a full continuum of care delivered by our team of addiction specialists, each dedicated to our clients’ recovery success.

Our addiction treatment center offers the most up-to-date evidence based addiction treatment programs designed to support clients no matter where they are on their recovery journey. We provide customized treatment and support for each client, helping them make the essential lifestyle transformation they need to achieve improved wellness and lasting sobriety.

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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Resurgence offers a relaxed, safe and residential environment to foster the recovery process and encourage healthy living.

Rarely are two people’s needs the same. At Resurgence, our programs are specifically designed to fit your unique addiction and personal needs. We will evaluate your progress and update your treatment as necessary to ensure that you are receiving the most comprehensive care for your specific needs.

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A Team that Truly Cares

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our doctors, therapists, and support staff truly care about the well-being and recovery success of each client. Empathy is at the heart of our approach to treatment.

That’s why we believe strongly in our individualized approach to addiction treatment. Each person has unique needs and goals. Our team works closely with each client to help them understand why they became addicted and to develop the strategies they’ll need to safeguard their sobriety and prevent relapse.

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Your New Life Starts Here

There is more than one path to addiction recovery. That’s why Resurgence offers multiple treatment programs to suit each individual’s needs, preferences, and budget. Your recovery journey begins the moment you enter our door, and we’ll support you each step of the way.

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Starting Clean

Medical detox targets the physical dependence that underscores drug or alcohol addiction. We offer safe, medically supervised detox complemented by reliable treatments that reduce or eliminate the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Medically Assisted Detox
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Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment programs allow clients to immerse themselves in the recovery process. Our clinicians provide individualized care complemented by our wealth of facility amenities and outdoor activities.

Inpatient Treatment
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Living Sober

Our outpatient program allows clients who have achieved stability the opportunity to access therapy while transitioning back to everyday life. Its flexibility is perfect for clients who want to work or care for their families while getting the support they need.

Outpatient Treatment
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Continued Support

Addiction aftercare provides ongoing support for clients after they’ve completed the intensive portions of their treatment programs. The longer an individual spends in therapy, including aftercare, the less likely they are to suffer a relapse.

Ongoing Addiction Care

What Sets Us Apart

Trauma-Informed Care

Addiction often stems from underlying trauma; many clients suffer from co-occurring disorders like anxiety or depression.

At Resurgence we take a comprehensive approach to dual diagnosis treatment. We have the capability to address addiction and mental health disorders with professional, medically sanctioned treatments. We help clients to address their trauma and unhealthy coping methods in order to develop strategies for managing their negative emotions and thought patterns in healthy ways that support sobriety.

A Safe, Relaxing Space

When someone is in the throes of addiction, ‘getting away from it all’ to immerse themselves in treatment can have life-changing–and life-saving–results.

The care team of Resurgence has developed a retreat-like environment where our clients can focus exclusively on their therapies, new goals, and recovery journey. We feature a safe rehab facility surrounded by a picturesque rural setting. Hiking, horseback riding, attending group bonfire meetings, spending time outdoors–these activities promote healing as they complement our clinical treatment programs.

Affordable Treatment Plans

Drug or alcohol addiction treatment is an investment in your health and future. That said, we understand that each individual has different needs and different budget constraints.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we feature affordable treatment options so that clients can get the professional addiction therapy they need to achieve lasting sobriety. We also accept various insurance plans as well as most private forms of payment. No one should be precluded from getting the help they need to live a healthy life. We’re here to assist you throughout the enrollment process.

Treatment that just Works

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our doctors and therapists meet you where you are in your recovery journey, whether you’re just starting out or you’re trying to keep relapse at bay.

We take a real-world approach to addiction recovery by offering the best medically sanctioned, evidence-based therapies and pairing them with our holistic offerings like cozy cabin living and outdoor activities that support healthy lifestyles and lasting recovery. With our customized treatment plans, you can put your addiction behind you and transform your life and health for the better.

Support for Loved Ones

It’s been said that addiction is a family disease because it doesn’t just impact an individual; it affects their families and loved ones too.

That’s why Resurgence offers family therapy to help clients’ families understand how and why addiction developed and what they can do to provide healthy support for their loved one. Many family members, too, need support as they work through their own emotional trauma. As in all our treatment offerings, we provide customized therapy to help families rebuild trust and achieve genuine healing.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.