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Raising Addiction Awareness

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What is Addiction Awareness?

You may already have addiction awareness due to a family member who suffers from alcoholism or a friend you lost to a lethal overdose. Or you may be one of the many who suffer from a debilitating struggle with addiction. Resurgence Behavioral Health is one of the leading addiction centers in California, and we want to guide you back to the path of sobriety.

Immediate Placement in Rehab for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Community Addiction Awareness

Raising addiction awareness also means raising community awareness. Because of social stigmas surrounding addiction, fewer people are likely to seek help for a taboo condition. Do not let embarrassment about your habit stop you from pursuing a rewarding, healthy lifestyle. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we demystify the stigma and will not judge no matter your addiction.

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Understanding Addiction Awareness

SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month every September to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance abuse disorders. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we work every month of the year to improve your knowledge of addiction and provide a haven for recovery. Most of the general population doesn’t have a clear understanding of addiction, only that it destroys families and ruins lives.

It’s a misunderstanding that addiction only happens to people without willpower or principles. In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease that many are not immune to. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, are nationally accredited facilities are available today.

Effects of Addiction

Addiction is characterized as a chronic disease where you lack compulsion and control despite the negative consequences. Some commonly abused substances are prescription drugs like amphetamines, benzodiazepines, anti-depressants, alcohol, and illicit drugs.

Elements such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines are often addictive and abused, plus they’re illegal drugs. By creating community addiction awareness, we can destigmatize substance abuse disorders we have been able to do for depression successfully. Widespread empathy is crucial in effecting change for those suffering from a complicated addiction.

The Stigma Around Substance Abuse

Raising addiction awareness means raising awareness among our healthcare providers and public health officials as well. Doctors who see a patient with an addiction problem as weak will usually treat them with substandard care withhold treatment. The best thing you can do for a family member or friend who is struggling with addiction is to offer your support and convince them to get help.

If you are struggling with addiction and there is no one in your corner, our team is there for support. Our team includes addiction counselors, addiction specialists, and compassionate therapists to get you through this journey of self-realization and wellness.

Mental Health and Addiction Awareness

Patients who exhibit signs of acute intoxication or withdrawal symptoms have often been expelled from emergency rooms by staff who are afraid to treat them. Because of treatment in the past by medical professionals, you may internalize these feelings and are terrified of seeking help. If you or a loved one suffer from addiction, the best thing to do is to stand up to others.

By educating your community and deconstructing social stigma, we are closer to providing a healthier world for others. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we do not see patients, only people. Our compassionate team of nationally recognized professionals is here to find the right program for you today. We provide a combination of innovative therapies to support you in your journey to lasting health and happiness.

Addiction Awareness Starts With You

Depending on the substance or severity of your addiction, our team may advise MAT medication-assisted treatment to bring you through the detoxification process safely. This phase of treatment may not be necessary as not all dependencies are substance abuse related. We offer treatment for psychological addictions such as gambling, sex addiction, and eating-related disorders.

Our understanding and well-trained team will determine the best combination of treatments for you, depending on your addiction. IOP intensive outpatient programs and PHP partial hospitalization are available in conjunction with counseling and other beneficial treatment methods. We understand that addressing a debilitating addiction can be a painful choice, and our team will do our best to keep you committed to this decision for a change.

Alternative Treatments for Addiction Therapy

Resurgence Behavioral Health offers a combination of innovative therapies to keep you on track for life without crippling addiction. Our therapists utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing to approach the roots behind your addiction. Our professionals will guide you with steps to finding healthy alternatives to your addiction. We also offer dialectical behavioral therapy for clients that suffer from a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health disorders.

Dialectical behavioral therapy treatment can help create self-awareness and help you process the reasons behind your addiction. Our staff focuses on affective rehabilitation by teaching patients how to live a fruitful life without the yoke of dependency. We provide group therapy, art therapy, individual counseling, family counseling, and continual outpatient therapy. Resurgence Behavioral Health believes through raising addiction awareness; we can change lives starting with you.

Raising Addiction Awareness Through Continual Therapy

We strongly encourage our guests to continue with outpatient programs as we believe it is vital to remain motivated for change. We connect our clients through an Alumni network with peers and counselors that offer ongoing support in maintaining continual improvement. We know that recovery is not a quick fix, and we value our ability to keep you connected to outpatient community resources.

Our continued therapy programs include SMART recovery, narcotics anonymous, and alcoholics, anonymous groups, for consistent therapy and community. You are also welcome to communicate with our staff to find the best continual therapy option for your wants. Due to the isolation caused by COVID-19, we know that it is more important than ever to have support. NA, AA, and SMART recovery offer remote meetings to meet your community and emotional support needs.

Facilities That Feel Like Home

We know that it can be challenging to leave the comforts of home to seek treatment, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. It’s never been easier to commit to recovery with our luxury and executive accommodations. We provide 100% anonymity for all of our patients as we understand the delicate nature of seeking help.

Amenities like group exercise, golf, tennis, and basketball courts are just a few pleasures for our guests. Outdoor meditation areas, on-site cooking, massage treatments, and TV/internet access provide distractions from the discomfort of recovery. During your stay, find peace and therapy with some of our team’s most valuable members: our therapy dogs.


Our goal at Resurgence Behavioral Health is to increase addiction awareness and provide accessible treatment for everyone. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we accept most types of insurance. We guarantee that we will provide the best treatment plan possible without cutting the quality of care. As an added perk, we offer free insurance verification to establish benefits.

We will also communicate with your service provider to ensure you are provided the best care without unreasonable costs. We accept most PPO insurance, private forms of payment, and payment plans for cash payments. For your convenience, we also offer payment plan options online.

Free Information on Addiction Awareness 

Relief Can Begin Today

There are many ways you can participate in raising addiction awareness for your community, yourself, or someone you love. Becoming a mentor or sharing your experience with addiction can be a valuable tool that might save someone’s life. We hope that after visiting us at Resurgence Behavioral Health that we can change your life for the better.

Our team devotes our best resources to help you make a choice to end addiction a permanent one. We believe you deserve a chance at happiness no matter your addiction, and we are committed to helping you reach your goals. Please decide on growth today and give us a call.

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