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Online Addiction Programs

Online Addiction Programs Resurgence - A woman is utilizing drug rehab classes online to help with her drug and alcohol abuse and addictions.

What are Online Addiction Programs?

Drug rehab generally conjures up visions of traveling to a family hotel type of building, moving in, and staying for several weeks. Drug rehab classes online exist and are known by different names: online treatment, virtual drug rehab, and distance drug rehab, These are methods of receiving help with your addiction from the comfort of your own home.

Classes can be done online from any computer or device. This makes treatment available to people who cannot their life commitments for weeks at a time. Immediate access to help is a key convenience. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people became familiar and increasingly comfortable with telehealth visits with their physicians.

This has increased the acceptability of other telemedicine options, including online rehab. Traditionally, online rehab has been reserved for those who have no other way to attend a residential rehab center. The structure and resources of online programs at Resurgence have grown and may be appropriate for your life circumstances.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer a well-rounded online addiction program. It includes individualized and group therapy, counseling, assessments of underlying mental health issues, and follow-up outpatient virtual rehab.

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Understanding Drug Rehab Classes Online

What does online rehab look like? It follows many of the same principles as a traditional inpatient stay. Your confidentiality will be protected, and your attendance will be expected for the classes. Below are some of the components of drug rehab classes online.

1. Regularly scheduled individualized counseling

You will have scheduled 1:1 counseling with our highly trained counselors via an internet platform with a camera and microphone. This will be similar to a traditional counseling session with all of the confidentiality and thorough assessments.

2. Group therapy

Groups of program participants will meet on a regular basis via an online meeting platform. This will be similar to group therapy sessions, with the exception of it being online. You will use a camera and a microphone to participate.

3. Online portal for support and questions

You will have 24/7 access to additional information that you can view at your own pace. This may include your individualized treatment plan, tips or brochures on different coping strategies, and information on addiction.

4. Transition to outpatient care

We offer continued online support once you are ready to step into a less acute meeting regimen. Continued 12-step support groups are available online at many dates and times for your convenience.

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Virtual Drug Rehab

One significant benefit to virtual drug rehab is the immediate availability for families to participate in the treatment program. Most traditional rehab centers offer a week of family therapy in person. This may involve 30-40 hours of in-person therapy for families. If the center is far away, it can be difficult to travel, take time off work, or pay for hotels.

Addiction is a family disease and, for the addict to be successful in recovery, family support is crucial. Virtual drug rehab makes involvement easier for many families. Some virtual drug rehab programs also offer minors support online which can feel less frightening to a child. Completing online classes is already familiar behavior for many elementary and middle school kids. This method of teaching can result in a better understanding and practice of positive and supportive family behaviors.

Another benefit of virtual rehab is the confidentiality of services. It can be impossible to leave work for weeks at a time and still keep your job. Finding creative ways to get treated without notifying all your friends, family, colleagues, and professional contacts can seem overwhelming. Not everyone is ready to announce they are going to rehab. Virtual drug rehab allows you to share information at your own pace and maintain confidentiality while working through recovery.

Mental Illness and Distance Drug Rehab

Are mental illness and addiction-related? In many people, the answer is yes. Having a mental illness such as depression or anxiety can make a loved one more vulnerable to addiction. Many people abuse substances as a form of self-medicating to treat an underlying issue. Rather than getting help for a corresponding problem, you may have tried using drugs or alcohol to deal with it.

Treating both at the same time has been proven to be more effective than treating each individual. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we look for all causes of addiction and any underlying mental health issue. Improving coping skills and anxiety will give you new tools for recovery and stability.

Payment Information

Do you want treatment but are worried about how you can pay for it? We have a team of financial professionals who provide free insurance verification. Many people abuse substances as a form of self-medicating to treat an underlying issue. Rather than getting help for a corresponding problem, you may have tried using drugs or alcohol to deal with it.

In many cases, virtual drug rehab can be less expensive than an inpatient treatment visit. We can work with your insurance to determine all of the options available to you and the costs for each. The flexibility that online rehab provides can also help relieve some of the financial limitations of rehab.

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How to Get Help

Resurgence Behavioral Health Center is available to answer questions or discuss options with you. We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to understanding and healing your addiction. We give hope back to those who are searching for recovery and stability.

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