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Travel Rehab, New Place New You!

Breaking away from old addictive habits can be daunting, which is why travel rehab may be the right choice! Hitting the reset button in a new environment might be just the nudge you need to go to rehab.

Travel for rehab can supercharge the change you have always wanted to make but have been hesitant to go through with.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we can offer you the environment and the therapies to start anew and find freedom from dependence.

Please create a new path with our transformative travel rehab options!

A Reset in a New Location

Getting away from the places, the people you know could actually have a very positive impact. This can be especially true when trying to reset old behavior patterns. Challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone can be just as therapeutic as rehabilitation itself. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers nationally recognized care when considering travel rehab! Traveling outside your zip code to go to rehab can be a new and exciting form of therapy! Resurgence Behavioral Health offers many beautiful and therapeutic facilities all over California.

Why Travel Rehab?

Studies show that short-term absence is associated with consistently better long-term outcomes and sustaining them “Getting away” from your troubles can be a motivation in maintaining a life-long change. Also, if you can’t find the care you need locally, travel rehab may be your best option. By distancing yourself from old triggers or influences you have at home, you have a better chance at recovery! Our addiction specialists can properly diagnose you and get you the help you need without the outside influences of old lifestyle habits! All of our locations offer you a chance to go to rehab for your best chance of success!

Benefits of Travel Rehab

So why choose travel rehab? Studies show that a short stay-cation can reduce stress levels, such as a mental rejuvenation facility, to maintain good health When picking your next staycation, why not go to rehab outside of your geographic location? Travel rehab can be a mental break that your brain associates with the stresses of your current community. When you choose travel rehab, our facilities are unique in providing therapies and a living environment suited for your needs! Finding the right cognitive therapy is paramount when overcoming addiction!

Instate Vs. Out of State Rehab

When faced with the decision of rehab, you may be wondering if you should stay close to home or choose somewhere out of state. The purpose of recovery is to find new beginnings and gain clarity. To reduce the risk of relapse, it may be best to seek rehabilitation away from the old triggers. Find a retreat away from the choices that induced the addictive behaviors in the first place. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer many options to retreat and a home away from home! Out of State Rehab provides a way to let go of old addictions and embrace different ways of living!

Go to Rehab for Your Peace of Mind

Travel can be an opportunity to achieve personal growth as well as expose you to the uncertainty of the unknown https://Chun_Chu_Chen/publication/258161384_Health_and_Wellness_Benefits_of_Treavel_Experiences_A_Literature_Review/links/5a0a17b30f7e9bb949f96e31/Health-and-Wellness-Benefits-of-Travel-Experiences-A-Literature-Review.pdf. If you are suffering from undiagnosed mental health disorders, go to rehab to discover the benefits of dual-diagnosis treatment! When you are suffering from an addiction and an untreated mental illness, it can be life changing to find some relief! Our medical experts can help you cope with your addiction as well as address your psychological needs! Reap the benefits of travel rehab by experiencing the best that Resurgence Behavioral Health has to offer!

Go to Rehab for the Best in Rehabilitation!

Let the sandy beaches of California take you to a place of tranquility with the best in travel rehab! We offer a treatment option for every level of addiction! Our inpatient opportunities provide the best when trying to find an escape from the repetition of your old life and dependencies! Medically Assisted Treatment options are available if you are suffering from a debilitating physical addiction. We offer round the clock care to address your most critical physical and mental addiction needs! We also provide the most dependable in Partial Hospitalization Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs!

Go to Rehab for our Holistic Opportunities

Wellness does not begin and end with travel rehab or on your location! Discover all that Resurgence California has to offer with our holistic treatment options! Our team of professionals are equipped to provide you with many cognitive-behavioral options for new ways to cope with addiction! Travel rehab includes not only a new environment but mental and physical healing. We offer treatment options such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. Both therapies address the underlying reasons for addiction while teaching new patterns of thought and behavior. Yoga, meditation, and counseling provide other opportunities to free your mind and spirit through physical and mental discipline!

Continual Therapy at Travel Rehab

No matter where you go to rehab, we will always encourage continual therapy to maintain your path to sobriety! Travel rehab can be a temporary escape, but you will need to continue treatment once you leave our facilities. Faith-based programs such as AA and NA offer continued community no matter where you live! Our Alumni program is available to clients near and far! Our Alumni programs extend the opportunity to connect with counselors, peers, and alumni. Resurgence Behavioral Health also provides in-person counseling and group sessions while at our facilities or remotely.

Insurance for Travel Rehab

We will work with your insurance options to find the best travel rehab option for you! When you go to rehab, we will pull with you and your insurance company to provide the best experience possible. We accept many forms of insurance, including PPO options. We can also accept cash payment arrangement options. Our intake specialists are happy to go over the many opportunities we have to get you on the path to recovery!

Go Rehab at Resurgence Behavioral Health!

Travel rehab will feel like a vacation at one of our many luxury rehabilitation facilities! Find peace of mind at one of our meditation zones and many natural habitats! Try out your sea legs at one of our many beach locations and go on a surfing adventure! Comfortable upholstery and open skylights will make you feel right at home if that is what you are looking for! We offer many recreational sports, including basketball, tennis, golf, and tai-chi! Cook yourself a home-cooked meal in a private accommodation or enjoy one of our gourmet spreads! Your travel rehab and healing start at one of our many therapeutic California treatment facilities!

Discover the Advantages of Travel Rehab!

Depending on your insurance provider, you can have the luxury of traveling to one of many of our California Locations! You may not always have the option of starting over. However, at Resurgence Behavioral Health, we want to offer you a fresh beginning in an environment that can be therapeutic! Travel rehab can be an adventure and a way to say goodbye to old tendencies! Starting over is never easy, but we can be a vacation that will make letting go of dependence an adventure and a life changing decision!