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Top Rated Alcohol Detox Program for Austin Residents

Alcohol is a dangerous substance. Because of its social acceptance, struggles with alcohol are common, and dependencies are easily formed. In fact, according to a recent study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a reported 14.5 million people were struggling with alcohol use disorder (or alcoholism, as it is more commonly known). Frequent and heavy alcohol use can quickly turn it into an addictive disorder causing problems with work, friends, family, and physical and mental health issues. Commonly, it is a way to cover up and self-medicate an already formed mental health issue resulting in co-occurring disorders. However, alcohol use disorder is a treatable mental disease if you find effective professional help.

Frequent and heavy use can lead to tolerance within the body that makes quitting abruptly and unmonitored not only difficult but hazardous to your health as well. Withdrawal symptoms can occur, leading to overwhelming difficulties and the need to drink again, or even death. It is vital that detoxing off alcohol is done in a safe and monitored place with specialized professionals that have the ability and experience to help you succeed in your recovery.

Resurgence Behavioral Health has a top-rated alcohol detox program here to assist you on your path to recovery from alcohol use and dependence. We can help you get through alcohol detox safely, and with reduced symptoms, thanks to the medications we are licensed to provide and the medical monitoring our healthcare professionals specialize in. Alcohol use disorder is treatable, and there is hope. With effective treatment, you too can recover.

Alcohol use disorder is commonly used to mask other causes that lead to addiction. Sometimes physical and mental abuse from your past has led to alcohol abuse. There may be a co-occurring mental disorder present, and alcohol is the substance you use to self-medicate. No matter your reason, Resurgence Behavioral Health is here to help you begin your journey to recovery, and detox is where you start. Once your detox is complete, our inpatient and outpatient programs are here to help you stay sober. We help you find the treatment best suited for you and your needs to help ensure long-term recovery.

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What is Alcohol Detox Like?

It is essential to understand how alcohol changes the body. Repeated and frequent, heavy alcohol use builds a tolerance within the body, causing the need for more alcohol to produce the same desired effect. The body then adjusts to this new state and starts needing alcohol to function. Sudden stoppage results in withdrawal symptoms due to the body’s reliance on alcohol to function.

Alcohol stimulates GABA receptors which are the receptors that produce that relaxed feeling you get when drinking. When GABA stops being stimulated by alcohol, Glutamate steps in. Glutamate has the opposite effect of relaxation and overcompensates during alcohol withdrawal, causing over-pronounced anxiety and other symptoms. Some of the milder symptoms include anxiety, headache, shakiness, insomnia, sweating, and nausea. Alcohol withdrawal can also produce more severe symptoms such as seizures, hallucinations, fever, confusion, and delusions. Some symptoms are even life-threatening, so it is of the utmost importance that you are medically supervised and adequately treated during your alcohol detox. Our medical detox program will help administer medications that stimulate GABA receptors and do other such things to ensure your detox is as comfortable and safe as possible. Our goal is that no one shall suffer.

What to Expect During Detox?

What to expect during detox? Expect to be well cared for by compassionate, friendly people who understand what you are going through and specialize in alcohol detox. The environment is safe and controlled to ease anxiety. Your surroundings are retreat-like and beautifully rural. Resurgence Behavioral Health is a fully licensed rehab center with quality care and 24-hour round-the-clock medically licensed nurses and professionals. Our professionals are always ready to handle any and all potential complications that may occur.

We are medically licensed to prescribe benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and other OTC medication to ensure your comfort during this difficult time. You will be monitored for fluids and dietary needs to ensure your body is equipped to handle the detox. All precautions and measures in our prescription rehab will be taken to make sure your experience is less overwhelming, and even more importantly, safe.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

How Long is Detox?

The length of detox varies and is wholly personal. Detox depends on how long you drank for and how often you drank – your level of alcohol dependency. On average, most detox symptoms will pass in about five days. The first symptoms will begin to appear 6-12 hours after your last drink, and they include nausea, insomnia, and stomach pain. At 12-48 hours is when more severe symptoms will present themselves, including seizures and hallucinations. The most severe symptoms may show up around days 2-3, and these can include delirium tremens or the DTs. The DTs require medical assistance and are extremely serious.

If you experience the DTs, this is the most severe form of withdrawal. You will have a rapid onset of confusion, altered mental status (global confusion), and sympathetic overdrive (autonomic hyperactivity), which can progress to cardiovascular collapse. Agitation, visual and auditory hallucinations, and fever can also occur. Therefore, it is so important to be at a medically supervised facility for your alcohol detox. By day five, you should start feeling better and ready to begin your next steps to long-term recovery through holistic treatment and behavioral therapy. We also offer equine therapy in our beautiful, retreat-like setting. Our goal is to address the root cause of your alcohol abuse so that long-term recovery is possible.

Why Choose Resurgence for Alcohol Detox?

Here at Resurgence Behavioral Health, we have everything you need to get through your detox safely and comfortably. 24-hour, round-the-clock quality care is here for your safety and ease of mind during this difficult time. We recognize how hard this first step is and how much fear may be involved. Our fantastic staff understands your worries and concerns and will be here to guide you and keep you safe. We have various behavioral therapies and holistic types of treatments, including equine therapy, even couples rehab that are needed for you to overcome addiction. We recognize that this is a severe affliction, but we have the solution. All we need is you. There is hope, and you can find it at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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