Best Detox and Rehab Center For Addiction For Residents of Huntsville, AL

Knowing where to turn to for the right type of help you need for overcoming a substance use disorder can be confusing and anxiety-inducing at first. Just coming to terms with the self-knowledge that you’re suffering from an addiction to substances and need professional assistance is one of the first hurdles to step over on the road to long-lasting recovery.

Acquiring an addiction to alcohol, RX medications, or illicit drugs is something that can begin taking over your enjoyment of life and deteriorate relationships, either gradually over a long period of time or very suddenly, as is often the case when powerful opioid substances are being abused. This is why it’s important that you know excellent rehab services are available to residents of Huntsville, Alabama, through Resurgence Behavioral Health.

Addiction is a disease that you don’t have to struggle with on your own. Excellent treatment is more readily available to Huntsville residents than you may have realized.

Residents of Huntsville can take advantage of one of the best detox and rehab addiction facilities in the area at Resurgence at our nearby location in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Our addiction specialists welcome our Huntsville clients to receive the comprehensive care they need in a relaxing environment that’s safe and wholly supportive. It’s comforting to know that custom-designed help to fit your or your loved one’s specific needs for addiction recovery is just a phone call away.

Resurgence has a reputation for being one of the best detox and addiction rehab centers in the country for a variety of reasons, one of which is that each of our treatment plans is highly personalized. Our staff fully realizes that treating patients in a cookie-cutter fashion just doesn’t work to achieve the kind of longstanding recovery that you’re seeking. You want to get sober and remain clean so you can live the wonderful life that lies ahead of you. To reach that goal for our clients, the clinicians at Resurgence custom designs your addiction treatment plan, because your story, your health history and your substance abuse experiences are unique to you, and you alone.

The addiction specialists on our team delve into your medical, mental, and social history as it pertains to alcohol or drug abuse. We take a whole-patient approach to our customized treatment, implementing the types of therapies that would best help you change your addictive behaviors presently and throughout your life. We add on holistic services that can be helpful to your condition, too, as they’re needed or desired. Nothing is overlooked when it comes to developing and tweaking your treatment plan as your recovery progresses.

The duration of your detox and rehab treatment is also part of your personalized plan. Although the length of your treatment for detoxification or rehab may change as you become involved in the process, our staff can make estimates on how long your program will take. Everyone who enters Resurgence for addiction help will follow their own timelines for recovery, depending on a number of variables that are unique to each individual. Our main goal is to help ensure that your recovery lasts, hopefully, for a lifetime, especially when Aftercare Treatment is a priority for you when your rehab program is completed.

If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, RX medications, or other types of drugs, it’s extremely frustrating if you’re dealing with a co-existing mental health disorder at the same time. Some of our patients suffer from co-occurring mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or trauma-related experiences, that have either contributed to or exacerbated their abuse of substances. At Resurgence, our mental health counselors are experienced in treating people who come to us with a dual diagnosis of addiction and a mental health disorder. Our clinicians can diagnose and treat you for both conditions simultaneously so you can combat both issues that may be feeding into each other to weigh you down even further. Dual diagnosis treatment is an excellent service we provide to help you participate more fully and enjoyably in life during your recovery.

If you need to undergo a period of detox before rehab treatment can begin, Resurgence offers a state-of-the-art medical detox program to get you through withdrawal safely and comfortably. We can provide you with FDA-approved medications during detox to relieve your anxiety, pain, and discomfort as much as possible. Medical doctors check your health status and medication dosages regularly during medical detox. We also can help you achieve long-lasting sobriety through the use of slow tapers as you enter rehab treatment.

What makes Resurgence Behavioral Health one of the best addiction centers for residents of Huntsville is our highly experienced and compassionate staff of professionals who are here for you every day. Our team is comprised of physicians, psychologists, registered nurses, addiction counselors, and many others who will implement your individualized treatment plan and provide you with the care that’s needed to turn your life around.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Why Choose Resurgence

Choosing Resurgence helps you achieve recovery from substance use addiction that becomes deeply rooted within you for a lifetime. Our custom-designed detox and rehab treatment plans get to the root of your relationship with substances so we can lead you towards a successful recovery that will endure for the long term.

You’ll know you’ve chosen the best addiction treatment center for your needs when you make that initial phone call to ask for help. It also helps that The Joint Commission fully accredits Resurgence Behavioral Health and has awarded us with their Gold Seal of Approval. The Gold Seal is an indication of quality that’s gained worldwide recognition. We’ve also been recognized for our continued achievements in patient improvement and care. Resurgence is also always in full compliance with all federal standards and regulations.

Rather than taking a negative point of view towards patient care, the entire team at Resurgence motivates you toward behavioral changes using a very positive and holistic approach. This becomes immediately evident when we speak to you upon intake about your personal needs, preferences, and health conditions when we begin to tailor-custom your treatment plan. Your treatment plan will reflect the unique individual you are, as we do not take a cookie-cutter approach to addiction rehab at Resurgence.

During your first contact with us upon intake, our staff will ask you about your past and present substance use behaviors, in addition to your physical and mental health states. Instead of simply assessing your substance use issues, we also want to know if you’re experiencing any mental health problems, like depression or anxiety. In this way, we can then further assess your need for dual diagnosis treatment by speaking with our medical professionals.

Perhaps your treatment needs will change as you progress or regress during your time at Resurgence. Choosing our center for your rehab needs is one of the best choices you can make because our professionals understand that needs do change as you go through treatment. This is why our team constantly tweaks your treatment plan as needed, whether to eliminate certain services due to your ongoing progress or to add on or change therapies to help you advance towards recovery more quickly. You can be assured we are aware that addiction rehab is a process and that everyone responds in their own way and time to treatment.

When you take into consideration the highly skilled people on staff at Resurgence, the choice to complete your detox and rehab program with us is an easy one for residents of Huntsville to make. The friendly team at Resurgence consists of caring professionals who are experienced in treating addiction and mental health disorders.

Alcohol Detox Program

Millions of people across the US suffer from an addiction to alcohol. Also known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), this type of substance use disorder takes its toll when someone starts to drink very heavily, often on a daily basis. They begin to build a tolerance to the effects that alcohol has on their system, causing them to intake more alcohol, more frequently, just to feel its effects and to bring them to a state of feeling “normal.”

Having an AUD means that you’ve become physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol intake. Someone who wants to overcome their alcohol addiction will, in most cases, need to undergo a period of detox to cleanse all of these alcoholic poisons from their body. It’s not until you rid your system of toxins that you can begin the work of rehab and recovery.

Weaning yourself from alcohol is not always an easy task to accomplish. It can even be quite dangerous when you attempt to detox from alcohol on your own, without any professional assistance, advice, or oversight. When you suddenly stop drinking, your body reacts to this change in your behavior, sometimes in severe and painful ways.

Withdrawal symptoms when quitting alcohol drinking can include anything from minor stomach upset to serious complications that are extremely uncomfortable. In fact, it’s dangerous to attempt alcohol detox by yourself due to the risk of delirium tremens (DTs) or alcohol withdrawal delirium (AWD) occurring. You may also experience disturbing side effects of withdrawal, such as hallucinations, seizures, and a high fever. This is why it’s in your best interests to undergo alcohol detox under the supervision of a medical clinician who’s knowledgeable in the field of addiction.

At Resurgence, we offer an excellent alcohol detox program, during which our medical professionals will ensure that you’re comfortable, safe, and healthy during this challenging period before rehab treatment can begin. You’ll find around-the-clock support and care during your detox stay with us.

Alcohol detox at Resurgence can typically take between 5 and 7 days to complete. After all alcohol toxins have been cleansed from your body, you will be able to function normally again, without the need for liquor to feel like yourself. This is not to say that alcohol detox is a completely smooth road, though. Although you may experience the most severe withdrawal symptoms during your second and third days with no alcohol intake, you can be sure that our clinical team will be there beside you to offer you FDA-approved medications and nursing care to help you through this period as pain- and stress-free as possible.

It’s very possible that you won’t experience the DTs during alcohol withdrawal, but our highly trained staff will be monitoring you every step of the way to check your health status and how you’re reacting to the detox process. Your well-being and safety is our main objective during detox from alcohol. We want to be able to guide you through this withdrawal stage with as much comfort and serenity as we can to help you break the grip that alcohol has been holding you to for so long. With our experience and knowledge, we know that undergoing alcohol detox without professional help will more often than not lead to a relapse. It’s in your best interests to enter Resurgence’s alcohol detox program so you can give yourself an edge in successfully withdrawing from alcohol safely, after which you can begin rehab treatment and increase your chances exponentially of enjoying a long-term recovery.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Drug Detox Program

Having to withdraw from drugs you’ve become addicted to can feel like an anxious and scary experience to get through. It’s important to your recovery and continued sobriety that you don’t try to detox from drugs on your own.

Whether you’re attempting to wean away completely from RX drugs, like painkillers, benzodiazepines, or other addictive medications, or illegal drugs like heroin, it’s much less dangerous to detox under the supervision of medical professionals. At Resurgence, we offer a medical detox program that can ease the pain and anxiety often accompanying withdrawal from drugs.

Physical addiction to drugs causes your body and your brain to react, sometimes severely, when you stop using these substances. In fact, you may have withdrawal symptoms as soon as you don’t take your next usual dose of the drug you’re dependent on. These symptoms can feel mild at first or they can become intense.

RX drug withdrawal can become a frightening experience when not performed under the supervision of addiction professionals. You may know from experience that intense craving for a drug once you’ve missed taking an opioid dose, for instance, can set in rapidly. The thought of experiencing this kind of detox process can be highly anxiety-provoking and scary. What’s missing in your projected scenario, though, is the compassionate care, medical oversight, and FDA-approved medications our clinicians can provide you with during our drug detox program at Resurgence.

Our highly experienced team knows how to get you safely and comfortably past those strained days of no drug use as you’re weaned away from substances. With the right medications and our around-the-clock supervision of your vital signs and symptoms, we check that you’ll remain calm, healthy, and in control during detox. Our on-site, board-certified physician prescribed the required dosages of medications help you remain comfortable, in addition to vitamins and saline if necessary to keep your strength up and your body replenished with fluids.

In addition to helping you manage your withdrawal symptoms and remain in good health, we also refer to your individual medical history and note whether you also have co-existing mental health disorders that need attention during detox.

The drug detox program at Resurgence provides you with excellent medical assistance and medications to help you free yourself of toxins so you can begin rehab treatment that will result in a lasting recovery. Remember that withdrawing from drugs that you’ve become addicted to is something that shouldn’t be done on your own or taken lightly. The process can become very uncomfortable and even dangerous, with some withdrawal symptoms seriously affecting your well-being. Detox performed on your own is also much more likely to result in your suffering a return to drug use in the future, especially if you don’t enter a drug rehab program promptly afterward. Our team can administer medications that will make detox a much safer and kinder experience for you. We also oversee slow tapers if you require a gentler approach to detox.

The drug detox program at Resurgence usually entails 5 to 7 days of residential treatment. Your program can take a while longer if your condition is severe. Once you’ve successfully rid your body of toxins, you can enroll in one of our highly successful drug rehab programs that are personalized to your recovery needs.

Alcohol Rehab For Residents of Huntsville, AL

Resurgence for residents of Huntsville dealing with alcohol addiction focuses on your recovery from substance abuse and the other affected areas of life that are causing you difficulties. We take a whole-person approach to alcohol rehab, addressing all aspects of your life that have been touched by your dependency on alcohol, including any co-existing mental health disorders you suffer from.

A variety of mental health conditions can sometimes be linked to alcohol use disorder in one way or another. Perhaps your drinking issues have aggravated your mental health symptoms, causing you greater anxiety or depression traits to come to the surface. It’s also true that your abusive relationship with alcohol may have stemmed from your cognitive issues. Some people drink to tamp down their mental health problems, often leading to a co-occurring addiction formation. Whichever your dual diagnosis situation is, our professionals can help by treating both conditions at the same time while you’re in rehab at Resurgence.

Our team of trained rehab counselors and therapists can help you explore other areas of your life that surround or are impacted by your substance use disorder. Perhaps your alcohol addiction has caused you to lose your job, lost your chance of getting a promotion, aggravated family relationships, or even led to your becoming homeless. These and other life issues can be a result of or have you become addicted to drinking. Through therapy, we can help you get to the root causes of your alcohol use disorder and better understand yourself and those who care about you.

The alcohol rehab programs at Resurgence Behavioral Health are geared towards treating you as an individual with unique needs, and not as just another patient with addiction. We look at you holistically so we can treat you in ways that will improve your life and not simply stop you from using alcohol again. We strive to help you get your life on a healthier, happier track while you’re moving steadily towards a long-lasting sobriety

.Alcohol rehab at Resurgence can take time, anywhere from 30 to 90 days, depending on a number of variables related to your condition. You will very possibly need to undergo medical detox for nearly a week before your alcohol rehab program can begin, as you need to cleanse your system of all alcohol toxins before treatment can start.

Our alcohol treatment at Resurgence will focus on your customized needs and includes the types of behavioral therapies that will best help you. Some of our behavioral therapy choices that target your needs range from modalities that focus on trauma, behavioral issues, interpersonal and dialectical treatment. The most appropriate behavioral therapy will be matched to your personal requirements for recovery.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Drug Rehab For Residents of Huntsville, AL

It can be very hard to admit to yourself, let alone to friends, loved ones, and professionals, that you are struggling with an addiction to illegal or even RX drugs. Just because a medication has been prescribed to you by a physician, that doesn’t mean you can’t acquire a strong addiction to that drug, especially if the drugs are opioid painkillers. Acknowledging a drug problem is difficult enough; taking the steps necessary to overcome your addiction can be even harder to do.

Reaching out for the help you need to recover from a substance use disorder can be scary and even intimidating for some. You may feel some shame in asking for assistance, but the professionals at Resurgence are not here to judge you. We are here to help.

Maybe you feel too proud to admit you need help. Just knowing that when you call our counselors at Resurgence, you’ll only find compassion and friendly support will hopefully help you make that phone call that will end up changing your life dramatically for the better. We know what you’re experiencing and we know how we can help.

The challenges you face are struggles that some of our staff have faced themselves at some point in their lives. Our physicians and trained therapists are experienced in the addiction field, using scientifically proven methods to get you through detox and then guide you to recovery during rehab treatment. The focus is always on your comfort, well-being, and achieving successful sobriety so you can get back to a happy life once again.

During our residential drug rehab program, you’ll reside in a serene, healthy atmosphere where you can recover and enjoy yourself without the need for substances. When you pick up the phone to call us for help, we’ll ask you about your history of drug abuse, your general health, and other questions so we can begin to form an idea of what your general needs will involve. Of course, we’ll then meet with you in person to complete a fuller evaluation of your condition, which will include a physical, psychiatric, and other assessments to determine how we can best design the right customized treatment plan for you.

Perhaps you suffer from a co-existing mental health disorder in addition to substance addiction. In that case, our clinicians will assess your cognitive state, and if you are given a dual diagnosis, we can then plan your treatment to include help for both addiction and your mental health issues. Treating both conditions at the same time is an important element of rehab if you are dually diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Our residential treatment program will provide you with 24-hour care and supervision as you receive the appropriate therapies, medications if needed, and support group involvement at our center.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost for addiction rehab varies. This professional type of medically based treatment takes time to complete, depending upon your personal situation, how long you’ve been abusing substances, and to what degree. There are different types of rehab programs available at Resurgence, some of which are more costly than others, but it’s important that you try to take part in the type of program that will best fit in with both your personal and your health needs.

Individualized care plans that are devised for you by our additional specialists provide you with a personalized approach towards achieving your recovery goals. Your treatment needs may differ greatly from another patient in terms of how long the program will last. Of course, residential treatment programs will be more expensive than outpatient programs, because as an inpatient, you are paying for your comfortable living quarters, all of your meals, amenities, and treatments are taken care of during your stay.

Because each individual has different needs and may choose a rehab program that’s best for them, it’s hard to put an exact price tag on what rehab will cost in your particular case. Just know that our counselors at Resurgence will work with you to first determine the best course of action in terms of rehab programs that fit your needs. We’ll then discuss costs and help you sort through any health insurance coverage you have that may cover some or even all of the cost for rehab. Many insurance companies do cover addiction treatment as a mental health disease, as it is diagnostically listed as such in the DSM-V.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

How Long Is Detox?

The amount of time you’ll need to cleanse your body of toxins can vary between individuals. At Resurgence, we offer medical detox programs for alcohol and drug withdrawal that detoxifies your system in a way that’s gentler, less painful and healthier for you.

Different circumstances help determine how long detox will take for each of our clients. We try to estimate how long your stay in detox will take by assessing your overall physical and psychological health, how long you’ve been abusing substances, the types of substances you’re addicted to, and the amounts you’ve been ingesting. All of these variables can have a large effect on the length of your detox program. If you are diagnosed with a co-existing mental health disorder, that, too, can affect the timing of your detox period.

Typically, however, most people require a stay of between 5 and 7 days to detox from RX drugs and alcohol use disorders. Some patients withdrawing from substance use that has been ongoing for lengthy periods of time are at risk for developing complications during detox that may cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms to linger, as is often the case for those who suffer post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), which can sometimes last for weeks post-detox.

If you still crave drugs or alcohol after detox, you may need further assessment, as cravings are often at the root of suffering a return to substance use. At Resurgence, we have a program called Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). This is a long-term type of therapy treatment that uses substitute medications to control your cravings as you also engage in behavioral therapy during rehab treatment.

How Long Is Rehab?

Resurgence offers a variety of rehab programs that last for different lengths of time. The timing of your personal rehab journey can take anywhere from 30-90 days or longer, depending on your individual conditions and requirements for achieving lasting sobriety. After completing a rehab program, we also strongly recommend engaging in our Aftercare Program to help you transition back to your life without substances and find ways to avoid triggers and control cravings for a lifetime of happiness.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

30 Day (Short Term)

Our short-term rehab program for residents of Huntsville takes just about a month to complete. This program is geared towards patients who want to get started with their rehab treatment as an inpatient, but then wish to transition to an outpatient program after 30 days, so they can then get back to their home lives and jobs as they continue treatment.

Our 30-day outpatient program is good for individuals who want to begin rehab treatment but can’t leave their home, job, or school responsibilities to live on-site. This is a less intensive treatment program that offers very similar behavioral therapies as inpatient rehab does.

Long Term Rehab (60-90 Days)

At Resurgence, we offer a long-term rehab program that lasts 60 to 90 days. This is our most successful treatment program for achieving long-lasting sobriety in recovery. During long-term rehab treatment, our guests take a deeper dive into their past addictive behaviors and what events or experiences may have led to their becoming addicted to substances.

Long-term rehab is very successful in treating patients who come to us with a dual diagnosis, as we provide specialized psychological treatment for co-existing mental health disorders as we also work with you on making lasting addiction rehab behavioral changes.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Couples Rehab

If both you and your partner suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s to your advantage to seek rehab treatment at the same time by taking advantage of Couples Rehab at Resurgence. It would be extremely difficult to go through rehab, enter your recovery phase, and then return home to be with your partner who may still be abusing substances. This creates a high risk for relapse on your part.

It’s ideal for both parties to go through rehab as a team, so they can then enjoy life together knowing they can count on one another for their support.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

The reason why Resurgence is a pet-friendly rehab center is that we understand how important interacting with animals can be for your physical, psychological, and emotional health. Pets can lower your blood pressure, elevate your mood, and ease feelings of anxiety.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage For Rehab?

There are many different health insurance companies on the market. We’ll help you determine whether your insurance includes coverage for rehab treatment. Perhaps some or even all of your treatment will be covered. You may have some co-pays to consider or you may need to stay in-network with a provider on your plan. Either way, don’t let insurance worries keep you from getting the treatment you need. We’ll work with you to see that you get all of the benefits you’re due.

Sober-Friendly Attractions Near Huntsville, AL

Living a sober lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there’s a lot to enjoy without needing to drink or take drugs when you return home to Huntsville.

Monte Sano State Park Campground

Get away from the heart of downtown Huntsville with friends and camp in the cool outdoors in a cabin, RV, or tent at this beautiful park that boasts a disc golf course, hiking and biking trails, Japanese gardens, a planetarium, and a Civilian Conservation Museum on the grounds.

5105 Nolen Ave. SE, Huntsville, AL  35801

Huntsville Museum of Art

If you appreciate art and culture, spend some time at this elegant art museum located downtown. Filled with a permanent collection of 19th and 20th century works from around the world, this museum also sponsors many events and classes throughout the year.

300 Church St SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

Alum Hollow

Relax in the serene environment of this gorgeous nature perverse. Enjoy a free guided hike on one of the many trails that take you through the forest, over to Blevins Gap to watch the sunrise, or go stargazing at night at Bethel Spring. 

13800 S Shawdee Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803

Huntsville Neighborhoods We Serve Include:

  • Downtown
  • Blossomwood
  • Jones Valley
  • South Huntsville
  • Hampton Cove
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  • Northwest Huntsville
  • 5 Points

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.