Top Rated Alcohol Rehab for Residents of Huntsville

Alcohol addiction may develop slowly over time. Once you begin drinking heavily and on a regular basis, this substance can cause you to become physically and psychologically dependent on its use.

Having an addiction to alcohol has the long-term negative consequence that affects your bodily organs, your central nervous system and eventually disrupts many aspects of your life and interpersonal relationships.

If you’re suffering from a dependency on alcohol drinking, don’t despair, because help is available to residents of Huntsville, Alabama, who acknowledge they have a problem and are willing to do what’s necessary to rediscover their health and find long-lasting sobriety. Resurgence offers some of the best outpatient alcohol rehab programs available within driving distance of Huntsville.

If your life or the life of someone close to you is being slowly destroyed due to an alcohol use disorder, it’s time to seek professional help.

Residents of Huntsville who are looking for a top-rated alcohol rehab facility located nearby need to look no further than our professionally run addiction center at Resurgence. We have an expertly trained and fully accredited staff who are ready to lead you into sobriety, from detox to recovery, when you take part in one of our custom-tailored alcohol rehab programs.

Because our clinicians look at each patient who enters our doors as a unique individual, with their own history of alcohol abuse and other life stories, Resurgence takes a holistic approach to addiction rehab. We utilize a variety of interdisciplinary methods to help you recover more wholly during your time in rehab and even after your return to your life in Huntsville.

The skillful team at Resurgence designs your individualized treatment plan to make the best use of our various behavioral therapy modalities, group therapy sessions that are themed to best suit your needs, educational sessions to help you learn more about alcohol addiction and ways to avoid relapse in the future.

Our board-certified physicians and licensed therapists treat alcohol use disorder as the brain disease that it is. Alcohol has a negative effect on not only your physical well-being but also attacks your mental and emotional health. In fact, suffering from an addiction to alcohol for a long period of time can cause some of your internal organs to break down. Your liver, heart, and brain are the organs that will most likely bear the burden of your continued abuse of alcohol.

Thankfully, our addiction specialists at Resurgence are well aware of the latest, evidence-based scientific research and treatments pertaining to alcohol use disorder. Instead of only treating your symptoms related to addiction, we treat the person. We refuse to take a cookie-cutter approach to alcohol addiction rehab. Instead, we prefer to treat you as the unique individual you are, which is why we personalize your treatment plan to help you understand how you got here and how you can realize your goals for recovery with our help.

Admitting that you need our or anyone’s help to fight an addiction to alcohol is not an easy realization to make. Some of us can see the road ahead more readily than others, pushing ourselves to seek out professional assistance as soon as possible. When you do get to the point of understanding that life would be more fulfilling without the stress of addiction weighing you down, it becomes an easy decision to call a top-rated alcohol rehab facility that’s accessible to residents of Huntsville and is well-known for its excellent, compassionate quality of care.

Resurgence has a stellar reputation in the field of alcohol rehab treatment. The Joint Commission for Mental health has fully accredited our center and awarded us their Gold Seal of Approval for federal compliance and ethical practice standards.

Our past and present clients rate Resurgence Behavioral Health’s rehab programs very highly. Read some of the excellent reviews and personal stories on our website to find out more about how our patients feel about their time spent with us. The positive impact our alcohol rehab programs have made on people seeking long-term recovery is inspiring.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What Is Alcohol Rehab Like?

While you’re enrolled in one of our personalized alcohol rehab programs at Resurgence, you’ll be engaging with our therapists and your peers in a substance-free environment that’s non-judgmental and peaceful. Our skilled clinicians assist you in facing the realities of your drinking problems by getting to the root issues that may have led you on this addictive journey. Once you understand, through the best therapeutic interventions for you as an individual, what may have led to you become dependent on substance use, you can work more clearly towards regaining your sobriety and retaining it.

Alcohol rehab at Resurgence involves your engagement in the right types of therapy for your needs. Some of the therapeutic modalities we offer include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy, and interpersonal therapy, to name a few. Your recovery goals will be matched to the kind of therapy that will most help you accomplish those objectives.

We also employ holistic therapies to help you better understand and be able to successfully cope with the triggers, cravings, and pressures that will exist outside of rehab, when you’re back home in Huntsville among old friends who continue to use alcohol. Aftercare and relapse prevention education are vital to the alcohol rehab program.

Themed group therapy sessions give you an opportunity to participate in discussions that are relevant and of importance to you, Group provides you with a chance to hear more about other people’s journeys, while you’ll also be able to speak about your challenges with alcohol drinking.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What To Expect During Rehab

Before you enter a rehab program for alcohol addiction, it’s important to ensure that your system is cleansed of all toxins, which entails a short period of time in a detox program first. At Resurgence, we offer an excellent medical alcohol detox program to safely and comfortably take you through withdrawal to prepare you for alcohol or prescription rehab treatment.

If you’ve already gone through the withdrawal process, residents of Huntsville can begin rehab treatment at Resurgence right away. Our intake coordinators will evaluate your condition, including your physical and mental well-being, so we can set up an appropriate treatment plan that’s specially designed to help you achieve your recovery goals. Everyone has different needs when being treated for alcohol use disorder, and you will respond differently to various types of therapy in ways that are unique to you. Our clinicians will also assess you for any co-existing mental health disorders you may suffer from in addition to substance use disorder. If you do have a dual diagnosis, we can treat you for both conditions at the same time during rehab.

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab?

Completing your entire alcohol rehab program is important to your continued sobriety upon your discharge. We also provide you with aftercare and relapse prevention tools to help you remain sober while you’re in recovery for the long term.

The outpatient alcohol rehab programs at Resurgence comprise different lengths of time, depending upon the type of program you enter and the severity of your addiction. Our programs consist of 30-90 days on average, including 5-7 days of detox.

Why Choose Resurgence For Alcohol Rehab?

At Resurgence, your comfort, health, and safety are our main priorities. We individualize our alcohol rehab treatment plans to provide you with therapy and care that’s targeted to your specific needs, unlike other rehab facilities that take a more universal approach that’s the same for everyone.

Get the help and compassionate rehab treatment you’ll need to accomplish a sustained recovery and call us at Resurgence today.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.