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Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t stop when the treatment period ends. Our voluntary alumni program is a good chance for making connections and gaining continuous support from counselors, peers, and other alumni.

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Getting Involved and Giving Back

After completing an addiction treatment program, you can be the source of encouragement, support, and hope to those who are still in treatment. By giving back and making valuable connections, you will also gain hope and a stronger will to remain drug and alcohol-free. Our alumni program provides great opportunities for members to socialize together in a positive and sober environment. We host workshops, alumni reunions and group sessions where you can also practice tools and skills you learned during treatment. Our alumni program is completely voluntary but we are glad to receive such a big number of participants who chose to mentor others, lead meetings, help those still in treatment and share their personal stories of positive change and hope for a happy and healthy life.

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We accept most PPO insurances and also offer payment plans for cash patients.


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