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What is Black Tar Heroin?

Black tar heroin is a product from Mexico.

The country used to be known for brown powder heroin.

Black tar heroin is lower in purity and quality.

The cheaply made drug tends to be a sticky tar or coal-like substance.

It gets its color from the relatively crude manufacturing process that leaves impurities in the final product.

Heroin is a powerful opioid made from morphine; an opiate alkaloid substance extracted from poppy plants.

There are several forms of heroin, ranging from white and brown powder to black tar heroin.

White powder heroin from Afghanistan was the gold standard in the US, and the Mexican variety, while cheaper, fell far short.

Then cartels moved to the production of black tar heroin, which is much higher in quality but takes up more volume than the powder variety.

Understanding Black Tar Heroin

Black tar heroin abuse is associated with serious health consequences—some of which are unique to the black tar variety, and some of which are shared with other types of heroin.

Due to how the black drug is manufactured, many impurities are toxic to your body.

Chronic users who smoke black tar may eventually develop asthma.

This will require the use of a nebulizer to help them breathe. Wound botulism is a potentially life-threatening infection that occurs from injecting black drugs.

Botulinum gets into a wound and creates a toxin that attacks the body’s nerves, which can make it hard to breathe and can cause muscle weakness and even death.

Injection of black tar heroin can make the user vulnerable to venous sclerosis.

The blood vessel walls become inflamed and gradually hardened.

This results in significantly decreased blood flow and render that vessel unusable as an injection site.

Tetanus is another toxic bacterial infection that can develop from injecting black tar heroin.

Necrotizing fasciitis is a flesh-eating tissue disease caused by injecting black tar heroin contaminated with bacteria.

Effects and Abuse of Black Tar Drugs

Even if you do not smoke black drugs, injecting it is just as dangerous. Others who use black tar heroin will dilute it and inject it into their veins, muscles, or beneath the skin. When smoking black tar heroin, the drug enters the bloodstream very quickly and immediately affects the brain. Once inside the brain, it attaches to the opioid receptors that sense pain and pleasure. Your breathing and heart rate are also affected. Users report that the euphoric rush from black tar heroin is like other forms of heroin. Over time, the effects of the tar and additives contained in the drug cause residues to build-up in the lungs.

Mental Illness and Black Tar Heroin

Black tar heroin is made more cheaply and, as a result, is not as pure as the other types of the drug.


When you want to stop using black tar heroin, it can be difficult. This is because of the way this drug changes brain chemistry. Once you stop smoking black tar or injecting it, your body will soon begin to go through a process called withdrawal. It is these negative symptoms that create a vicious cycle for addicts who want to stop. When you are unable to cope with the thought of withdrawal a detox program is the safest way to stop using black tar.

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