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15 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Addiction and Mental Illness

15 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Addiction and Mental Illness

Living In The Spotlight With Addiction & Mental Health Disorders

Sadly, being a celebrity and struggling with addiction and mental illness have become synonymous, even if in reality a very small percentage of actors and other performers actually have drug and alcohol addictions. Throughout the U.S. population, there is a correlation between addiction and mental illness, and about one-third of people, struggling with substance abuse also have an underlying mental health disorder. Many celebrities have entered rehab, including inpatient treatment programs and outpatient rehab. Due to the internet, social media, and the various news outlets in general, many celebrities who have sought treatment for alcohol use disorder or other problems with drugs or behavioral issues like a gambling addiction have had their stories played out for the public to see. 

At Resurgence, we offer inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab, dual diagnosis treatment plans, drug and alcohol detox, and sober living services. We have plans that help people deal with co-occurring disorders, or when a client is dealing with both substance use disorders and mental health issues. It’s important to ensure that a patient’s overall health is taken into account so that they can improve their mind, body, and spirit as part of their addiction recovery. No one should ever have to work through their drug and alcohol addictions or mental health issues on their own. Call us today to find out more about the services we offer at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

There are a lot of reasons people turn to drugs and alcohol. People from every walk of life can struggle with drug or alcohol abuse due to stress at work, in their private lives, or due to many other factors.  Celebrities who live in the spotlight are under that much more stress and turning to a drug or alcohol to deal with pressure can happen. Celebrities often practice polypharmacy, a substance abuse tactic of using various legal means of getting drugs, like going to various doctors for the same alleged reason or using aliases to get more of a substance they are abusing. If you or a loved one are in need of help, consider seeking drug detox treatment Los Angeles to start the journey to recovery.

Celebrities often suffer from mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, a gambling disorder, and others. As part of a dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders, mental health issues can occur that lead to addiction, or drug or alcohol abuse can lead to some types of mental health issues. That’s why at Resurgence we have a variety of drug detox facility Riverside options available for you or one of your loved ones who is struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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Celebrities Who Battled Addiction And Mental Illness 

Addictions and mental health issues affect millions of people in the United States. Although we don’t hear most of their stories, we can use the celebrities who battle substance use disorders and mental disorders as cautionary tales as well as reasons to seek treatment as soon as possible if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Here are some of the celebrities who have battled addiction and mental illness over the years: 

Amber Valletta

Actress and former model Amber Valetta found stardom at an early age. By 18 she was on the cover of Vogue and struggles with alcohol and cocaine followed. She sought treatment and has been in recovery for over two decades.

Edie Falco

The veteran actress, whose eyes were opened to the severity of her alcohol use disorder when she left her front door open all night. After getting help, in a bit of an ironic turn, Edie Falco played the lead role in Nurse Jackie, where she played a high-functioning drug addict.

Eric Clapton

The legendary guitarist battled both heroin addiction and alcohol abuse at different times in his life. Sometimes life after drugs and alcohol can be tough, too. Eric Clapton admitted that everything he did sounded rough and raw once he gave up drug and alcohol abuse for good. Eventually, his music acted as a type of therapy and has helped him through life the rest of the way. For those facing similar challenges and seeking recovery, the drug detox facility Palo Alto offers support and treatment options to help individuals navigate their own paths to healing.

Drew Barrymore

The child star underwent mental health treatment and rehab for alcohol and drug addiction at the tender age of 13. Starring in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster, E.T. at an early age, Drew Barrymore was exposed to the harsh lights of Hollywood as well as addiction and mental health disorders.

Jada Pinkett Smith

In the news most recently due to the actions of her world-famous husband, the actress had dark times in her life before they were together. Jada Pinkett Smith has talked about a time in her life when she tried a lot of different substances and was addicted to sex. This behavioral addiction led to her consuming pornography up to five times a day, which she knew wasn’t healthy, either. 

Daniel Radcliffe

As the Harry Potter star progressed through his teen years, alcoholism became an issue. Daniel Radcliffe has been sober since 2010 and is very open about how the Harry Potter series coming to an end contributed to his alcohol abuse. This is one more example of a celebrity feeling the pressure and having to deal with addiction and mental health issues.

Rob Lowe

The now seasoned actor is another star who started at a young age. Rob Lowe was a teen heartthrob after starring in coming-of-age films like The Outsiders and struggled with substance abuse and alcoholism well into his 20s. Rob Lowe has now been sober for over 30 years and continues to star on the stage and screen. 

Nicole Richie

This young starlet was addicted to both heroin and cocaine in her teens before she sought treatment in her early 20s. During her years of drug abuse, Nicole Richie had several run-ins with the law, a very common outcome of substance abuse, no matter your station in life. 

Russell Brand

The popular comedian and actor have been sober for nearly 20 years. Russell Brand struggled with heroin addiction in his 20s and was inspired to quit and south treatment after his close friend Amy Winehouse died of an overdose. 

Jamie Lee Curtis

The well-known star, who has worked with the likes of Eddie Murphy and Arnold Schwarzenegger, battled opioid addiction and alcohol abuse for many years. She has now been clean and sober for over two decades. Jamie Lee Curtis was first exposed to prescription opioids after minor surgery. 

Matthew Perry

One of the popular stars of the long-running situation comedy, Friends, Matthew Perry is another individual who was introduced to prescription opioids for a legitimate reason and then became addicted.  Perry, who was in a jet ski accident, was prescribed Vicodin and later added alcohol to the mix.

Carrie Fisher

One of the most iconic stars of a generation, Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, battled bipolar disorder as well as cocaine addiction and alcoholism. Fisher was very open about her struggle with addiction and how she tried to self-medicate her co-occurring disorders, which only made things worse. She was sober during periods of her life but battled addiction until her death at the age of 60.

Bradley Cooper

A bit of an ironic twist occurred when Bradley Cooper was cast as an older rock star who was battling drug and alcohol addiction in the movie A Star is Born, opposite Lady Gaga. Cooper actually struggled with addiction during his career, but sought treatment and got sober before some of his biggest roles, which began in his 30s.

Robert Downey, Jr.

The Ironman star is a perfect example of being able to come back after successfully going through drug or alcohol treatment. Robert Downey, Jr. had run-ins with the law, and was very reckless in the early parts of his career, but has now become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood thanks to the Marvel Comic Universe, in which he plays one of the main roles. 

Ben Affleck

Another star who has been acting since a young age has battled alcoholism for decades and sought treatment and entered alcohol rehab at least three times, the latest in 2018. Ben Affleck has come out to speak about a cycle of trying to deal with life’s problems by drinking, which led to more drinking, which he realized wasn’t the solution. Supportive relationships with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner and others have helped him stay sober.  

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: What is it?

Dual diagnosis treatment is a care plan that addresses co-occurring disorders a person is working through and is used when an individual has an addiction and also a mental health disorder. There are some addiction and mental health disorders that often go together, like alcohol abuse and depression, but any combination needs to be treated properly. In the past, disorders of this nature were treated separately, which often led to one or the other becoming worse, as the patient’s overall health needs were not being met. Now drug and alcohol treatment programs know that a dual diagnosis means a patient needs more than one issue addressed simultaneously. 

Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Illness at Resurgence Behavioral Health

If you or one of your loved ones is struggling with substance abuse, a mental health issue, or both, please call Resurgence Behavioral Health today. We have programs for substance abuse and dual diagnosis that can help you improve your life and get back on track.

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