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Addiction Recovery Apps, do They Work?

Addiction is it a Disease or a Choice Resurgence - Addiction can lead to grave consequences, like this veteran who has overdosed. That begs the question? Is addiction a disease or a choice? Either way, when you struggle with addiction you need to find help.


Addiction Recovery Apps, do They Work?


Today, support for addiction can be found in a lot of different ways.

Recovery apps such as Sober Grid, Nomo, and I Am Sober are smartphone applications that allow the user to receive addiction support.

These apps also have the added feature of personal accountability that tracks your sobriety efforts.

While these apps are great as a daily reminder to avoid relapse, can they replace rehab?

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we encourage any means necessary to maintain sobriety but believe in the full care continuum.

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Making a Full Recovery


We can understand the desire to put your faith in a recovery app as it seems like a cost-effective and easy way to maintain sobriety.

With alcohol use and drug disorders killing 3.3 million people a year it’s no wonder that the popularity of recovery apps has exploded.

But can an app really replace the needed care for severe physical and mental dependency?

While recovery apps can help maintain a sense of responsibility and support, it cannot replace professional rehabilitation and care.

Let Resurgence Behavioral Health get you started on a comprehensive treatment plan so you can tackle addiction by the roots!

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What is Addiction Recovery Apps?


Addiction recovery apps are motivational companion applications that cover all manners of addiction. From those suffering from alcohol abuse to porn addiction, there is an app that can support and guide you through every addiction. In the age of digital and social connection, it is easier than ever to find support from those who can commiserate with your struggles. Some of these addiction apps include journals and daily check-ins, private chats with other users, and meditations to provide positive support.
However, effective your app may be, it is incapable of replacing full professional care. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we do not discourage the use of addiction recovery apps. However, we do feel that they should only be used after initial rehabilitation and used in conjunction with continual therapy.


Recovery Needed for Addiction


Content analysis has shown that while apps’ content can enhance motivation and promote social support, it cannot fully replace rehab. Recovery is not as easy as answering to your smartphone every day. It would help if you had more in-depth, comprehensive care to fully address your addiction. Finding the right rehab can be challenging but is worthwhile in the long run. Rated one of the top luxury rehab centers in the nation, Resurgence Behavioral Health will address your addiction needs to ensure a full recovery. Why gamble with your health by relying soley on a smartphone app?


Rehab has Higher Success Rates.


At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we know that you will require continual evaluation and adjustment with any successful treatment as your needs change. An addiction recovery app is not made to address these physical and psychological needs. Studies have shown that the probability of returning to addictive behaviors are significantly lower in patients who went to rehab versus those who treated themselves. While addiction recovery apps can be a motivation for change, it is a one size fits all approach to addiction. The initial steps needed for a successful recovery must be completed with a customized approach to treatment. Our 100% data-driven approach to customized treatment plans will address your unique needs and preferences.


Mental Illness and Recovery


While internet-based cognitive self-help apps have shown some promise, it still needs guidance from a healthcare professional. Relying on a self-help-based recovery app for mental illness and addiction can be ineffective and dangerous for your mental health. If you are suffering from an addiction and an undiagnosed mental health disorder, it’s unlikely to find help from a depersonalized app.
Our mental health professionals provide dual-diagnosis care to identify the underlying causes of addiction and mental health disorders. Centering on how your mental health feeds your addiction is one cornerstone to discovering the best treatment option for your needs. Receive the personalized care that you need with one of our dedicated behavioral specialists!


Full Recovery at Addiction Rehab!


One thing that you will not find from an addiction recovery app is the care you need for a severe physical dependency. We provide medically assisted treatment if it is dangerous to withdraw from your addiction on your own. We give carefully monitored 24-hour care to get you through the worst of your detox symptoms. We offer Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization programs for those who cannot afford to pause their daily responsibilities. Our specialists will do a full psychiatric and physical evaluation to determine the best recovery options for your needs upon intake. We believe in the value of personalized care and are confident we can put you on the route to recovery!


Treatment Methods for Addiction


Acupuncture, massage, yoga, and relapse prevention support are holistic therapies that we offer at Resurgence Behavioral Health. While initial detox is essential, we believe that treatment is most effective when combined with holistic recovery options. Our mental health professionals practice forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that will guide you by identifying your triggers and problematic behavior patterns. When suffering from a mental condition that has been heightened by addiction, a Dual Diagnosis Treatment can help us treat other undiagnosed mental disorders. Holistic therapies like Dialectical Behavior Therapy help you focus on mindfulness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. These forms of treatment are most effective when done in an in person-environment with a healthcare professional.


Continual Care for Recovery


While addiction recovery apps can provide a level of self-care and accountability, it shouldn’t replace all of your continual care needs. Individual, group and family counseling for addiction recovery are options that we offer to our clients. We also provide the aid of our alumni program for continual support. This voluntary program affords opportunities to connect and receive comfort from counselors, peers, and other alumni. We also recommend programs such as SMART recovery and twelve-step faith-based programs. Both of these programs have smartphone apps available for a convenient connection!


Rehab That Feel Like Home


Resurgence Behavioral Health provides all the comforts of home to make your path to recovery a pleasant one! Beach access, parks, and mediation zones offer the tranquility you need during rehab! Gyms, private rooms, and healthy meals are just a few of the leisure’s we provide at our California locations! Group fitness classes and sports such as basketball and golf allow our clients to socialize with other clients in recovery. Our therapy dogs provide a personal touch that can’t be found through your smartphone! Our team of professionals is committed to your overall happiness and well-being at our facilities!


Insurance Verification


At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our intake specialist provides free insurance verification for your added convenience. We also will handle filing paperwork for the insurance company on your behalf. We accept most PPO insurance plans. Just call our specialists to verify your insurance! Payment plans and private payment options are acceptable, as well. We promise to find a treatment plan that you can be satisfied with!

Free Insurance Verification for Rehab.


Recovery is Possible at Resurgence Behavioral Health!


While the promises made by addiction recovery apps can be alluring, they cannot replace the benefits of a customized treatment plan.

You may find that you will glean more uses out of your recovery apps when you combine it with professional care!

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we know that committing to inpatient care can be challenging but necessary to recover.

Our team of professionals is ready to get you started on treatment today as we realize time is of the essence.

If something is holding you back, we have intake specialists who are available to discuss your concerns.

Please give us a call today to find out what recovery can do for you!

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