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Addiction Treatment Center for Residents of McMinnville | Detox, Rehab for Alcohol, RX, Drugs

Addiction Treatment Center for Residents of McMinnville Detox Rehab for Alcohol RX Drugs Resurgence Behavioral Health

Best Detox & Rehab Center for Addiction for Residents of McMinnville

The effects that substance use disorder has on mental health, thinking, and behavior can lead a person to believe that they are alone or that there’s no way that they will ever beat addiction – or worse, that their life isn’t worth saving. Resurgence Behavioral Health is here to tell you that you are not alone, and that understanding aspects such as what is transfer addiction is pivotal during recovery. Transfer addiction refers to substituting one addiction for another during recovery, an aspect our experts closely monitor and guide you through to avoid relapse. We will bring you up from wherever you find yourself so that you can live the life you deserve. Addiction is not a life sentence and there are effective treatments available if you just reach out for help.

We provide the best detox and rehab center for addiction for residents of McMinnville, incorporating all elements of an effective treatment model. Our approach includes medical detox programs to manage withdrawal symptoms, a diverse range of behavioral therapies tailored to different individuals, and holistic treatment programs such as vocation training to help build a more resilient and prosperous future

Once your rehab program is complete, you’ll be able to continue receiving support and guidance in our aftercare programs. Resurgence Behavioral Health is a complete solution for substance use disorder with specialized treatment plans for alcohol, meth, cocaine, RX drugs, and heroin among other addictive substances. Reach out to us today so that we can help you or someone you care about with the treatment plan that will overcome addiction and get to the heart of what’s causing the addiction.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Why Choose Resurgence?

Resurgence Behavioral Health is not just an accredited addiction treatment center for residents of McMinnville; it’s also a place where you’ll feel like part of a family. We understand that people with addiction may push their friends and family away, that there may be a lack of support after months or years of substance abuse, and how important it is to feel like you are cared for during recovery. 

Our team’s dedicated compassion to each person that we help will make a significant difference in the recovery process. Support both during and after rehab is important so we make several ways to be supported after rehab available once your inpatient or outpatient rehab program is complete. 

Along with being accredited by The Joint Commission, we are also monitored by a non-profit known as LegitScript. They help to oversee all use of medication during recovery which helps to ensure that medication is used effectively and most importantly, safely. 

Resurgence has the perfect combination of holistic treatments and behavioral therapy. We formulate a personalized addiction treatment plan for each person so that treatment can be optimally effective. We have treatment available for mental health disorders such as anxiety disorders and we provide long-term medically-assisted treatment (MAT) to help prevent relapse, restore brain function, and improve the effectiveness of behavioral therapy. 

Alcohol Detox Program

The first and most important thing to do in our alcohol rehab is detox. Our alcohol detox program for residents of McMinnville provides you with a safe way to overcome the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with alcohol dependence. These symptoms can range from mild to severe with the most severe symptoms referred to as delirium tremens (DTs). 

DTs are among the few withdrawal symptoms across all drugs that can actually lead to death if medical help isn’t available. Since they can start very quickly and while rarer, they are difficult to predict, meaning that it’s always better to seek professional help before attempting alcohol withdrawal.

Our alcohol detox program for residents of McMinnville will provide you with medications that have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. They help to manage the symptoms, reducing the intensity of symptoms so that you’re not only safe during the process but also more comfortable.

Once you’ve surmounted the symptoms and your detox is over, then you can spend the rest of your time in rehab learning relapse prevention skills, healing from the causes of your alcohol addiction, replacing problematic behavior and thinking with healthy alternatives, and working on things holistically so that the foundation of a sober life can be created.

Drug Detox Program

The withdrawal symptoms that set in when you suddenly stop using drugs are very intense. Drugs often produce mostly psychological symptoms but even these symptoms can easily overwhelm a person. Some drugs such as Xanax are just as dangerous to withdraw from as alcohol meaning that you always need professional help to stay safe. 

In our drug detox program for residents of McMinnville, we can give you medication if needed to easily deal with the intense withdrawal symptoms. The medications also help to reduce cravings so you won’t feel the whole time like you have to find drugs and be given a real chance to break the physical hold that drug abuse has on you. 

Drug detox is an important step in the recovery process and it will be the first thing that you take part in when you start your personalized treatment plan. We are able to monitor your health so that health conditions don’t cause severe symptoms to become a problem. Our drug detox program for residents of McMinnville will make the process easy and comfortable and if you’ve struggled to quit drugs before because of your withdrawal symptoms, then a drug detox is your best option.

Alcohol Rehab for Residents of McMinnville

Alcohol addiction is a serious, life-threatening condition. Long-term alcohol use leads to many problems such as heart disease, liver disease, digestive problems, several forms of cancer, a weak immune system, mental issues such as dementia and learning problems, depression, anxiety, and many more serious problems. 

Stopping alcohol abuse today is the best way to prevent these long-term issues from multiplying but a problem with stopping by yourself is that the reason you started abusing alcohol is still there. It may be related to an untreated mental health disorder, your environment, the way your brain functions, and your development among other causes. Without treating these causes, the likelihood of returning to substance abuse is high because the same triggers will make you feel like you need to drink just to cope.

Our alcohol rehab for residents of McMinnville offers you a sustainable way to beat alcohol addiction. We offer a variety of treatments that are able to get to the heart of the problem so that you can heal and build a new foundation for continued success. 

Our alcohol rehab includes a medical detox program, a range of behavioral therapies, dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, and several holistic treatment programs that will help to elevate the recovery process. Furthermore, we offer aftercare programs such as our alumni program, sober living homes, and support groups to help you in the very important first year of your recovery and for as long as you need them. 

Drug Rehab for Residents of McMinnville

Long-term drug abuse can lead to a multitude of problems in your life that affect your mental and physical health, work or school performance, financial problems, social problems, family issues, and many other problems that change your life for the worse. If you’ve tried to stop using drugs but when you try your withdrawal symptoms are too much or you aren’t able to maintain your sobriety and keep relapsing, then we can help you.

We offer a drug rehab for residents of McMinnville that has all of the elements of effective treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It includes a way to easily deal with withdrawal symptoms so that it’s a non-issue and behavioral therapy that will treat co-occurring mental health disorders and the causes of your addiction. 

Resurgence Behavioral Health has an expert team of healthcare providers that not only care about the work that they do, but they are compassionate about every person they help. Their multidisciplinary expertise in the various therapies and treatments that are needed to defeat addiction will become a key asset in your fight against addiction. 

Whether or not you’ve tried to quit drug abuse before and have since relapsed or it’s the first time that you’re trying to quit because of the negative impact that addiction has on your life, Resurgence will guide and support you to a lasting recovery. Let us help you to beat drug addiction and sustain your recovery.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Many things can affect how much rehab costs. The first thing is the setting; outpatient rehab is more affordable than inpatient rehab. Treatment length also affects the cost of rehab with shorter duration programs being more affordable. The details of your personalized treatment plan also affect the cost of it – the variety and intensity of certain types of therapies and treatments. 

Having health insurance coverage can help to reduce the cost of your rehab program, too. However, it depends entirely on what your health insurance covers. Resurgence Behavioral Health has several affordable addiction treatment options. We will help you to overcome your addiction through an affordable option that is tailor-made for your budget and recovery needs.

How Long is Detox?

The length of a drug and alcohol detox program is generally about 7 days. However, some people may experience symptoms for 10 or more days. Your detox program will last as long as you need it and if you experience persistent symptoms after your standard detox program, then we may use medically-assisted treatment (MAT) to help manage these symptoms as well as prevent relapse. 

Symptoms will kick in fairly quickly. You can expect to start feeling withdrawal symptoms from 6 to 24 hours after stopping substance abuse. Early symptoms tend to be mild but will become more intense until they peak, which usually takes about 3 days. After the peak, you can expect to start feeling better fairly quickly until you no longer need medication to manage your symptoms. 

Remember, detox is not a treatment for addiction but just a treatment for physical dependence. The main causes of the addiction still remain and must be treated to sustain your recovery from addiction.

How Long is Rehab?

Every person requires a different approach and treatment plan to help them overcome their addiction. One person may find that a 30-day outpatient rehab followed by aftercare programs is enough to help them sustain their recovery while other people may need at least 90 days in rehab and then aftercare programs for them to overcome their addiction.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer three main treatment program durations. They are our 30-, 60-, and 90-day program so, at minimum, you can expect rehab to last that long. The National Institute on Drug Abuse advises that a person spend at least three months taking part in active treatment for addiction which includes rehab and aftercare programs. 

30-Day Rehab

A short-term addiction treatment program that we offer for residents of McMinnville is our 30-day rehab. The 30-day program for alcohol or drug addiction has all of the elements you’ll need to beat addiction such as medical detox, holistic treatments, and behavioral therapy. The month-long treatment plan will guide you through all of the steps of your recovery and give you the tools to prevent relapse.

While not as long as some of our other programs, it still provides you with everything you need and access to our recovery community. Our 30-day rehab for residents of McMinnville is available as an inpatient or outpatient setting with the option to combine the two settings or combine different treatment program lengths. 

Long-Term Rehab

A long-term rehab program offers the best, most intensive way to overcome addiction by giving you plenty of time for every aspect of your treatment. Our long-term treatment programs for addiction include our 60- and 90-day rehab programs. They are an ideal way for someone from McMinnville to find long-term care for substance use disorder and learn how to prevent relapse in the long term.

Our 60- and 90-day rehab programs include our residential and outpatient settings and can easily be combined with other programs such as combining inpatient and outpatient programs. Addiction is a relapsing, chronic disease and a long-term rehab program at Resurgence will give you the means to beat it and properly overcome your addiction causes.

Couples Rehab

If you are in a relationship where you and your significant other are using drugs or alcohol on a regular basis, you may need to seek help as a couple. Seeking help individually may make things more difficult because one person may still carry on abusing substances which may make preventing relapse exceedingly difficult.

Conversely, being a couple that seeks addiction treatment together can improve your recovery because you can offer each other the support and love needed to make it through recovery and to motivate lasting sobriety. Studies confirm that couples rehab programs result in a higher retention rate and completing a program is crucial to overcoming addiction. 

We offer a couples rehab program for residents of McMinnville so that you can go to rehab with your partner and you can both get the help you need to stop the constant need for drugs or alcohol. Our couples rehab will provide personalized addiction treatment plans that also include specific treatments and therapies for couples such as joint therapy. We will help you and your partner to fight back against addiction and understand the causes of each of your addictions so that healing and growth can take place. 

Pet-Friendly Rehab

One of the things that Resurgence Behavioral Health does differently is providing a pet-friendly rehab option for residents of McMinnville. This means that you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do with your pet if you want to use our intensive inpatient rehab program – they can come with you. 

Not only does it mean that they won’t need a pet sitter but it also means that their love and support can continue as you go through treatment. Addiction recovery, because of the causes of addiction, is often an emotional experience on some days and having your pet there to love you and for you to love can greatly improve your recovery – much like equine therapy does. 

At Resurgence, we treat you like a part of our family and making sure that you have the support you need from both our community and from other sources like your pets is important to us. We do everything possible to help you succeed in recovery.

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

If you would like to verify your health insurance coverage for Resurgence Behavioral Health, then fill out our online form and we’ll be able to help you. You can also give us a call so that our representatives can help you with your insurance verification. Your health insurance provider can also inform you what you’re covered for. 

Mostly, ACA plans provide coverage for outpatient rehab, detox programs, and aftercare programs. They are required to provide at least some coverage for addiction treatment. However, private health insurance plans don’t have the same requirement and can therefore provide everything from no coverage for rehab to extensive coverage for rehab. It all depends on what your plan has but we are happy to verify your insurance for you. 

Sober-Friendly Attractions near McMinnville

Long-term addiction recovery is about creating a foundation for sustainable recovery. One of the first things that will become clear is just how much free time you have on your hands after completing rehab and stopping substance abuse. Filling this time with something useful and fun can make a big difference in your recovery.

Sustainable recovery is about finding new things that give you joy in life especially since it may feel at first while you’re still addicted that you’ll never enjoy anything again but just by going out and enjoying yourself, you’ll quickly realize that the world is great without drugs or alcohol. 

Some of the best sober-friendly attractions near McMinnville include the following ideas.

Cumberland Caverns

The Cumberland Caverns are the largest cave network in Tennessee with some of the most spectacular caverns and formations in the country. It is a U.S. National Natural Landmark and provides daily tours for visitors to experience the wonders within. It boasts a Volcano Room, Underground Ballroom, and is often the location for weddings, parties, and corporate events among other things. You can even go spelunking on an overnight stay. Bring your family, friends, or just join one of the group tours to have a fantastic time.

1437 Cumberland Caverns Rd, McMinnville, TN 37110

Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens

Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens has the motto “where history is fun”, and their sober-friendly attraction is just that: fun. Join guided tours of the historic Victorian-style mansion that was built in 1896. It is often referred to as “Tennessee’s Biltmore” and there have always been rumors of a ghost that lives in the halls of the old mansion. They offer tea room lunches to enjoy after going through the guided tour and also have a B&B nearby if you would like to extend your stay.

2645 Faulkner Springs Rd, McMinnville, TN 37110

The Park Theater

The beautifully renovated theater is an excellent nighttime destination where you can enjoy a variety of shows and performances year-round. They have church services too and the acoustics make everything done in the theater magical. They have a mix of children’s programs, Camps, comedian performances, dance performances, exciting theater shows, and musical shows with many well-known names performing there. Enjoy a night out in the sober-friendly Park Theater in McMinnville and create a night to remember surrounded by your family or friends.

115 W Main St, McMinnville, TN 37110

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.